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Battleguns Squadron



How To Apply:


Go To http://battleguns.net/ 


Step By Step: 


1: Go To The Tab Recruitment


2; Follow The Instructions on the Page


3: Wait Until A Admin Gets back to You!






Arma OA,A2



Battlefield 3


Warthunder Information Below


We Run Open And Free on Countries.

All Of our players are open to any game mode!

We run multiple Squads on teamspeak!

Normally at least 1 to 2 Squads are online!

We are a U.S. based clan But you can join from any country!

We do play with Public Players!

All UBG Members will have tags In game.





We Host 4 Wasteland Arma 2 Servers. 1 Tactical domination Server, and A Takistan Life server

As well as we have a Set of DAYZ servers Up.


Teamspeak Three Information (Open To Every One): ts3.battleguns.net


Thank You For your Time!



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Guest Hethwill

Welcome :) added you "Guns" to the index.


Hope you prosper and score many confirmed kills.

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