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[In Development] I-16 type 5

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In a future update, the Soviet fighter line will receive an addition, the I -16 type 5, which is less suited to short-range air combat and is less maneuverable than its peers, but it has the advantage of speed and rate of climb. Additionally, it will also have 8 kinds of camouflage available:


Livery Options for the I-16 type 5

  • Early monochrome pattern camouflage colour VVS AMT-4 / AMT-6 / silverfish.
  • Early non-standard monochrome pattern camouflage colour VVS AMT-4 / silverfish (Far East).
  • “MOSKA” standard monochrome pattern camouflage colouring Republican Air Force AMT-4 / AMT-6 / silver.
  • “Rata”, in the standard tricolor scheme Camo, Air Force nationalists Giallo Mimetico 4 / Verde Mimetico 3 / Marrone Mimetico 53193 / Grigio Mimetico.
  • So-called "peaceful" camouflage colour scheme VVS AMT-6 / silver.
  • Three Individual fighter pilot Schemes of "Red Five", which participated in the parade on Red Square in May 1937. Piloted by VP Chkalov, SP Suprun & PM Stephan.


Screenshots of new aircraft in few skins














You can discuss it here


The War Thunder Team


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