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Gladiators 4x4. Battle of the Eagles. Regulations




Gladiators 4x4. Battle of the Eagles

Conference «West»

International official team duel championship




1.1 Goals and objectives

  • Popularization of the history of World War II

  • Popularization of the history of world aviation

  • Enhancing of personal and tactical skill of virtual pilots

  • Promotion of MMO-game «War Thunder»


1.2 Time and Place

  • Applications from pilots willing to participate in the championship are to be submitted between 23th of October and 7th of November 2014

  • Draw will take place on 7th of November 2014. Tournament schedule will be published on War Thunder official forums shortly after the Draw

  • Tournament will start on 9th of November 2014


1.3 Management

  • Gaijin Entertainment

  • Judges’ committee of the tournament


1.4 Participants and terms of conducting

1) The tournament will be held in the MMO-game «War Thunder»

  • The game mode – Custom Battles

  • The mission of the tournament – [Duel] Stalingrad

  • The TeamSpeak server of the tournament: ts.gaijin.net, password: Spitfire, channel: Gladiators Tournament


Attention: The version of the game can be changed during the championship due to updates. Organizers reserve the right to introduce minor changes to this statute during the championship. However this shall not give any advantages to any of teams participating in the tournament.


2) The championship is held in two separate divisions:

Division №1 «Simulator Battles»

Game settings:

  • Difficulty - Simulator Battles.

  • Markers are ‘on’ on allies only. Range is 900 metres.

  • Third person view is ‘off’.


Division №2 «Realistic Battles»

Game settings:

  • Difficulty – Realistic Battles.

  • Markers are ‘on’.

  • Third person view is ‘on’.


3) It is recommended for participants to save replays of each fight.


4) Participants are: squadron teams from all countries. These players must be members of a squadron and registered on the War Thunder forum.


5) The complete information about the championship will be published in both Russian and English languages.

There must be at least one person from each team that speaks English or Russian language fluently.


6) The order of the conducting the draw and qualifying matches will be published by organizers after registration will be closed.


7) The tournament will be held in three stages

  • Qualifying stage is held with necessary amount of rounds with Single Elimination system. Teams that are winners in matches of the last round will get through to the group stage.

  • Group stage is held in 8 groups with 4 or 5 teams each. Teams that will finish 1st and 2nd in groups will get to the final stage. If there are 2 or more teams that have an equal number of points in a subgroup, places are assigned as follows:

  1. By the best difference of won / lost points in the rounds of all matches within a subgroup.

  2. By a result of a match between teams with the equal number of points.

  3. By the sum of points obtained in the matches between the teams with an equal number of points.

  4. By the best difference of won / lost points in the rounds of the matches between the teams with equal number of points.

  5. By an additional round (type is defined by a draw)

  • Final stage. 16 teams that get to this stage continue fighting with Single Elimination system according to predefined tournament grid.


8) Each pilot must prepare all his soft- and hardware needed for participating prior to the beginning of the tournament.


9) A nickname used in War Thunder and official TeamSpeak server of the championship has to match team application. Game account will be recorded after the first match of a participant and it should not be changed during the tournament. In case of violation of this rule, a pilot is disqualified from the tournament and the team will suffer technical loss.


10) A participant will need the skills of using TeamSpeak 3.


11)  Participants of a match must be connected to the official TeamSpeak server not later than 15 minutes prior to appointed time of a match and wait for the instructions from the main judge of the match.


12) To check participant compliance to championship requirements a participant must use Custom battles mode and TeamSpeak server provided by organizers


13) Ping of a participant must not exceed acceptable limits. If during the match a judge observes sharp changes of ping for one or several participants, or notices chaotic movement of aircraft as a result of connection issues with the game server, he has the right to request excluding such players from the ongoing round. If any player is experiencing repeating technical problems, judge has the right to request substitution of such player. If the team is unable to provide replacement, judge has the right to exclude that player from the match completely.


14) Server cluster (RU/EU/US/SA) for the match is defined by a main judge


15) If one of judges loses his ability to spectate a game (extremely high ping, lost connection etc.), he has to inform the main judge. In that case main judge is eligible to make a decision to re-run the round.


16) In case of all participants being disconnected from the server of the game, the main judge of a match reschedule the date and time of the match. Result of the match gets recorded as of the state prior to disconnecting from the server (according to the round completed last).


17) Arbiters are appointed for each match in order to :

  • Provide observation of rules

  • Publish results of a match on the forum at the end a day.


18) Documentary confirmation of results of matches are:

  • Protocol of a match.

  • A log of the game (clog file).


1.5 Awards

1 place

2 place

3 place


1.6 Terms of admission

1) Only registered squadrons can participate in the tournament.


2) Each unique squadron can submit one team for each division.


3) Members of any squadron can participate in one unique team only for each division.


4) Applications must be submitted by team captains or their representatives in time, according to Statute. One team must consist of at least 4 pilots and must not exceed 6 pilots per team.


5) Application must consist of:

  • A team name (registered squadron) and nicknames of all the pilots in the team

  • Division – SB or RB

  • Country and prefered time zone

  • Team leader’s nickname,



Squadron [WoS]

Realistic Battles (RB)

Germany, Russia

Convenient time zone: Berlin (GMT+1)


  1. [WoS]  _Ivan (captain)

  2. [WoS]  _Sidor_

  3. [WoS]  Tor

  4. [WoS]  Bubi

  5. [WoS]  _van

  6. [WoS]  _dor_


6) A team name and nicknames mustn’t be abusive or violate rules of the forum and the game.


7)  Teams are allowed to participate in the championship if they have sent their applications and only if it’s application was accepted by the Judges’ Committee of the tournament. Judges’ Committee can reject an application of a team without explaining of reasons.


8) In each team there must be at least one person that speaks English or Russian language fluently.


1.7 Tournament plane set

  • Group A

    • LaGG-3-35 (USSR II)

    • M.C. 200 3 (Germany I)

    • P-40E-1 (USA II)


  • Group B

    • Ki-61-I otsu (Japan II)

    • BF.109F-2 (Germany II)

    • Yak-1B (USSR II)


  • Group C

    • P-39N-0 (USA II)

    • Spitfire F Mk.IX (Britain III)

    • LA-5F (USSR III)




2.1 Tournament is held in the form of matches between teams. Pilots participate in a match on planes of one type.


2.2 Each match consists of 3 rounds. A team participates with 4 pilots in each round from the total members of the team. Every member of a team must be registered via application.

  • First round: Duel-fights 1vs1 – four simultaneous 1vs1 duels. Each duel is carried out once, to a victory over the opponent.

  • Second round: Pair-duels fight 2vs2 – two simultaneous 2vs2 duels. Each pair-fight is carried out once to a victory over the opponents.

  • Third round: 4vs4 duel fight - fight is carried out once to a general victory over all 4 opponents.


2.3 The aircraft of the match is defined by consecutive deletion of aircraft-groups followed by consecutive removal of the aircraft from the remaining group by the team leaders. Order of this procedure is by results of the draw, as described in p. 2.19. A draw winner also defines the side.


2.4 All the custom skins, marking and decals (visible to others) must be approved by judges of a match.


2.5 Only 4 pilots from each team, arbiters and streamers are allowed to join the game session. Starting points for the pilots are spawn zones: A,B,C,D. Country side (Axis/Allies) is defined by the draw. Permission to start (spawn) is given by Main Judge via game chat and depends on readiness of both teams. Aircraft spawn in the air (Air start). When spawned, pilots must head towards their enemy.

Note: In the 3rd round (4vs4) points for the spawn are B and C:

  • Point B is for Allies (course-290).

  • Point C is for Axis (course-110).

After the spawn, pilots should turn onto the enemy spawn point.


2.6 Height of the first convergence is free to choose. Modifications, ammo belts and fuel amount can be chosen freely. Weapon is standard (under-wing gun pods, bombs and missiles are not allowed). In the first round (1vs1) firing on the first encounter is forbidden. In the second and third rounds (2vs2 and 4vs4) firing on the first convergence is allowed.


2.7 The ram (collision) is considered as an element of combat and a way of conducting fight.


2.8 Pilots are assigned to their spawn points by the Team leader. The Main Judge must record it for the final protocol.


2.9 If one the participants loses his ability to participate in any round due to any technical issues before the start of the fight - this round can be replayed. If it happens after the start of the fight (or team of the referees are not informed in time) – the round continues. Keep in mind that participants have to report any technical problems in time.

The exact moment for the start of the fight (point when there will be no rematch) :

  • In the 1st and 2nd rounds is defined by arbiters on each line

  • In the 3rd round is defined by the main judge and is followed with the game message «battle»


2.10 If friendly pilots collide in 2vs2 or 4vs4 round - the fight continues for others.


2.11 Passive conducting of a fight.


  • After spawning in the air - flying in any direction but not towards the enemy.

  • After the first convergence - ignoring an enemy and withdrawing from the fight without any recognizable intention to fight.

  • Withdrawing from the area of fighting

If one of pilots runs out of ammunition - he has to stay in the flight and take offensive actions unless he has to perform defensive maneuvers. Withdrawing from combat in hope that enemy will run out of fuel is not allowed. Passive behaviour will be followed via verbal warning from the Main Judge. If no changes will be noticed within 1 minute offending side will get an official warning.


2.12  If any participant runs out of ammo or fuel, a fight continues. In special case, when both sides are unable to take offensive actions and there is no visible advantage of any team, the Main Judge may call ‘re-fight’, if both Team Leaders will agree.


2.13 Victory in a fight must be explicitly declared by an arbitrator. Until then, pilots have to stay in the air (even if opponents have crashed or shot down). If a pilot is defeated, he has to quit to hangar (to the lobby) and wait for the end of a round.


2.14  Each participant has the right to ask for 5-7 minute break for solving his technical problems. Also there can be a 5 minute break between rounds by the request of a captain of any team.


2.15 Teams which can't show up in the scheduled time, should write to the main judge of the tournament 2 hours prior to the scheduled time with a request for rescheduling, providing an explanation. Rescheduling of the match is possible only after negotiation of the date and time with the captain of the other team. The final decision on the possibility of rescheduling of the match is taken by the main judge.


2.16 Before each round of the match or before an additional fight in a round (in case of a draw in a round) a team captain can do any number of substitutions from his application list.


2.17 Captains of teams have the right to do a transfer or add pilots to their applications between matches during the tournament. The number of replaced pilots shouldn't exceed 2 pilots during the tournament. Thus a total number of pilots shouldn't exceed 6.

All changes to the applications must be sent to the main judge of the tournament not less than for 2 hours prior to the beginning of the next match.

Pilots that left the tournament can not be added into different team.


2.18 Captains of teams don’t have the right to rearrange pilots on spawn points or to do replacements of pilots (from among spare) if there is a re-flight assigned. Unless one of the pilots cannot continue due to the technical problems.


2.19 A draw by judges is made as follows:

  • The main judge moves Captain_1 to the draw room where Captain_1 picks a hand for a coin – right or left.

  • Then Captain_2 is moved to the room: he attempts to guess a hand in which coin is.

  • If Captain_2 picks correct hand (wins a draw), Captain_1 starts to eliminate a plane-group (2.3) or a format of an additional round (5.6)

  • If Captain_2 picks incorrect hand (loses a draw), he starts to eliminate a plane-group (2.3) or a format of an additional round (5.6)

  • A draw winner defines the side Axis/Allies


Note: Team that is written first in the schedule gets formal definition – Team_1 (Captain_1). The other team – Team_2 (Captain_2).




3. Victory and draw in a fight.

3.1 The victory in a fight is awarded to a pilot who can maintain his plane in the air for at least 20 seconds after the opponent crashed or landed. By the end of 20-seconds countdown, winner’s pilot must be alive and the plane must not have any fatal damage like open fire, missing tail or wing.

  • The pilot, bailed his aircraft is considered defeated

  • The pilot who disengaged and has made landing is considered defeated.

  • The pilot who has left in a briefing before the command of an arbitrator is considered defeated.


3.2 In the 1st round, player that opens fire before the first emerge is considered defeated.


3.3 The victory is given to the remaining pilot if his opponent has been disqualified by the judge for legit reasons.


3.4 Victory in a fight is fixed in protocol of the match.


3.5 A draw in a fight is declared when there are no pilots that can be considered as a winner of a fight according to 3.1.


3.6 A draw in a fight is declared if a remaining pilot of a team has exited to hangar without the permission of a judge when all his opponents are dead.


3.7 A draw in a fight is fixed in match protocol and no re-fight is possible (in the 3-rd round an additional fight is assigned according to p. 4.6).


4. Victory in a round

4.1 A victory in the 1vs1 round belongs to the team which has won the most duels in 1vs1 round. This team gets 1 victory points.


4.2 The victory in the 2vs2 round belongs to the team which has won the most duels in 2vs2 fights. This team gets 2 victory points.


4.3 The victory in the 4vs4 round belongs to that team that has eliminated the opposite team in 4v4 round. This team gets 3 victory points.


4.4 A draw in the 1st and the 2nd rounds is declared if teams have won equal amount of fights.


4.5 A draw in the 3rd round is declared when all the players of both teams are considered shot down or defeated.


4.6 If there is a draw in a round, one additional fight is appointed in the format of this round (1vs1, 2vs2 or 4vs4). Captains have the right to place any players for the additional fight from teams application lists. If there is a draw in the additional fight, re-fight (the same pilots on the same spawn points) is appointed till the winner is determined.


4.7 Victory in a round is fixed in protocol of a match.


5. Victory in a match

5.1 A victory in a match is awarded to the team which has obtained the most points in 3 rounds (1vs1, 2vs2 and 4vs4).


5.2 For a victory team gets 2 points.


5.3 In case of no-show (unable to appear within 15 minutes after the scheduled time of the match) team loses the match with the score 0:6


5.4 A team which has received three official warnings in a match loses the match.


5.5 A victory in a match is granted to a team if there are any players from opponent’s team that have an incompliant nickname and login (e-mail).


5.6 If the score in a match is 3-3, the additional round is followed; its format (1vs1, 2vs2 or 4vs4) is defined by the draw (2.19)


6. Victory in the tournament

6.1. If the tournament is staged on the Olympic system (losing teams falls out, winning team moves to next level), the victory is awarded to a team which has won all matches of the tournament.

If the tournament is staged on a round-robin system (all-play-all), the victory is awarded to the team which has gathered the biggest amount of points in all matches. If there is an equal amount of points that 2 or more teams have gathered, the victory is awarded by this rules:

  1. By the best difference of won/lost points in rounds of all matches.

  2. By the result of a match between teams with equal number of points

  3. By the sum of points earned in matches between teams with equal number of points.

  4. By the best difference of won/lost points in rounds of matches between teams with equal number of points.

  5. By one additional round (format is defined by a draw).


6.2 Prize places are assigned according to 6.1 rule.



7.1 Avoiding your enemy after spawning in the air with the deflection of more than 45° degrees to the right or the left. Sector of convergence – 90°


7.2 Opening fire before the first merge in the 1st round (1vs1)


7.3 Violating skins rule (2.4)


7.4 Violation of the rule for choosing planes/weapon/spawn point:

  1. Usage of any planes not mentioned in 1.7 and 2.3

  2. Usage of any weapon that differs from the standard one (2.6)

  3. Selecting wrong spawn point.

  4. Spawning before the command by the Main Judge, or delaying spawn after the command.


7.5 Passive fight (as described above)


7.6 Advices of any kind from members not participating in the current fight (incl. defeated pilots or spectators)


7.7 Disrespectful, unsportsmanlike behavior. (An intended insult towards participants of a match or pilots, judges and spectators in a chat or TeamSpeak)


7.8 Violation of the forum rules. Usage of resources of the tournament (the forum, game chat, TS) for distributing any political, religion, nationalist and other information that is totally inappropriate to atmosphere of friendly community.


7.9 Refusal to execute lawful requirements or requests of the judges.


7.10 Violation of the rule of replacements (2.18)


7.11 Pilots who were previously submitted in any team are not allowed to play for any other team.


7.12 In case of the draw after the 3rd round (3:3), a team that previously received an official warning in a match loses the right to participate in the draw for defining a format of an additional round. The opposite team is granted with right to choose the format without a draw.


7.13 For any forbidden action team receives an official or verbal warning. After gaining three official warnings in the tournament a team is disqualified.


7.14 For forbidden actions 7.1, 7.3, 7.4, 7.9, 7.10 the re-fight is assigned.



8.1 In case of disagreements with the decision of the judges in a match, a team captain has the right to submit a complaint to the main organization jury within 15 minutes after the match ends.


8.2 The judiciary board reviews the protest as soon as possible after receiving it. The judiciary board preserves the right to turn down the complaint if applicant fails to provide any of the following: replay file, screenshots with rounds results or log files. In case of positive decision, board can review the results or to arrange a rematch.


9 Disqualification of a player or a team.

9.1 A team is disqualified for three forbidden actions in the tournament


9.2 A pilot or a team can be disqualified for discrepancy nickname of a player with a nickname of the game account (e-mail) of a participant, which is fixed after his first match.


9.3 A certain player or a team can be disqualified for violation of the rule 7.11


9.4 Disqualified teams are not permitted to participate in future matches and all their results may be cancelled by the judiciary board.


9.5 A certain player or a team will be disqualified for using any cheats or exploits (programs giving obvious benefit in game) for one year or even permanently in all competitions that are held in War Thunder.

9.6 A pilot or a team can be disqualified for one year or permanently in all competitions that are held in War Thunder for repeated violation of rules 7.7, 7.8, 7.9.

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