J4CKAL's Hs 129 B-2 Guide





Yep, here is another of my attacker guides, and this is my guide to what I think is one of the most underrated attackers in War Thunder: the Hs 129 B-2.


So, if you really want to read this and find out more, I suggest you go and make a cup of tea/coffee and grab some biscuits. This guide is not going to be short!


You have been warned!  :Ps


Note: this guide is for the 129 B-2 in RB only, not the 129 B-3.





1. Introduction

  • Why the B-2 and not the B-3?
  • How does the Duck compare to other attackers?

2. The pros and cons of the 129 B-2


3. Loadouts and upgrades


4. General aircraft handling


5. Basic guidelines for ground attack in the 129


6. Basic guidelines for air attack in the 129


7. A word about the premium gift 129 B-2






It would probably be fair to say that the Hs 129 is not exactly the most popular aircraft in War Thunder, particularly since Gaijin released its statistics a short while ago in which the Hs 129 B-3 was reported to be the "most shot down aircraft" in the game so far.


Not exactly inspiring confidence there, right? After all, this is an aircraft which - from the outset - was chronically underpowered due to the RLM specifications it was designed under. The lack of any defensive armament is also a bit of an issue for an aircraft which is pretty darn slow. Because of this, it's not the easiest aircraft to fly - you certainly can't go hurling it around like you could with, say, a Do 217 or an IL-2/10. 


However, this is a big shame, because the 129 B-2 is a very capable and fun ground attack aircraft. Its armoured protection around the cockpit, engines and underside mean that your pilot is as well protected as any IL-2 from bullets and shrapnel fragments; it packs a vicious armament which will knock out pretty much any armoured and soft target you will encounter; this aircraft can be turned into a deadly anti-bomber weapon at its tier; and, above all, the aircraft is pretty cheap. 



Why the B-2 and not the B-3? Yes, I know. The B-3 has that massive 75mm derp cannon for trolling tanks and pillboxes alike. It doesn't help that it is literally screaming at you to take it into the air and troll enemy bombers with it.


However, the issue of the 129 being underpowered is even more so in the B-3 due to the added weight. If you think flying the 129 B-2 isn't easy, the B-3 is a real challenge.


Even with upgrades, trying to drag that thing around the sky is never easy, especially under combat conditions. The 75mm cannon can only hold 13 shells in its ammunition feed so your shooting better be accurate, which is not easy to do in an aircraft which has a tendency to wallow around a bit. And even if you do manage to hit your target, there's always those pesky trees to worry about, and its when you spot a tree that you're going to be reminded that your flying an underpowered attacker with a 75mm dong slung underneath it.  


So I think you can now see why I can recommend the B-2 as the 129 of choice.



How does the Duck compare to other attackers? Well the lack of engine power results in an aircraft which is not as fast as the IL-10 or the Me 410s (then again, not many attackers are) and you're also a bit slower than the PBJs. However, Stuka G and IL-2 pilots can rejoice at the increased speed of the aircraft (if only by a small bit). No more dragging yourself along the back of the pack...well, ok, you still will be, but not as much  ;)s


In terms of firepower, the Duck certainly stands apart. It's range of armament options is better than most attackers; while you don't get a good choice of bombs (and no rockets) like most attackers, you do get nice options for mounting bigger guns. You're going to lag a bit behind aircraft like the 410 B-6, and you don't have the 75mm + 8 .50s of the PBJ-1H, but you will be toting a lot of firepower compared to other attackers.


Maneuverability is not the strong point of this machine. Stuka Gs (unless its FM has been changed) and IL-2s/10s will turn much better than you. The 129 B-2 is probably about on par with the 410 when you've got your flaps down, although it may seem worse due to its underpowered nature. 


So, its hard to really say at a glance if the Duck is better or worse than its counterparts. However, more will now be explained in the following pros and cons section.


Let's get down to it!



The pros and cons of the 129 B-2





The Duck does have some good advantages over its competitors.


  • The BR rating is not too bad for an aircraft with this performance. The Duck B-2 - along with the B-3 - sit at BR 4.0 for RB, which is not a bad place for an aircraft which, with upgrades, can carry some serious firepower. As long as you stick to standard ground attack routine, you're generally going to be a good asset to a mid-high tier III German team since you can crack pretty much any target you come across. Killing valuable targets = deducting enemy tickets nicely. You're going to facing a bit of stiff opposition, however, so you'd better hope you have some decent team support.


  • The 129 has good protection. Like the IL-2/10, the aircraft was built around an armoured "bath tub" for the pilot, as well as having strong armoured protection on the underside and the engines. Shrapnel and light AAA fire will often not do any damage if they hit these parts of the aircraft. Any fire from 20mm and upwards, however, may give you problems (and I'm talking here about AAA guns, not aircraft guns).


  • Two engines is better than one. Although the aircraft is underpowered, having an engine knocked out does not equal game over like it would in the IL-2/10 or the Stuka G. As long as you have altitude and don't have to fly too far, you can limp back to base on one engine (just),


  • The 129 packs a very good punch with a good ammo load. The aircraft, once upgraded, comes with a nice range of loadout options and armaments, most notably the option of an under-slung 30mm or 37mm autocannon, which will take out any armoured target in the game except for perhaps heavy pillboxes.  4 x 50kg bombs are also available. The standard armament of 2 x 7.92mm MGs and 2 x 20mm MG 151/20s are also very good for lawnmowing light targets to start with until you can get heavier weapons.


  • The 129 is often underestimated. You are not normally going to be a target of priority on the enemy team due to the belief that the 129 is, as its nickname suggests, a "sitting duck". This means that they are likely to leave you until last - unless they are particularly greedy - after they've taken out more important targets like fighters and bombers. This will normally allow you to attack ground targets while they ignore you, and will also allow you opportunities to take out enemy aircraft (which I will come onto later).


  • The 129 is very cheap to operate. So what if you get shot down? The combination of a 320% reward and a fully-upgraded repair cost of just over 4,300 lions means that just popping a few ground targets is all you need to at least cover your repairs, especially if you're on a premium account.





Obviously, this aircraft doesn't get a reputation as a "sitting duck" for nothing.


  • The 129 is underpowered and slow. When the aircraft was designed, the specifications required that it not use any engines which were being used in other aircraft types, due to the fact that such engines were in greater demand for those other aircraft and the 129 was a low-priority undertaking. The Gnome engines combined with the weight of the aircraft mean that it is not fast. It is slightly faster than the IL-2 but slightly slower than the PBJ. Don't expect to be out-running anything or getting anywhere in a hurry.


  • The 129 is not very maneuverable. While the turning circle is respectable, this aircraft will not turn on a dime like the IL-2/10 or the Stuka G. It's fine for lining up attacks on ground targets, but dodging enemy fighters or dogfighting are not particularly viable (they used to be but the 129 had its FM changed not too long ago, so now it's not a good dogfighter). Be careful when maneuvering that you don't stall the aircraft. This is what can make the aircraft trickier to fly than its contemporaries.


  • The 129 is vulnerable to fire from other aircraft. Like the IL-2/10, the underside, engines and cockpit of the aircraft may be well protected, but the upper surfaces and tail are not. Sustained .50 calibre fire is going to give you a bad day, while 20mm+ is normally only going to end one way (ooh, that rhymes!)


  • The 129 has no defensive armament. This is probably going to bite you in the arse more than the other cons. The slow speed and not-fantastic agility of this aircraft make dodging/running away impossible, and you aren't going to be able to fight back when things catch up with you. Your best bet is to force head-ons, but that may not always be possible.


  • A lack of loadout options when stock. Until you can unlock some upgrades, you are not going to be able to do much with the standard armament except lawnmow light targets or try your best to take out enemy aircraft, which is not all that easy to do.


Loadouts and upgrades




The 129 B-2 allows you to carry a decent range of weaponry into battle which will help you to destroy both light vehicles/emplacements as well as armoured targets.




  • 2 x 7.92mm MGs, 500 rpg
  • 2 x 20mm MG 151 cannons, 125 rpg


Loadout options when stock: none



With ETC 50/VIIId upgrade:


  • 4 x 50kg bombs mounted under the fuselage


With R2 modification:


  • 1 x 30mm Mk 103 cannon carried under the fuselage, 100 rounds


With BK 3,7 modification:


  • 1 x 37mm BK 3,7 cannon carried under the fuselage, 12 rounds


The cannon and bomb attachments will of course come with a slight performance loss, the severity of which depends on the weight of the individual loadouts.


Bombs will cost you extra lions when used and cannons will cost you lions in terms of buying the ammunition belts for them and purchasing the cannons themselves.



What upgrades should I get first?


The obvious path to take is to grab those bomb rack/cannon modification as fast as possible. However, you're going to need 2 upgrades in each tier to unlock the next, so some performance modifications can be taken along the way.


Alternatively, you can grind the ammunition belts for the stock armament to give you better choices for them. You don't need to unlock them to access ammunition belts for the other cannons, they will become available anyway once you get to tier III upgrades. Belts for the 30mm and 37mm cannons are good upgrades to go for as they will help you greatly with either ground pounding or taking out air targets.


Until you get your hands on those cannons/bombs, you are going to be stuck lawnmowing for a lot of the time, which is pretty much how you are going to grind RP for this aircraft unless you either take it into arcade or you try to take out opportune air targets.


The bombs are not particularly powerful, but you get 4 of them. If you are very good at low-level bombing without aiming assistance crosshairs, you may wish to use these or at least give them a go. If you aren't able to score accurate hits on tanks to kill them (and you will have to be very accurate with 50kg bombs), you can at least use them to help you kill light targets and grind more RP for cannon modifications.



The 30mm Mk 103


This is my personal weapon of choice on this aircraft and I see other 129 users toting this weapon too. This is because it combines a good ammunition load of 100 rounds with good muzzle velocity, good accuracy (especially with a cannon upgrade), a not-too-bad fire rate - its not too slow but not so fast that you run out of ammo quickly - and very good hitting power. Once you unlock the HVAP belts for this weapon, you will be able to take out any tank and light pillboxes with a few hits. Heavier pillboxes will probably not quite be viable targets, though. The HVAP belt is also very good for taking out medium bombers like the B-25, and the air target belt will shred fighters easily. And don't worry too much about hit registration - the Mk 103 doesn't suffer nearly as badly from the issues of its younger but bigger brother, the Mk 108 30mm cannon.


I would always advise loading HVAP for this weapon since several 30mm shells of pretty much anything is going to do a lot of damage to any aircraft, and  HVAP will allow you to ground pound effectively.



The BK 37mm


I don't have so much experience with this weapon, having not used it that much. This is the same 37mm weapon found on the Stuka Gs, except you only have one. This weapon suffers from a slow rate of fire, more recoil and therefore less accruacy, a limited ammunition load as well as problems with hit registration. It will one-shot kill all tanks and light pillboxes (you may be able to kill heavier pillboxes too but I haven't tested it, so its best to stick to lighter targets than that) but only if the hit registers properly. HVAP belts are a must for this weapon if you want to kill ground targets effectively. Air target belts are only advisable for bomber hunting; this is not a great weapon to use against fighters. 


In contrast, the B-3 has a 75mm cannon with 13 rounds, so that may be the better option if you don't want to use the Mk 103 (although the B-3 flies worse). 



You can browse the specific changes to the aircraft performance and repair cost of specific upgrades in the upgrades window but here are a couple of basic figures for your reference regarding costings:



  • A totally stock Hs 129 B-2 has a repair cost of 3,310 lions. 
  • A fully upgraded 129 B-2 has a repair cost of 4,322 lions. 
  • The 320% RB reward will ensure that 1 air kill and/or several ground kills (preferably tanks/pillboxes) are sufficient to cover your repairs.
  • Ammo belts for the 7.92mms will cost 5 lions each for anything other than default (8 lions for stealth belts)
  • Ammo belts for the 20mms will cost 60 lions each for anything other than default (90 lions for stealth belts)
  • Ammo belts for the 30mm will cost 160 lions each for anything other than default (250 lions for stealth belts)
  • Ammo belts for the 37mm will cost 90 lions each for anything other than default
  • The 4 x 50kg bomb loadout will cost 60 lions.
  • Purchasing the 30mm Mk 103 will cost 320 lions.
  • Purchasing the BK 37mm will cost 400 lions.



Now let's look at the aircraft in battle!



General handling characteristics



The most noticeable feature of the aircraft at first is its lack of engine power compared to its weight. That said, the aircraft has very easy-going stall characteristics and is easy enough to handle over about 210kph (~130mph/~113 knots). 


For take-off, a speed of roughly 180kph (~112mph/~97 knots) is what you should aim for being lifting the aircraft off the ground. As with the IL-2/10, only point the nose between 5 and 10 degrees on take-off. Any lower and you won't lift off; any higher and you risk an immediate stall (this is a particular hazard with the 129). 


Once airborne, maintain a roughly 5-10 degree rate of climb until you reach your desired altitude. For an aircraft of its weight and power, the 129 B-2 climbs quite respectably. Climbing at 10 degrees will normally allow you to exceed 300kph (~186mph/~162 knots). The service ceiling of the aircraft is at around 7.5km (~24,600 ft), but as an attacker you aren't going to need to go up that high. Keeping it under 4000m (just over 13,000 ft) is recommended. 


The aircraft will often not exceed speeds of 400kph (~250mph/~216 knots) in level flight unless held there for a long time.  As with other attackers, you will be starting from the runway (except on maps like Bulge where you get an air spawn), so you will have to gain speed in the initial flight to the target. The engines on the 129 have float carburetors; this means that pushing the nose down too hard (i.e. pushing negative Gs) can cause the engines to cut out until you stop pushing the nose down.


The 129 will handle speeds of up to 600kph (~375mph/~330 knots) in dives. However, keeping it under about 500kph (~310mph/~270 knots) is a good rule of thumb due to limited control effectiveness above that speed. As with the IL-10, I don't know the exact wing rip speed but avoid exceeding 650kph (~405mph/~350 knots). The aircraft does not have dive brakes, as an attacker, so you will have to manage speed with just the throttle, as well as flaps if you have to.


The roll rate is ok and the turn rate is also adequate when using the elevators and combat flaps. Try to keep your turns as level as possible since pulling climbing turns can result in a minor stall if you don't watch your air speed during these maneuvers. As with the IL-2/10, try to pick up speed between turns to avoid any chance of stalling. As previously mentioned, the 129 is particularly susceptible to this which can make it tricky to fly. Fortunately, the aircraft is very easy to bring out of a stall.



Basic guidelines for ground attack in the 129



A lot of these points are taken from my IL-10 guide (found here: http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/167215-j4ckals-il-10-guide-including-general-ground-attack-tips/), since they apply to all attackers, but some points have been changed/added for the 129 B-2:


Sneakiness is key at the start of the match. You don't want to make a target of yourself before you've even had a chance to drop your ordnance or fire off some rounds at ground targets. Maintaining a low altitude at all times is your best defence. Instead of climbing up gradually, simply reach a safe altitude and then either gain speed or dive down a bit to get a bit more speed and stay well hidden amongst the terrain. It's not going to make you invisible but it will help prevent you from being spotted early on. If you spawn in on Bulge, your best bet is to dive straight down and then level out near the ground at high speed, instead of a shallow dive towards your intended target, unless you intend to go killing bombers. This will help you to remain better hidden.


Being an attacker at tier III can be an advantage. Generally, even once you start engaging ground targets and the enemy becomes aware of your presence, most tier III fighter pilots are not going to dive down and look for you since they have enemy fighters to worry about, unless they are the sort of person who is absolutely desperate for a kill, RP and lions and is happy to throw away his positioning to get it. Sadly, there are some of those around, you just have to hope you don't encounter them.


Choose a good attack route. Survey the map after take-off (or even before spawning in) and see where the concentrations of ground targets are located if you aren't so familiar with the map. Use the spotting mechanic to check out what types of target are in certain areas. It can be worth your while skirting around and going for targets near the back of the map, which makes it harder for the enemy to find you and, if they do, they normally won't want to go all that way just to get you when there are targets closer to them (fighters and bombers).


Choose suitable targets. Convoys are a very juicy target for the 129 due to the 7.92s and 20mms being useful for mowing down lighter vehicles and AAA trucks while the 30mm/37mm HVAP can take out any armoured vehicle you come across (the 20mm can as well with AP ammo, but its harder and you will only be able to kill medium tanks at best). The same also goes for light pillboxes with AAA/artillery emplacements. Standard pillboxes will only be able to be killed with a direct hit from several of the 50kg bombs. Area targets can be bombed but shouldn't be prioritized due to your very light bombload (if you carry bombs). Remember that you have no bomb aim indicator and the bombs drop in pairs, so aim carefully and choose targets for these wisely.


Set up a nice attack approach. This is especially important for convoys. Setting up a nice pass, heading in either directly from the front or the rear tends to work best since you can kill several vehicles. Attacking from the rear will allow you to shoot up tanks with the 30mm/37mm, while frontal attacks are best for taking out lighter vehicles. Flying in low reduces the risk of being hit by AAA.


Don't worry too much about ammo. While the 20mms have a rather limited supply of ammunition, the 7.92mms and the 30mm don't, so feel free to spray a bit with those if you feel that you can't quite hit your targets with precise shooting. Obviously, try not to use more than you need so you can stay in the fight longer, but if it comes down to it, you can spray a bit if you need to. 


What if you get attacked by enemy fighters? At this point you're probably going to wish you had a rear defensive gunner, but you don't. Your best defence is to stay low and do hard turns. By staying low, you have a chance of not only avoiding an attack from a diving enemy but he also risks diving into the ground if he's not careful, even if he kills you!  ;)s If he comes straight at you, force a head-on if you can. All of your guns are centrally mounted and will really be able to put some hurt into anyone that comes at you, as long as you aim well.



That's about all I can think of for ground attack tips. For more, check out the pinned thread in the RB discussion area by _13codyrex which contains lots of guides and see if there are any more guides related to ground attack to help you.



Basic guidelines for air attack in the 129



Obviously, the 129 is slow and not particularly maneuverable. It certainly isn't a dogfighter. However, there is a reason that I have a more than 2:1 K/D with air targets in my premium 129 B-2!


This aircraft is a great bomber killer when equipped with the 30mm Mk 103 and loaded with HVAP or minengeschoss ammunition (as I said, I'd recommend carrying HVAP at all times though). The BK 3,7 will work too but you'll have less ammo and you'll have to be more careful with your shots. 


Again, I will use the tips from my IL-10 guide here because they are still relevant, changing/adding points for the 129 B-2 as are necessary:


Gain speed and altitude. Climbing at about 10 degrees should help you climb steadily, but it's obviously going to take a while. After all, you're in an armoured attacker. Getting up to about 3000m (~10,000 ft) and levelling out to gain speed should work fine. 


What are the best targets? Every fighter at this tier is faster than you, so you are going to have to either attack a fighter which doesn't see you or is already busy engaging a friendly. Low-flying bombers, however, are your best targets. Your armoured protection (especially around your engine) coupled with the 30mm/37mm cannon makes you a great bomber killer, especially against the B-25s which you will often face at your tier (I've even taken it up against B-17s when I was in a squad and it works well against them too!)


Approach from a dive where possible, as you would in a fighter. The 129 can pick up lots of speed in the dive without fear of ripping, so use that as much as you can. You're going to need to get enemy fighters. Try not to pick up too much speed though as you will find the aircraft hard to control past the 500kph (~310mph/~270 knots) mark due to its mediocre roll and turn rate. Attacking bombers in this way is recommended, however. While tail-sitting is just about survivable in an aircraft like the 129 (with your protection + firepower), it is definitely not advised if you can avoid it, due to the potential risk of an engine or pilot knockout, or simply sustaining too much control damage.


Remember to lead with the cannons. The Mk 103 30mm has good velocity but its still a large-cablire gun, so leading quite a lot is important, especially for snapshots at fighters who get in front of you. This is only exacerbated with the 37mm; even more leading and accurate shooting is required. HVAP ammo is, generally speaking, more effective against bombers than HE since it can rip them apart with ease and kill their engines. You won't need to stay on a bomber for too long in order to kill him; one or two passes should do the trick with effective shooting (aiming for the wing roots, wing tips or engines). The 20mms can make good back-up weapons (or primary weapons if you aren't carrying the 30mm) for shooting down fighters, but beware of the low ammo consumption. 


Pick on engaged fighters. The 129 isn't great in a dogfight but its firepower means that you will be able to easily sneak up on pre-occupied targets and rip them apart (or at least critically damage them) with one pass. Treat it as a kind of baby not-quite-so-good 410 in this respect. Again, remember to lead enough. If you don't get them in that pass, run away as best you can and hope that the fighter either doesn't both to engage you because he has other problems to deal with. Return for another run when it is safe. 


Force head-ons. As previously mentioned, your guns are centrally mounted and you will be able to do a lot of damage to any aircraft with that 30mm equipped. Air target belts will utterly destroy any fighters if you can get a couple of hits in. 



A word about the premium gift 129 B-2


A premium Hs 129 B-2 of the Romanian air force is available from the Attacker Starter and Tank Destroyers packs in the War Thunder Store.


If you fly the standard 129 B-2 and you enjoy it, I can highly recommend acquiring the premium 129 since it gets a higher reward (500% in total compared to 320% of the standard B-2) and the repair cost is only about 500 lions more. I bought the Attacker Starter pack for 18 Euros (~$30) and it was totally worth it, since it includes a week's premium and 2000 eagles with it (which is enough to buy you another month's premium).


The Tank Destroyers pack gives you a premium Panzer IV/70A, 4000 eagles, two weeks' premium and an emblem along with the 129 but will cost you around 30 Euros (~$50).



Well, that's about it for now. I hope that I have inspired at least some of you to give this aircraft a try and that you will find that you enjoy it!


If there are things that you would really like me to add, please leave comments below and I will do my best!



Note: another person to ask for some advice on this aircraft is Ceating,  I know that he is another Duck fan  ;)s



GOOD HUNTING, FELLOW 129 B-2 PILOTS!  :salute:  :good: 



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I find the the HS-129 is great at attacking armored columns as long as there are no enemy aircraft going for you. And if an enemy decides that they are going to attack, then you are screwed (although i have shot down spitfire mk.9s and corsairs that underestimated the firepower)

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Good guide but you forgot to mention the float carburetor engine! HS 129s need to engage ground units in shallow dives or you choke your engine power off! Every time you pull negative Gs in a duck god kills a kitten ;-) Edited by Yak15Best15
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Good guide but you forgot to mention the float carburetor engine! HS 129s need to engage ground units in shallow dives or you choke your engine power off! Every time you pull negative Gs in a duck god kills a kitten ;-)


That's a good point, I shall add it. I forgot to mention it because I think they only recently added it to the FM, as I had never seen it behave like that before.


Hehe, God won't kill as many kittens as I will kill tanks though  ;)s


EDIT: added!

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The duck is awesome but as the Stuka G it bleeds speed very easily so you can only engage ground targets with support or after the battle has started. Wrecking tanks down low in maps vs USA is still risky, there are many PBJs and lawnmower fighters like P-47s that can see you as a juicy target.

But who cares, it's cheap and the feeling of downing fighters with it is priceless!

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Very nice guide!
I kinda like the plane but when I attacked one and killed it because it literally did a flat turn went straight didn't gain enough speed and crashed into a tree it made it look real hard to fly lol
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 the 30mm/37mm HVAP can take out any armoured vehicle you come across (the 20mm can as well with AP ammo, but its harder and you will only be able to kill medium tanks at best)


I just checked this and want to add that the 20mm's are useless for attacking tanks in RB.


With the 20mm MG151's loaded with FI-T or APHE ammo you need to be within 250 meters to be able to damage Light Tanks (which rarely occur in RB), shooting their back armour from practically a 90 degree angle. 13mm MG131's loaded with AP-T's are literally more effective, and even the 12.7mm Breda works better.


Damaging a medium tank with the MG151's is a no-go, their rear doesn't take any damage at all (checked with NPC USA&GER medium tanks). I couldn't get an hit marker while trying but, possibly it could be damaged from a steep dive, firing on its cupola/turret, but you're likely to have crashed before you can take a single one out.

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Very good text, +1 for you, my duck brother!


In my opinion, in RB, the rear gunner on the attacker is not that big of a deal. I killed A lot of IŁ-2's with 12mm Breda from MC200 and G.50 (i am a masochist) and almost never took the damage from rear gunner.

With 20mm is even faster.


I fly this plane A LOT. in RB and GB. in RB is pure, good attacker. At the beginning of the mission type in chat:


"i need one plane to cover me. I'm going for the left/middle/right tank column"


People are better at teamwork in RB, one of them should cover you. If the half of the team is covering you- you will cry happy tears, trust me on that.


With 30mm MK103 HVAP You take care of almost anything: Medium tanks , Heavy Tanks, but it is not as simple.

You can penetrate them all from back and sides, even front at shorter ranges.


But try to go for their backs. They will be in one line, ready for you to kill them.









In GB...



Simple: It is random. As hell. You can penetrate player t34 to his engine block 40 times and do nothing to it, and then you hit another one 5 times in the front of the turret and he will die in flames and lasers and sharks.

I hit KV-2 to the track once. With one 30mm hit. It exploded.

Then i couldn't kill the GAZ truck with all my burst.





wait for patch.

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Depends on where you hit it, angle and distance. hitting your target at 90o is the best option, and i found that 400-300-250 meters away and you have the best penetration.

As an expirienced hs-129, i was able to kill shermans from the back, high angle and at 300 meters away with 1-2 hits to the engine. I found killing the AI T34 even easier.


Do not attack tanks from the front. Yes, you can penetrate, but it is just a waste. If you can attack the column from back, you are saving ammo, and also the targets are longer in your view.


As for the light pilleboxes- from 4-5 hits for me, anywhere.

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Damn, this is possibly the first truly positive guide for "The Duck" I've seen. Granted, I'm not close to unlocking it yet, but I think I'll enjoy it when I do.

Based on my experiences with 20mms on my current favorite plane (the 190 A-4), those already shred aircraft really well. I can only imagine how powerful the 30mm MK103 is (yeah I've done a little research out of curiosity and come to the conclusion that the 103 is much better than the 108).

What I'm looking forward to using:
- The Fw-190 A-6/U2 with SIX 20mm guns
- The Fw-190 F8 with two 20mm and two 30mm MK103s
- The Ho 229 for it's general OP-ness and actually worthwhile guns compared to the 163 & 262
- The Duck as a purpose-built tank killer, both the B-2 & B-3 Versions
- And the Me410 for masterful headons/ground attack.
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I think i have a KDR of 5.0 with my premium HS-129B2, i always kill about 10 tanks in the match, after that, planes come to attack me, i go head on with everybody and always kill them, since duck is made of stalinwood, even if it is german, and firepower OP


HS 129B2 OP, VERY HONARABU, overshoot a HS129B2= DEATH, Head on a HS129B2=DEATH    :kamikadze:


The duck is love, the duck is life

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Ive killed Mig9s in this thing back in the day of the T20 system :D :D :D


It used to have a UFO FM back then, though. You could out-turn La-9s and such consistently (as I learnt from experience, munching them while squadded with 109 K-4s was fun).


But yes, still MiG-9 kill is good stuff  :good:

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Hs129 can be used to draw statistics of current average skill in WT. The more kills the Duck achieves, the less the playerbase skill.


Wanna go HS129 against American Sabre teams :D ?

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I finished upgrading The Duck's 30mm gun and yes, it is very fun to play.

Best mission so far I got 5 ground kills from one tank column, the rest were killed by another Duck on my team. And then both of us got mobbed.
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49 minutes ago, _Majster said:

Curiosity, it is a pity that the duck is not equipped with bombs and rockets that can be seen in the picture.


If it had bombs and rockets it probably wouldn't be able to stay airborne in game :D It has a hard enough time flying without them

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