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Update 23.07.2014 (Server Update)

Update 23.07.14 (Server Update)

  • Tank missions which have more than one respawn point, all points are named based on cardinal direction
  • Added missing new 152mm shells (AP and HEAT) for ML-20S cannon (SU-152 and ISU-152)
  • Fixed traverse of the ISU-152 from +5-5 to -3+7 (based on “Self-propelled artillery weapons ISU-152M and ISU-152K. part 1. Technical description page 5”)
  • Fixed doubled skins for IS-2/IS-2 type 1944.
  • Fixed (increased) rate of fire of the T-80 tank, tank with 3-man crew had same rate of fire as tank with 2-man crew (T-70). Rate of fire increased to 24 shots per minute.
  • PS4: Fixed crash in after battle debriefing screen.
  • PS4: Fixed crash while opening the player information on some of the localizations.


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