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Update 17.07.14 (Server Update)

Server update:


  • Fixed ricochet mechanics, when hits to the tank barrel from sharp angles resulted in damage to barrel;
  • Gun barrel repair time reduced;
  • Destruction of crawler wheels or track adjusting wheels now leads to track separation which halts the tank;
  • Jagdtiger engine and transmission figures fixed: engine power and transmission gear ratios are now similar to the tank Pz.Kpfw. VI ausf B Tiger II (which was the chassis for this SPG). Engine power reduced from 750 h.p. to 700 h.p., maximum speed on 8th gear is now 41.5 km/h, reverse speed - 11.12 km/h;
  • Fixed elevation angle for IS-4M heavy tank from -5/+25 degrees to -3/+19 degrees, turret rotation speed increased from 8 to 10 degrees per second (according to“Tyazholyi tank IS-4. Konstruirovanie i proizvodstvo”, by M.Kolomiets, page 106);
  • Fixed turret drive sounds for some of the tanks (which had incorrect sounds with type of the drive)

Discuss the update here

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