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AVG Anti-Virus Programm detects Aces.exe as Trojan

Dear Support Team,


Today at 13:25 I wanted to launch Warthunder. I used the shortcut in my "Steam" icon at the lower right corner of my programm bar on Windows 7.


The Launcher would not respond, and after a short period of time, my AVG antivirus programm notificates me that it put the "aces.exe" into quarantine because it contains a Trojan, violating the "AVG Identity Protection"


This has never happened to me before.


When I try to start the launcher again, it appears, but has a failure message and starts running "Analyzing files" and gets stuck at "finishing download".


After getting the "aces.exe" out of the quarantine, and setting AVG to ask me before putting stuff violating "Identiy Protection" into quarantine, it worked again.


I send a report to AVG Inc. too, so they put "aces.exe" on the white list.


Kind regards,



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If you are receiving a warning from your Virus Guard Software, it is likely to be a false positive - BUT - Your system may be infected (not from the War Thunder Software) from something else on your system, most users will find that setting your virus guard with an exception for aces.exe will solve this 99% of the time. We take no responsibility for the condition or security of your own system in regards to infection, this is entirely your own responsibility. Please contact your security software company for any concerns you may have.


Thank you very much.

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