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Hello all,

      Here's a list if interviews I've been able to conduct for War Thunder. There are other veteran interviews from other members of staff within the forums; this is just my list. It is very British heavy but arranging these interviews is not at all easy, so my location in the UK is something of a constraint for interviewing veterans of other nations, I'm afraid. If this is the sort of thing which interests you or you do have feedback on interviews in general, please let me know. Likewise, if you know of any veterans who might be willing to give their time to share their experiences, we would love to hear from you.


Lt Cdr Bruce Vibert - Royal Navy Swordfish pilot: 



S/Lt Frank Stovin-Bradford - Royal Navy Avenger pilot: 



Flt Lt Brian Beattie - RAF Hampden and Mosquito pilot:




Lt Cdr 'Jock' Moffat - Royal Navy Swordfish pilot:



Oberleutnant Winfried Hartmann - Luftwaffe Junkers 88 pilot:


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