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Gladiators of the Steel Legion.WT 6х6. Regulations


Gladiators of the Steel Legion.WT 6х6

Team duel championship among virtual tank squadrons


1. Statute


1.1 Objectives

- Popularization of the history of World War II and the history of tank evolution.

- Enhancing of personal and tactical skill of virtual tank men.

- Promotion of MMO-game «War Thunder».


1.2 Time and place

-- Applications from teams willing to participate in the championship are to be submitted from 5 of July to  9 of July 2014

- Draw will take place on 10 th of July 2014. Tournament schedule will be published on War Thunder official forums shortly after the Draw

- Tournament will start from 11 July 2014


1.3 Management

- Gaijin Entertainment

- Judges’ committee of the tournament


1.4 Participants and terms of conducting.

-The championship will be held in  «War Thunder».

Attention: The version of the game can be changed during the championship due to updates. Organizers reserve the right to introduce minor changes to this statute during the championship. However this shall not give any advantages to any of teams participating in the tournament.

- The game mode – Custom battles

- Missions of the tournament  [ Domination] – Ash river / Kuban

- Time limit – 10 minutes.

- Difficulty level – Realistic Battles. (If both teams participating in a match agree, SB can be selected as difficulty level)

- Number of respawns – according to selected type of vehicle.

- Time  - Noon

- Weather – Good


Address of our TS: ts.gaijin.net

Password of TS: Spitfire ( with big S).

Channel: Gladiators Tournament.



-It is recommended for participants to record tracks of each mission.

-Participants are: squadron teams from all countries. These players must be members of a squadron and registered on the War Thunder forums (.ru or .com.).

-The complete information about the championship will be published in both Russian and English languages.

-There must be at least one person from each team that speaks English or Russian language fluently.

-Quantity of teams in the final stage of the championship is limited to 32.

If quantity of accepted applications is higher than 32, preliminary qualifying matches will be held.


Qualification round of the championship

Qualification round of the championship will be held with Single Elimination system. If necessary, two qualifying zones will be created: «WEST» and «EAST». If so, 16 teams from each zone will participate in the final stage.


Final round of the championship

Final round of the championship is held in two stages.

In the first stage, teams according to the results of the draw will be divided in subgroups and will play matches ……………………..

Places in subgroups are granted according to a number of earned points of a team in all matches played in a subgroup.


If there is equal number of earned points for two or more teams in a subgroup, places are granted as follows:

1.  By the best difference of earned/ lost points in rounds of all matches in a subgroup.

2. By the result of a match between teams with equal number of score.

3. By the sum of points earned in matches between teams with equal number of score.

4. By the best difference of earned/lost points in rounds of all matches between teams with equal number of score.

5. Holding an additional fight between these teams.


- In the second stage, 16 teams that have won first or second places will continue fighting with Single Elimination system according to the tournament grid.


Attention! The tournament will be held in  three stages:

1st  group stage:
64 teams will compete in 16 groups , 4 teams in each group.
Teams that take 1st and 2nd places in these groups will  go to the 2nd stage.
2nd group stage
32 teams will compete in 8 groups, 4 teams in each group.
Teams that take 1st and 2nd places in these groups  will go to the final stage.
3rd final stage
16 teams ,that get to the final stage, continue their  performance with  Single Elimination System, according to a certain tournament grid.
- Management has to publish the order of holding a draw and matches of the final round just after end of the qualification round

- A nickname that is used in the simulator «War Thunder» (TeamSpeak of the championship also) has to be the same as a login (e-mail) of a participant; this information will be fixed after first match of a participant. In case of violation of this rule, a pilot is disqualified and it is a loss of a match for his team.

- A participant will need the ability the use of TeamSpeak 3.0 - both for voice communication and for written text ("chat").

- A participant of a match should be connected to the championship TeamSpeak-server not later than 15 minutes prior to appointed time of a match and wait for a main judge of the match.

- To check participant compliance to championship requirements a participant can use one of the modes of the game: Custom Battles and TeamSpeak provided by organizers.

- Ping of a participant must not exceed acceptable limits. If an arbitrator observes sharp changes of ping at one or several participants, or he sees ant lagging characteristic like chaotic movement of a tank,

 which are result of problems with communication with the server of a simulator, he can remove these players from the mission and, then, suggest making a replacement . If this is impossible, the player can not participate in the mission due to his ping.

-Host of session of a match and server (RU/EU/US/SA) is defined by a main judge.

-If an arbiter has unacceptable ping, he has to inform a main judge about it, who, if so, can stop a match or make a decision to replay a fight.

-If there is the game server crash, the current result of the last fight is fixed. If so, the match is reassigned. The main Judge assigns new date and time for finishing of the match.

Two judges are appointed for each match. One of them will be the main judge of the match.

Judges’ Duties:

- To know the rules of the tournament to judge properly.

- To publish official protocols of the matches on the forums daily.


-Documentary confirmation of results of matches are:

- Protocol of a match.

- A log of the game on the server.

ATTENTION! The time of all matches will be published in Moscow time (GMT +4 hrs).


1.5 Awards





1.6 Terms of admission

Only registered squadrons can participate in the tournament.

It is allowed to register mixed teams that consist of members of not more than 2 squadrons.

Each unique squadron can submit one team or a mixed team . Members of any squadron can be registered only in one unique team  .

Applications must be submitted by team captains or their representatives in time, according to Statute.

A team must consist of at least 6 players and must not exceed 8 players.


Application must consist of:

- A team name (Latin) ([ReDs] or [ReDs] [Blue] (if there are two squadrons) and nicknames of all the pilots in the team including squadrons tags. Example:

1. [ReDs] _Ivan

2. [ReDs] _Sidor_

3. [Blue] Tor

4. [Blue] Bubi

5. [ReDs] _van

6. [ReDs] _dor_

7. [Blue] Tor

8. [Blue] Bu


- Country and preferred time zone.

- Team leader’s nickname.

Teams are allowed to participate in the championship if they have sent their applications and only if their application is accepted by the organizing committee of the tournament.

In each team there must be at least one person that speaks the English or the Russian languages fluently.

A team name and nicknames mustn’t be abusive or violate rules of the forum and the game.



1.7 Tanks of the championship

Group A


Pz.Kmpfw. III Ausf. F



Group B

T-34 -1940

Pz.Kmpfw. IV Ausf. F2

PzKmpfw. VI Tiger Ausf.  H1


Group C

T-34-85 D-5T

KV-1 ZiS-5

Pz.Kmpfw. III Ausf. L


2. Regulations

2.1 Tournament is held in the form of matches between teams. Players participate playing on the same tanks of one type.


2.2 Each match consists of several fights (p 2.7) (missions) each lasting 10 minutes, launched consecutively in Custom Battles.

-1 fight [Tournament]  Ash river

-2 fight [Tournament] Kuban

-3 fight [Tournament] Ash river

-4 fight [Tournament] Kuban

-5 fight [Tournament] Ash river

- 6 players from each team participate in a fight.


2.3 Choice of a tank is defined with consecutive deleting of groups and then tanks in a last group by captains of teams. Right to start the deleting is defined with the draw(p. 2.12) , the winner of the draw also gets right to define his side (Axis/allies) for all match.


2.4 It is forbidden to use artillery support. If it is used an arbiter can remove this player from a fight.  2.4 rule is not actual now due to impossibility of artillery use on tournament maps.


2.5 If one participant loses his ability to participate in any fight due to any technical issues before the start of the fight - this round can be replayed or spare player can be used. If it happens after the start of the fight – the mission continues. Participants have to report any technical problems in time. The exact moment for the start of the fight (point when there will be no rematch) is defined by the main judge of a match by sending the message ‘battle’ in the game chat.


2.6 Victory in a fight is defined according to the server notifications.  1 point is given for a victory in a fight.


2.7 You have to win 3 fights in order to win a match.


2.8 Each participant has the right to ask for 5 minute break for solving his technical problems.  5 minute break is also declared after second fight.


2.9 Teams which can't show up in the scheduled time, should report to the main judge of the tournament 2 hours prior to the scheduled time with a request for rescheduling, providing an explanation. Rescheduling of the match is possible only after negotiation of the date and time with the captain of the other team. The final decision on the rescheduling of the match is taken by the main judge.


2.10 Before each round of the match, a team captain can do any number of substitutions from his application list.


2.11 Captains of teams have the right to do a transfer or add players to their applications between matches during the tournament. The number of replaced players shouldn't exceed 3 players during the tournament. Thus a total number of players shouldn't exceed 8.

All changes to the applications must be sent to the main judge of the tournament not less than for 2 hours prior to the beginning of the next match.

Players that left the tournament can not be added into different team.


2.12 A draw by judges is made as follows: The main judge moves Captain_1 to the draw room where Captain_1 picks a hand for a coin – right or left. Then Captain_2 is moved to the room: he attempts to guess a hand in which coin is. If Captain_2 picks correct hand, he has the right to define the side for the 1st round,  (Allies, Axis) and the other captain has to start consecutive denying of groups of tanks. Otherwise, the right to define the side for the 1st round is granted to Captain_1 and then Captain_2 has to start this denying of groups of tanks..

Note: Team that is written first in the schedule gets formal definition – team_1. The other team – team_2


 2.13 A team loses if it doesn’t appear on time or in 15 minutes after the match beginning.



3. Forbidden actions

3.1 Violating rules of tank choice(rules 2.3 and 1.7).

3.2 Using of artillery support. 3.2 rule is not actual now due to impossibility of artillery use on tournament maps.

3.3 Spectators, team members, who don’t participate in the round, pilots that are shot down are not allowed to give any type of advice.

3.4 Disrespectful, unsportsmanlike behavior. (An intended insult towards participants of a match or pilots, judges and also spectators in a chat or TeamSpeak).

3.5 Refusal to execute lawful requirements or requests of the judges.

3.6 Pilots who were submitted in a team are not allowed to play in any other teams.

3.7 Violation of rules of the forum and TeamSpeak.

3.8 For any forbidden action a team receives an official or verbal warning. After gaining three official warnings in one match a team suffers  technical defeat




4.1 In case of disagreements with the decision of the judges in a match, a team captain has the right to submit a complaint to the main organization jury within 15 minutes after the match ends.

4.2 The judiciary board reviews the protest as soon as possible after receiving it. The judiciary board preserves the right to turn down the complaint if applicant fails to provide any of the following: replay file, screenshots with rounds results or log files. If there is a positive decision, board can review the results or arrange a rematch.



5.1 A team is disqualified for three forbidden actions during one match.

5.2  A pilot or a team can be disqualified for discrepancy nickname of a player with a nickname of the game account (e-mail) of a participant, which is fixed after his first match.

5.3 A certain player or a team can be disqualified for violating rule 3.6.

5.4 Disqualified teams are not permitted to participate in future matches and all their results may be cancelled by the judiciary board.

5.5. A player or a team is disqualified for year or permanently for using computer programs that gain advantages to their side – forbidden modifications.

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This rule has been changed.

- Difficulty level – Realistic Battles. (If both teams participating in a match agree, SB can be selected as difficulty level)

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