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3D NVISION 2 122Hz

3D NVISION 2 122Hz

After switching to the thing my average personal records doubled - that's how much better I was able to kick-jump.
So I'm looking for anyone also using it.
English and Russian spoken.
You can join in with joystick and trackir - than you go to simulation level, others go to historic only. Seldom arcade is allowed.
Add your nicks no matter if you are on any other kind of team already.

About the this second generation nvidia-technology.
There is almost no shadowing. Very deep depth level.
Asus VG278h (with glasses already in), and GTX-580 can run it at 40-60 fps with all settings maxed in 3D or 120 fps in 2D.

Here is the list of pilots in russian:

medal medal

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