ISU-122 - Questions, Information, Gameplay

Yeah and I'm currently trying to ace them and completely ruin my statistics and all my fun playing WT this way right now.


Back then I thought there was russian bias and playing soviets is easy mode. Now I know that idea is nothing but a remnant of the past


I don't expect every TD to be like a Ferdinand but either they should have the advantage of being fast or the one of a tough to break frontal armour almost always together with a good gun. The ISUs try to make a Jack of All Trades mixture but really suck at everything. Otherwise it simply doesn't make sense to play TDs when tanks with turrets are that more versatile and still have a lot of the advantages mentioned above. Take the Asu 57 as example. Who in his right mind plays this tank if not to just troll?


The reload of the ISU 122S is quite good.. but it's still a long reload. And with a tank who takes hours to get back into cover again or out of it, the good reload rate is negated because it's still too long to survive exposed and thus a death sentence. And everyone can kill people with an ambush who haven't noticed you. It doesn't take a TD for that special task.

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