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Update 03.06.14 (

List of Changes in Current patch


  • Tactical map visuals have been improved (markers are more clear).

  • Visual display of the markers has been improved.

  • Conditions of crew lock has been changed: now vehicles that were destroyed by another player won’t be locked out (crashed or abandoned vehicles will be locked as before).

  • Selected shell setup will be saved for tank re-spawn.

  • Calculation of the repair time for the tank has been changed. Now wounded crew members influence it less.

  • Shell explosion inside damaged tank barrel now correctly credit destruction of the tank.

  • Grass rendering has been optimized.

  • Several optimizations for the client.

  • Several client crashes have been fixed.

  • Fixed an error when it was impossible to fix a damaged weapon even though firing from this weapon would lead to shell explosion inside the barrel.

  • Sensitivity of the detonating-fuze of several shells has been increased (thickness of the barrier after which shell may explode). List of the shells: 105mm PzGr, 105mm PzGr 39, 37mm SprGr 18, 75mm PzGr39/42, 88mm PzGr39/43, 88mm PzGr39, 100mm BR-412D, 100mm BR-412, 100mm BR-412B, 122mm BR-471B, 122mm BR-471,152mm BR-540, 57mm BR-271, 57mm BR-271K, 85mm BR-365A, 85mm BR-365K.

  • Error, which led to an ammo rack explosion chance did not take into account the amount of shells remaining in ammo rack, has been fixed.

  • Fixed settings of the transmissions in all “Panther” tanks and also the Jagdpanther. Number of gears has been set up, gear transmission ratio, maximum drive speeds. For tanks with an engine power of 600hp at 2500rp/m maximum speed set to 46km/h, with an engine power of 700hp at 3000rp/m maximum speed set to 55km/h.

  • Battle mass of all tanks of the  “Panther” series has been set to 44800kg

  • “Panther” armour thickness is fixed. Ausf G modification - frontal bottom armour plate thickness decreased from 60mm to 50mm, frontal hull roof thickness increased from 16mm to 40mm, turret roof armour thickness decreased from 30mm to 16mm. Ausf F modification - armour material of the mantlet changed to “cast armour”, thickness increased from 100mm to 150mm.

  • SU-85 and SU-122 tank hull rear armor thickness increased from 40mm to 45mm

  • Elevation angles of several tanks got fixed (additional thanks to our users and participants of the official forums!)  PzKpfw VI ausf H1 Tiger, PzKpfw VI ausf B Tiger II, and PzKpfw VI ausf B Tiger II mit KwK46. PzKpfw VI ausf H1 Tiger - from -6,5 + 19 to -8+16 degrees, PzKpfw VI ausf B Tiger II of all modifications, from -6,5 + 17 to -8+15 degrees.

  • Control settings for tanks improved

  • Bug with ammo load fixed (previously default ammo was chosen instead of chosen on new bought tanks)

  • Fixed display of the vehicle which you selected for random tank battles when re spawns are allowed on other vehicles.

  • Fixed display of the player rank line in the queue list when player is queued for random tank battles.

  • Fixed a bug where after a player would hit F1 for help during a battle, on exit a player would be presented with the main menu.

  • Fixed bug when changing fonts from re spawn window would break controls.

  • Now when player choose basic keyboard controls, it will also will automatically select Mouse Aim for the control method.

  • Fixed bug when Help window is opened by pressing F1 on 16:9 monitors it would be partially display beyond the screen border.

  • Fixed incorrect rounding up or down of large numbers (1 003 362 would round down to 1000k instead of 1003k)

  • Removed warning about not having trimmer axis on hat mapped as it is not necessary even in realistic controls.

  • Fixed warning about not having flap controls assigned - this should now check all relevant short cuts correctly.

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