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  • Fixed an issue that was causing FPS drops intermittently during aircraft combat (thanks to all our players that posted logs and replays for us :)
  • Improved help screen for ground vehicle controls.
  • Re-arranged UI element positions in the combat interface (they won’t obstruct each other any more)
  • Fixed an error in the ground vehicle tutorial where ‘zoom in’ wouldn’t trigger its continuation, which made it impossible to complete the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue that wasn’t allowing re-spawn while player had too little ammunition available.
  • Issue when repair time was being increased whilst upgrading using the ‘field repair’ crew skill has been fixed.
  • Fixed battle mass and transmission parameters of Aufklärungspanzer 38(t). Its mass now is 11 tons, its maximum speed is 58km/h
  • Fixed maximum speed of Pz.Kpfw 38(t) A/F - it is now 42km/h.
  • Fixed maximum fire rate of the M3 75mm cannon (captured M4A2) from 18 to 12 shots per minute.
  • Fixed how the detonation fuse for PzGr39 88-mm AP shells work, the armour thickness on which it would trigger has been reduced by half.
  • Fixed displayed penetration values for OF462 shell (M-30 cannon from SU-122)
  • Fixed displayed armour values of the SU-122 (it wasn’t displaying the armour thickness of the fighting compartment).
  • Fixed after-penetration effect of APHE 57-mm shells of ZIS-2, ZIS-4, ZIS-4M cannons (BR271, 271K, 271M shells). Fragmentation effect parameters of these shells was the same as 45mm AP shells with the same mass. Amount and effect radius of casualty-producing fragments has been increased.
  • Removed phrase "Going Home" whilst playing ground forces.
  • Added new track sounds on cornering.
  • Added authentic Tiger II engine sound.
  • Added authentic Jagdpanzer 38 engine sound.
  • Added "10th Slot" availability in hanger.
  • Fixed several client crashes due to poor connection at the start of the game.

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