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Update 21.05.2014 (

  • Inability to fly with American planes when they were selected at the start of the game has been fixed.
  • Pz.VI ausf H1 tank barrel durability value has been fixed (durability value on the “barrel” module increased up to values of other heavy tank barrels).
  • Historically fixed traverse and elevating angles of Panzerjager Panther and its commander’s premium variant. Changed from +-15 to +-11 degrees horizontally and from -10 +30 to -8 + 14 degrees vertically.
  • Fixed elevation angles of Panther II from -6.5 +17 to -4,5 +15 degrees (old angles made weapon glitch through tank surfaces), also in -165 +165 degrees sector elevating angle decreased up to -3 degrees (turret facing reversed from vehicle direction vector and with old angles barrel would go through exhaust pipes)
  • 105mm KwK45 rate of fire has been fixed from 5.4 shots per minute to 3.9 shots per minute (old value was a mistakenly taken from KwK43)
  • Fixed damage effect from HE tank rounds, which led to the destruction of the tank when the shell would detonate on the vehicle roof. Now it is still possible to damage the tank by a roof breech, but it won’t lead to the immediate destruction of the vehicle.

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