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  • Fixed kill assignment after player leaves a vehicle using “eject”.

  • Fixed kill assignment after aircraft loses wing. Previously, It was possible that a player would not receive a critical and a kill after this occurred.

  • Performance for Nvidia video cards on DirectX9 has been improved.

  • Performance in tank battles has been improved.

  • Fixed several client crashes.

  • AI tank behavior has been slightly improved. It will take ground terrain into account more when it tries to aim at a target.

  • AI tank behaviour for all maps has been changed, they also take enemy tank movement into account.  

  • In game screenshots will now be disabled whilst window is minimized.

  • Ground Vehicle control settings have been improved.

  • Improved distant shadow rendering in tank battles.

  • The damage model for the captured German Sherman has changed (look for details in our DevBlog), armour plates thickness changed, armour geometry will be changed in the nearest minor update.

  • MD-5 fuse delay for 76 mm UBR 354A/353A AP ammo. Distance after which the fuse will become active is increased from 10 to 17 cm.  

  • Aircraft airfield repair criteria changed. Decreased overall amount of damage after which plane cannot be repaired.

  • Artillery cooldown has been increased to 2 minutes, spotting round hit time is increased from 5 to 6 seconds. Time between spotting rounds is increased from 3 to 5 seconds. Angle of grazing is changed from 45 to 40 degrees.   

  • Extinguisher activation button has been set to “action 6” by default.   

  • 152mm ammo used by AI artillery on Kursk fixed. Now damage caused by ammo detonation is calculated correctly.

  • М48 HE shell localization fixed (Sherman tank,  PBJ-1H plane)

  • Aircraft for PBJ series and B-25 series rudder control efficiency has been increased.

  • Do 217 E-4 has received an FM based on the Do 217 E-2

  • Sabre Mk. 5 extended fuel consumption fixed

  • Incorrectly increased fuselage drag for MiG-15 fixed.  

  • Engine boost value (incorrectly increased) changed for F-82E

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