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War Thunder: Memorial Day, Everyday Hero's Skins Competition



Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, Colleville-sur-Mer, Normandy, France



May 26th 2014 (the last Monday of May) marks a day of remembrance for the men and women who gave their lives in service to the Armed Forces of the United States in all wars past and present.


We, the War Thunder team, very often take the time to commemorate the deeds and actions of our heroes; those that all people look up to and whose actions are told and retold in films, books, and articles as time goes by. These Aces, Superstars, and legendary figures are heroes to be sure. However, what is often overlooked are the stories of the everyday hero. The Pilot, the Tanker, Sailor, the father that left his family to defend a beach 8,000 miles from home. We as people, as members of their family, hold their legacies, and their hero's paths true to the heart.


All over the world in Allied cemeteries are the graves of these brave men and women. The stories of their lives resonate in our hearts regardless of their national origin as many lie side by side. All nations hold their own Vigils From ANZAC Day to National Hero's Day to Armistice Day and Protector of the Motherland Day. However, it is the tales as passed to us from our Mothers and fathers, from pictures in old dusty albums, or from the person them self as we were young before they slipped from our lives.


This Memorial Day, those of us here in the War Thunder team invite you, the Community, to commemorate and honour these men and women and to share with the world your family story in picture and deed.


We wish to hear your stories of your family members and the units they served with, and we will select from the community the best from each nation to Highlight, as well, the artwork associated with them. This contest is open  for all War Thunder Player Communities, regardless of national origin or Branch of service as long as the family member used a model that is currently "in the game".


This contest will be unlike any other held before.



  • This contest will run from now until Sunday, June 1st but submissions will be closed until after 48 hours ( June 3rd) to allow players time to gather pictures and create skins. Until then, Thread will be locked) Voting /Submissions will be open at that time.
  • Players will submit Player made skins for either aircraft or ground units (already in game) for vehicles that a member of their family actually served in during the war (specify if Korea).
  • Submissions will be posted in this thread only.
  • Voting will occur via up voting a post only.
  • Skin must be submitted with a real picture that you own (not off the internet) and must be verifiable that it is yours, and tied to your family member (winners will be vetted at contest end)
  • Skin must have with it the unit they served, as well as a short history of their service. You will be disqualified if you do not provide  a History about when they served, where,etc (* doesn't need to be too long Just they flew this, in this battle, etc. here is the skin, here is standing by it or a unit picture with him in it) We can verify the details via PM for privacy reasons.
  • Skins can be made for all nations not just the U.S. or allied countries. We will choose the top 5 Major ones US, Germany, UK, Japan, And Russian.  Players will vote for the best of each nation by the quality of the skin produced. Then verified by the Staff as a genuine submission.
  • Skins can be made for tanks, Or planes but must be for units in the game. Tanks can be in form of a camo pattern with decals and unit logos.
  • Only one Submission per Player.
  • Players must create their own Skins



The top Submission from each Major Nation will Receive:

  • Each Winner in each Nation will have their Family members Story and skin Highlighted in a Memorial Day Article.
  • Appearance in an exclusive Team sponsored Streamed review of their skins. With the War Thunder Staff and Historical Board.
  • Each Winning Submission from each Player Community will also be submitted to the Development team and War Thunder 3D artists for review for possible future inclusion into the game for inclusion into a future update. Either in the form of a Whole skin or Unit decal. This is not a guarantee, However and highly depends on how historically accurate, verifiable the family record is, as well as development time to polish the skin, and work it into an update in the future may dictate.
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