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Update 01.05.2014 (



  • Landscape rendering on specific computer configurations has been greatly optimised

  • Research System has been changed - now a player can research an aircraft  even when the plane before it has not been purchased.

  • Disappearing landscape bug has been fixed.

  • Fixed kill credit when player aircraft can still be repaired.

  • Jagdpanther damage model has been fixed (both standard and also commander-premium version).

  • Collision with ground and objects model of the Aufklarungspanzer tank has been fixed.



  • New tournament map has been added.

  • Several client crashes have been fixed.

  • Fixed tank shell descriptions.

  • Infantry rendering has been optimised.

  • Fixed calculation of the tank aim reticle (now it will correctly calculate turret rotation and the barrel position of the targeted vehicle)

  • Added screen message about the players tank being set on fire.

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