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Update 29.04.2014 (

  • Several crashes while using alt+tab have been fixed
  • Tank ammo selection fixed
  • Infantry rendering speed improved
  • Sun rendering in the hangar fixed
  • Cloud rendering while driving a tank fixed
  • Schräge Musik aim fixed

Flight Models


  • Ki-84 - mouse aim control fixed for vertical maneuvers
  • А6М -  roll time reduced for all modifications, yaw oscillation reduced
  • BF109-f  (all modifications) spin has been changed, behavior is much more predictable and spin recovery is straight-forward
  • P-38-G - turn time increased, climb rate corrected
  • Yak3/Yak3-P  - mouse aim control fixed, esp. for vertical maneuvers such as loops, Immelman etc.
  • А6М2 - Mouse Aim control became more stable, also changed carburetor to float-type.
  • Updates to FM of La-15 and La-174. Changes: improved rate of roll and rudder authority at higher speed, airspeed limitation set to 900 kmh according to original documentation, airbrake efficiency reduced, thermodynamics
  • New flight models for Ta. 152 H-1, Yak-15 and Yak-17
  • Stick forces on F-86 F series and MiG-15 (both) reviewed

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