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User Skin Instruction

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Alright guys, through much trial and error, I figured out a way to create a user skin for planes( ground units not been tested yet due to Ground units is in CBT phase)


Make sure you have CDK installed and if you have fatal error, follow the steps here in my post: http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/127752-war-thunder-cdk-fatal-error-fix-for-steam-version/


To edit the skin of the aircraft, you need a image editing software, the basic tool is Paint in MS but for more advanced use for example Photoshop (work really well with layering) but you can use any image editing tool as long as you can save it as *.tga format.


Now, to create a skin first you need a aircraft you want to work with, for me to test it was with MiG15 as its my favorite aircraft in the game.


1. Launch the game and once logged in to the game select an aircraft you want to create skin for.

2. Once aircraft is selected go to customization, in the customization menu you should see this [spoiler]ZU2S4S3.jpg?1[/spoiler]


3. Click the wand and it should crate a skin template of the aircraft in the war thunder folder.

4. Go to your War thunder game folder, once in the folder you should see UserSkin folder, in that folder you should see the folder named after the aircraft you picked to create skin.

5. Once in the aircraft folder you should see 6 files, the files vary by new model and damaged model of the aircraft.

6. Select file that its name ends with _a.tga  ex: "mig15bis_r23_a.tga" and "open with" the image editing software you are using(Photoshop was for me).

7. Once you finished editing the skin, save it as tga extension. if your software does not have it just type the extension after the file name ex: mynewskin.tga and click save.

8. Launched the game and select the aircraft and go to customization and click the user skin and select your skin and VALA!


Tested to make sure it works. not a fine work but works to show it works. :)


Thank for reading my instructions, if something is not clear please let me know and I will fix it. If you like it please rank it. Thank you in advance.


If you want a skin done for aircraft you want please post here what you want and what aircraft. If you have images that u want to would be great.

can I have a d13 red baron skin?

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On 12/06/2016 at 00:17, TheKidWithShoes said:

My user skins folder disappeared. How do I get it back? is there any way?

Create a new one... Simply make a new folder and rename it the way it was called before, if you remember (UserSkins).



Does anyone know how to create fixed skins like digital patterns that are not rotatable and scalable? I want to add marking etc., make a historical or semi-historical skin.

medal medal

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