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Update 25.04.2014 (

  • Controls help bug fixed

  • Crash after battle start fixed

  • Crash in “complain” tab fixed

  • CBT members have nations Germany and USSR unlocked.

  • Bug with “events” button not displayed fixed

  • Disappearance of the tank in spectator mode fixed

  • Fixed accuracy of tank cannons in realistic and simulation modes (increased for all the guns, now realistic accuracy is being used without any decreasing modifiers)

  • Chance of ricochet for different hit angles with different shell types has been tuned (graphs on the dependence of the ricochet chance from the hit angle will be posted later)

  • For tapered shells with a low hit angle, normalization now has a negative value (shell would be deflected away when hitting armour at extreme angles)

  • Kinetic damage from armour-piercing shells with a 30mm caliber has been increased, also added a decrease on the penetration to distance calculation to a more accurate performance with player tank damage models (the damage before was calculated based on the simpler damage model of the AI controlled tanks)

  • Fixed error in the high-explosive effect of the high-explosive aviation shells on 30mm calibres.

  • Improved visual effects of the explosions from the large-caliber (37mm and more) aviation fragmentation shells on the ground.

  • Fixed reliability parameter in N-37, the cannon is now able to shoot a whole ammunition load with a single burst without delays in the fire rate.

  • Accuracy of the NC-37 has been increased by 30% in non-upgraded version.  

  • FM:

    • F-86f-25 - preliminary tuning based on data-sheet information

    • I-15-M22 - side drift with realistic controls has been fixed

    • А-20G - Fixed engine start in flight (arcade mode)

    • A-26 - Fixed engine start in flight (arcade mode)

    • A-20 Havoс - Fixed engine start in flight (arcade mode)

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