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Update 22.04.2014 (

  • Several client crashes and errors have been fixed

  • Fixed rare crash during Steam login

  • Fixed terrain rendering on OpenGL renderer

  • Fixed outside visuals of the models (small graphical issues based on bugreports)

    • All Fw.190 versions

    • Yak-9p model

    • All Boomerang versions

  • Updated cockpit models

    • Cockpit of all Boomerangs

    • A6M2 of all versions

    • Me-163

  • Added cockpit for Pe-3bis

  • Flight Models

    • MiG-15 rate of roll increased by 6 deg/sec to meet its reference data (86 deg/sec at 600 km/h at 5000 m)

    • F-86 series engines thrust corrected to have more accurate optimal speed in a climb, according to reference data

    • F-86 A-5 elevator stick force increased at higher speeds (as it lacked 'all-flying' tail)

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