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Fulcrum-Gaming Ltd War Thunder Team Recruiting


TS3: Pop on for a chat or a game.

Fulcrum-Gaming Ltd is dedicated to providing support to both new and experienced teams that share the passion for progressing through professional competetive e-sports. Fulcrum-Gaming consistsn of a management team with years of experience in leading squads, clans and communities to victory.

War Thunder Game Manager: Fg_S3NS3R

Fg_S3NS3R: "So what am i looking for, a good mix of mature players that will bring there own skill set to the team and add to the overall ability of the team. People with good Communication skills, The ability to call out the battlefield as they see it. So i'm sorry, but English doesn't have to be your first language but a good understanding of English will be required as this will be the language of choice for matches. I want a Team that can pride itself on there communication and team work. So if you feel you have what it takes to become a Ace of the skies then feel free to apply to Fulcrum-Gaming.

The Fulcrum-Gaming Ltd War Thunder team is now recruiting approximately 20 new squad members.

Applicants are preferred to be 18+, but exceptional applications from younger applicants will still be accepted

Application form: http://fulcrum-gamin...x.php?topic=2.0

For further enquiries contact Fulcrum-Gaming our Contact Us page: http://www.fulcrum-g...com/?page_id=68

Fg WEBSITE: http://www.fulcrum-gaming.com

Fg FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook....ulcrumGamingLtd

Fg STEAM PAGE: http://steamcommunit...ulcrumgamingLtd

Fg YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.c...ulcrumGamingLtd



Founder Fulcrum-Gaming

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