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3rd PC Arcade Tournament - Sky Jousting

Sky Jousts is over for now


To all participating teams in the tournament, thank you for making this Arcade tournament a great success, it was a pleasure meeting everyone of you and it was great to see such a bunch of patient & good natured players having fun.


Well done to all the teams and congratulations to the honoured


1st Place winners GOD Squad

2nd Place winners GOD 1

3rd Place Winners Snipe



Prizes will be winging their way to you this week.


Everything was very smooth and efficient, special thanks to our streamers (Underpants and Cokespray) and our judges who did amazing job.


We am looking forward to our next meeting.


Big thanks to all that participated.


War Thunder Team

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Any infos, if we get another tournament like this soon?


Well, don't think they'll make any tournament real soon. But there is a player made tournament going right now which is funded by Gaijin. It's only for German speaking squadrons or squadrons with a German section. But I don't think you can register anymore.



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