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Czechoslovak Air Force - CSAF

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Hello, we are the first CZ/SK clan in War Thunder game.

The clan was founded 15th September 2012 to unite all Czech and Slovak players and because of preparation for Clan wars. We want to be successful in Clan wars, and that’s why we organize clan into separate tactical squads with different focus (arcade, HB, FRB). Our training starts from the beginning by creating a pair (chief + wingman) and we try to train only small groups of players. We also organize the trainings for whole squadrons.

A the moment the CSAF clan is numbering about 150 members


The list of squadrons:


1. Tactical squadron TIGER  (HB)

2. Tactical squadron WOLF  (HB)

3. Tactical squadron EAGLE  (HB)

4. Tactical squadron HORNET  (HB)

5. Tactical squadron FALCON  (HB)

6. Tactical squadron BADDOGs  (AB)

7. Tactical squadron HAWK   (AB)             

1. Bomb squadron RAVEN  (FRB)

medal medal

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