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I think it is just physics.


Here is the situation:


-Most of the slipstream is actually cut by your wings. It implies that even though you will have some yaw effect, you do not have the full effect as the wings will partially disrupt the flow.

-Your tail being away from your center of gravity, you have a nice torque which counteracts the yaw will little to not effort.

- When you have some speed, your vertical stabilizer + the whole fuselage will naturally keep your plane from slipping by design.

The main purpose of the rudder is to counteract the slip effect, and it is often


On the torque-roll effect, the is different.

-You have the engine torque by the simple fact that you convert rotation to propulsion.

-You have the torque from the wing disrupting the slipstream.

-You have the torque from the rudder being pushed by the slipstream.


The ailerons will have to be readjusted for every change of power.


At "high" speed, the yaw is naturally damped by the rudder. The roll hoever must be trimmed / corrected as there is not part of the aircraft with the sole purpose to counter it, unlike the vertical stabilizer and the rudder.


Torque roll is something quite significant for fighter planes, the MC.202 has asymmetrical wings for this reason.

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That's a fair point.


The only other explanation I can think off is that the take-off speed of a 109 or a P-40 is about the same if not higher than the cruise speed of the Cessna 172 that I am used to fly.


So assuming that you don't have much effect on yaw at 100knots with the Cessna, I would expect the same for a fighter.


But that's my best guess.


It could also be the game limitation, but I remember seing my rudder moving to the side when increasing power, and you have a strong yaw at low speed when accelerating on the ground

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4 hours ago, jcomm said:

Was that in SIM mode

mostly RB.


I don't expect the rudder to move without any input of any kind in a video game.


SB and RB have the same physics and everything.

RB allows mouse aim and 3rd person view, SB force mouse joystick (therefore limited instructor) and 1st person view.


that is the only difference

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