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[3E] Triple Entente is looking for skilled pilots.

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I met you or one of the pilots from this group a few games ago...I am a dedicated pilot with "emerging skills." I get the concepts needed (I think) to be an assett and team player, but am still learning to lead correctly, shake enemies on my '6', and abovew all - NOT CRASH when evading. Please get back to me, if I remember right, you guys seemed to have a decent sense of humor too (not that I am lax or whatever).

I am US rank 8, investing in the US Navy line of aircraft with the F4U series in sight. Have another line toward the P-51, but ain't looking forward to the multiple-aircobras/p-63's (they want the Mustang purchase to feel SPECIAL, I guess...)

I have some UK rank (4) and wished I didn't have to go thru so many Wellingtons to get to the DH Mosquito-absolute favorite plane.



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