The results of Gladiators.WT.4v4.2014


It is not important to know who your enemy is, but more important to know yourself!

 Address of TS of
Password of TS: Spitfire
channel: Gladiators
channel:  Lobbi (eng) 

Tournament tables

 Tournament grid of super-final in division №1 SB  
 Tournament grid of final in division №2 RB






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Team-duel championship « Gladiators.WT 4v4.2014 has ended.

Gladiator air battles have continued for two months. 1800 pilots from 310 teams, 8000 duels in total.

 In these duel battles, we saw best teams of War Thunder. One fact which should especially be noted is that tactical and personal skill of RB pilots increased from match to match in such a new type of fight as

a classical duel. In some matches we were witnesses of real drama when some team almost won a match, but, afterwards, victory was not theirs.

In division SB, fights were especially glorious, for example, the duel FB_Wincel – 154_Avi in the final match was a real pleasure for spectators to watch.

The pilot Mobius1 from =NBSI= Japan showed the outstanding result by shooting down 7 planes  in one of matches.


Prize places.

Division №1 SB.

1. B.M.P.E. Russia

2. =MNS= Russia

3. BLACK Team 1 Russia


Division №2 RB

1. Sky Veterans Wing 1 International

2. [FuFayki]Russia

3. [FuFu]Russia



We congratulate champions and prize winners of the tournament. We also want to note that special nominations are given to certain teams for their efforts: The nomination «Debut» is given to =NBSI= Japan and [ANGEL] squad 2 Russia for taking the 4th places. The nomination «Honor» is given to -313- CZ+SK team which really deserve it.

 The tournament is finished, but there will be new air battles and duel fights in the future!

We thank all participants, spectators and fans!

Huge thanks to arbiters, streamers and everyone who participated in the preparation and holding of the biggest aviacybersport championship in the history.

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