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Patrol Tanks; MG Tanks; Tankettes; Amphibian Tanks; Combat Cars


I have always been a fan of very small, light tanks and tankettes. In world of tanks they wouldn't have made any sense whatsoever, but in a game that requires Reserve tanks, has open AI artillery  to destroy and such vehicles as Flakpanzers and Scoutcars and Halftracks, although most of them only have MGs, would be actually quite useful.


These little tanks are basically turreted (1 or 2 turrets) tankettes, mostly have one or two MGs around the .30cal. and .50cal mark or FlaKs and even better some have Flamethrowers, mostly have a small silhouette (except americans), weigh between 3-10tons with a crew of 2-4 and will have the best power/weight ratios ingame.


The MGs can be equipped with light AP rounds, tungsten core rounds for some nations, incendiary rounds, all the Aircraft ammo (tracers etc.) which gives them enough penetration to deal with most interwar tanks and aircraft. They are quick and small enough not to be seen or shot at, and make good scouts. Some of them even are amphibious.

So as Reserve Vehicles, TD and AI killers they definetly serve the cause.


A List of Vehicles I'm talking about includes the:

For Germany: Pz.I Ausf.A, B, C, D, F (80/60/60 Armor), 2cm Breda turret and LKA 1 (2cm FlaK L55)

and Flamethrower versions


For France: AMR 33 and AMR 35 in all their variations (7.5, 13.2 and 25mm


For England: Vickers 6-ton (2x MGs or 47mm) Patrol, Amphibious, 3-Man and Light tank series;

Light tank Mark I-VI (.303s, .50cal and 15mm Besa); Matilda Mark I


For the Soviets: early BT tanks, T-18, T-26, T-30 (12.7mm MG or 20mm ShvaK), T-37 Amphib., T-38Amphib., T-40, Ni-Odessa improvised tanks. Most have Flamethrower conversions


For the USA: M1A1 Combat Car, M2 Light tanks, T1E1-T1E3 "Cunningham" and

T1E4 and T1E6 Combat Car, T2 Light tanks


For the Czechs: CKD AH-IV

For Belgium: T-15, Leftover FT-17s


For Japan: Type 92 Jyu Sokosha; Type 94 TK; Type 97 Te-Ke


For Italy: L5 series (Italian FT-17); L6-40; Carro d'Assalto '36, Carro Cannon '36; Carro Armoato 5 ton; Carro Armato L3 and Flamethrower conversions.

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