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Found 4 results

  1. Join the 3rdAD Today! must be 15+ years old must at least have tier 2 Tanks and Planes for the US tech tree. We are a semi mil sim but fun and relaxed group of mature people, we have an training/custom/sim/squadron battle schedule so you will never be bored. Stop by to see for yourself. The 3rd Armored Division "Spearhead" was an armored division of the US army. Unofficially nicknamed the "Third Herd", the division was first activated in 1941, and was active in the European theater of WWII. The 3d Armored Division was organized as a "heavy" armored division, as was its counterpart, the 2d Armored Division ("Hell on Wheels"). Later, higher-numbered U.S. armored divisions of World War II were smaller, with a higher ratio of armored infantry to tanks, based on lessons of the fighting in North Africa. As a "heavy" division, the 3d Armored possessed two armored regiments totaling four medium tank battalions and two of light tanks (18 companies) instead of three tank battalions containing both (12 companies), 232 medium tanks instead of the 168 allotted a light armored division, and with attached units numbered over 16,000 men, instead of the normal 12,000 found in the light armored divisions. Each division type had an infantry component of three mechanized infantry battalions. The division's core units were the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment, the 32d Armored Regiment, the 33d Armored Regiment, the 23d Armored Engineer Battalion, the 83d Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, and the 143d Armored Signal Company. During World War II, these were organized operationally into task forces known as combat commands A, B and R (Reserve), as in the light divisions. In addition to the core units, a number of other units of various kinds were attached to the division during various operations. our command structure. Ranks and Responsibilities List: General Staff: Coordinate with other Squadrons for major events, Administration (Rules and Regs), Officer Level Promotions, Banning of Members, Problem Resolution, handling of major complaints and conflicts between members. Battalion Commanders: Running the Battalions, Enlisted Level Promotions, Minor Conflict Resolution, Minor Complaint Resolution, Assisting with Major Event Coordination, Forming Squads for Major Events, Conducting Training Prior to Major Events, Setting Battalion Standards, Stay Active. Battalion Commanders: Running the Battalions, Enlisted Level Promotions, Minor Conflict Resolution, Minor Complaint Resolution, Assisting with Major Event Coordination, Forming Squads for Major Events, Conducting Training Prior to Major Events, Setting Battalion Standards, Stay Active. Recruitment Officers: Using Recruitment Standards to Maximize Member Acquisition, Coordinating with Members for Recruitment, In-Processing of New Members, Creation of In-Game Recruitment Message, Leading a Recruitment Team, Participation in Events, Stay Active. Other Officers: Following Commands of Commanders, Recruitment, Assisting New Members in Battalions, Recommendations for Promotions to Commanders, Leading When Commanded To Lead, Assisting With Training Events, When Needed May Lead During Major Events, Stay Active. NCO's (Corporal - Command Sgt. Major): Keeping Junior Enlisted in Order, Recruitment, Assisting in Training of New Members, Advising Commander to Situations with Enlisted Members, Stay Active. Enlisted (Private - PFC): Learning From Higher Ranks, Participation in All Events, Assisting With Recruitment (Only after being instructed on how we do things), Steady Attendance at Major Events, Stay Active. if you are interested, click on the discord link and you will be brought to our training server were nco's and officer's will talk to you and get to know you. after that we will look at your battle effectiveness and if its all good you're in. we always train on Sunday 21:00 est. we have people from the states, the Netherlands, united kingdom, so don't be shy if you speak an different language.
  2. So, I'm back.... After YEARS I've finally come back and boy and I disappointed... Let me start at the beginning, So I was at an airshow a week or two ago and there I saw my most favorite plane in all the world the GLORIOUS P51, man when that engine fired up for take off the darned thing shook the ground around us, rattled my ribcage, and gave me a wicked freedom boner. So after the airshow I was thinking about the P51 nonstop, then I remembered that I used to play War Thunder back in the day and how much I liked to fly the P51 (Even if it was an over glorified xxxx mobile). Got home and dusted off the old program files for warthunder, spent two straight days installing it (pretty slow internet ;-;), and hopped into a match with my Rem 51 best girl skinned glorious P51D-20. I climbed to 25k Ft and didn't dip below 14k if I could help it. Dove on a couple krauts, won a head on with a fw 190, and dove on another BF109. What I quickly noticed was that the P51's guns were better but good god was it's energy retention TERRIBLE! Its speed is terrible, its climb is terrible, its max speed is terrible (even with the prem. D-20 full upgrade P-51), everything about it except the guns sucks! What happened!? I knew it was a piece of xxxx back in the day but surely now it would have gotten a couple buffs.... Look, two things need to happen; One; P51 needs some serious buffs to its speed, and energy retention. Two; P51 needs to have its BR lowered because it's just not competing with the other planes of it's tier AND HIGHER! Long story short, I rekindled the love of War Thunder for a couple matches, then immediately realized why I left in the first place. Gaijin, take this piece of advice please... Buff the P51 and mute the people who cry about it. People that cry about the P51 being OP are just n o o b s that don't know how to play the game. Why ruin the game for those people that really like the P51 and CAME BACK for it because some biach can't handle a skilled player in a good plane? Anyway, I really hope this didn't turn into a rant, and I hope that there's some change.... Thanks, RedJacket.
  3. Vandrus - Canal de Youtube

    Quería compartir con vosotros mi canal personal de Youtube en el cual cuelgo repeticiones de partidas o momentos clave de ellas, solo o acompañado por mi escuadrón. A veces los miembros de mi escuadrón me piden que suba sus vídeos a mi canal, por lo que también es un canal compartido se podría decir. Utilizaré este hilo para ir posteando los vídeos que vaya subiendo. De momento hay vídeos editados con música y algún que otro montaje, pero no descarto en un futuro comentarlos también! Os invito a que os paséis por el canal, a ver que os parece! :Ps Os dejo un par de vídeos de paso: Partida con el escuadrón en el evento de Flight of Swallows con el Me 262: Partida en solitario con el A6M5 en Zhengzhou: Tenéis muchos más vídeos en el canal. Sentíos libres de comentar y dar consejos en ellos, que siempre son bienvenidos! Os lo agradeceré =) Un saludo gente!
  4. Thought I'd start a post/thread where I can upload videos, etc... As always any criticism is good. If you're bored watch. And let me know what I did right and wrong Here's a short vid, just flyin' the Jug and later a Spit. thomas