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Found 9 results

  1. Que pasa peña! soy Joak y hoy os presento el canal en el foro, esperaba con impaciencia el poder acceder a las fuerzas de tierra y va a ser un gran añadido al contenido del canal, por supuesto todos los vídeos que haga del WT estarán publicados aquí. Responderé a todas las dudas que haya y por supuesto el objetivo es ser de ayuda y construir una gran comunidad. Suerte a todos y os veo en el campo de batalla!!!!!!!   Canal de Youtube: Google+: Facebook:   Twitter: @j04k_trap
  2. bonjour a toute et a tous mon nom steam est (denic73 FR) mon war thunder est creeper_gaming1 je recherche une ou des escadrille avec des perssonne majeure pour que je débute bien sil vous plait laisser un commentaire et cotacter moi mon disscord est : denic73#6923 :apeller moi et je suis là
  3. Why do we have silver lions anyway? At early tiers they don't mean anything and at later tiers they just become a nuisance. It makes equipping vehicles into the slots very tedious as you constantly have to worry about which slot is trained for which vehicle. There is a whole complex economy for the repair cost of certain vehicles in game based on performance. Why is this so necessary?? Who really cares? Would the game be broken if players could repair their tanks for free. I always have my auto repair and auto load checked off on my menu, and I really doubt that anyone is waiting hours for their tanks to be repaired. It's only a slight amount of added difficulty. It doesn't make the game better. No one really ever thinks about silver lions until they run out of them. The only thing people think about are research points. Can someone please tell me why this tedious currency is in the game? Honestly. Why was this ever a thing.
  4. German tech tree ideas (Normal free to play and premium aircraft included) I'm going to list some aircraft i think would be great for gaijin to add to the german tech tree, of course i don't want to miss out the other nations and these planes should be added over time to be fair for the enemy teams and in general fans of the other nations. I've added personal ideas for premium aircraft as gaijin do have to make money, after all it is a great free-to-play game with a huge amount of effort put in by gaijin, so we can not complain. Bombers/Ground attack: He 111 H-11 Ju 88 P-1, P-2, P-3, P-4 (would leave the idea up to gaijin and the community which variants should be added, and possible premium variant) Ju 88 S variants (same idea as the P variants leaving up to gaijin and community) Ju 86 Ju 290 Ju 390 'Amerika Bomber' (debatable) Do 317 (again a debatable aircraft) Ju 287 (more than likely very little information so not expected) Fw-190 G variants He 177 A variants I think that germany do need some bomber love, especially for high tier 3 and tier 4. Heavy fighters/Night fighters: Bf 110 F-1 and F-2 Bf 110 G-2 and G-4 Ju 88 C-6 Ju 88 R Ju 88 H variants Ju 88 G variants As there are many heavy/night fighter variants of the Ju 88 there could also be a variant or two for the premium tech tree. As we have only one Bf 110 variant the C-4. it would be great to see some faster and more powerful 110's hunting allied heavy bombers in the skies of War Thunder, and personally i would absolutely love to see the heavy fighter and night fighter variants of the Junkers Ju 88 in the game i think they would be highly effective and very interesting to fly, i'm certain i'm not the only one thinking that. Fighters: Bf 109 G-2 (the normal variant to sit alongside the G-2/trop like the Bf 109 F-4s do) Bf 109 G-4 (not important to add but would be a nice addition to collectors and people interested in aviation) Fw-190 A-3 (again not important to add, however it was extensively used throughout the Battle of Stalingrad a true nightmare for Soviet pilots) Fw-190 D-11 (a unique fw-190, and was produced in small numbers this could be a good premium addition) Ta-183 A (very debatable aircraft some people want it and some don't) Thank you for reading my topic and ideas, any feedback would be appreciated as well as any other ideas and thoughts. Have fun flying and tanking in War Thunder o7. Below are Pictures/photographs of the aircraft above (Warning: Swastika is shown on pictures and is intended for historical purposes only).
  5.     Angels of Death [AOD] are a large, international, multi-gaming community which was founded in 1999 and is made up of 2300+ dedicated members spread across such games as Archeage, ARK: Survival Evolved, Battlefield 4, Battlefront, Firefall, H1Z1, Jedi Knight, Planetside 2, Project Cars, Skyforge, Warframe, World of Tanks and World of Warcraft. We are now looking for potential members who are mature and would like to join our War Thunder division within AOD.    Casual and serious players please check us out because we have a little of everything for everyone.   Casual Gamers: If you are looking for stress free gaming without the constant nagging of a "clan" we are definitely the place for you. There are no time requirements for being a part of our clan and you will not be pushed aside for our "special teams". There are no elitists in our gaming group and all members are treated equally regardless of talent. We understand that life is stressful enough and the reason to game is to escape all of the nonsense of real life and just chill out, have fun, and fly with friends.   Hard Core Gamers: We will be holding several practices a week, for those that would like to hone their skills, and perhaps earn a spot on our tournament/league and PvP teams. Furthermore, we take PvP very seriously for our hardcore players, and have a strong group of leaders and players. So, if you would like to focus on teamwork without the distractions of individual egos and having a fun time, AOD is the place for you. We have had members from several different games win massive prizes, or free trips to other countries to participate in tournaments.     Perks to belonging to AOD: -Access to a public/private TeamSpeak 3 server. -Access to our own website with forums. -Access to and the ability to play with all of our members in any game we have a division for, as well as on our servers. -Access to AOD members with tech and computer knowledge. If something goes wrong in your rig, we have plenty of members willing to help -Hassle free gaming. -Custom signature. We have several members who are dedicated and talented at creating signatures. Join AOD and you'll get your own. -We are not here for just one game. We are an established community that play many games. Play one, or play them all, the choice is yours. -Fun, friendly atmosphere where the clan is more of a family than just a group of players.   We continue to recruit in this game, with anticipation of the great potential the game has, to provide for a fantastic, team orientated, new division. Be among the early members for the division, because as with all games we have a division in, we aim to be among the very best there is. Early members naturally have a great impact on the direction we go in the game, should you wish to.   If you like what you see here, head over to and see what we have to offer.  If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM and I'll be happy to answer them for you, or you can contact us in our public chat search for room AOD.   When registering, please create a forum name which matches your in-game name. A mic is required to join AOD. On the website, once you've registered, please read a little about us and our Rules and Regulations here. If you like what we have to offer and would like to join us, you can submit an application here.   Or you can join us in the AOD chat channel in game, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have there. (simply type /join AOD to get in)   See you in the skies!   DraigUK       [media][/media]
  6. A) Warum spielt Ihr lieber Gaijin/WT als Gaijin/StarConflict? Oder gibts hier wirklich Spieler die beides gleichermaßen ernsthaft spielen, regelmäßig? Und kennen das überhaupt die "alten Hasen" und Vielspieler hier? Ich hab heute - nach über einem Jahr WT - ERSTMALS vom ebenfalls F2P StarConflict gehört :-), in diesem Thread , so ganz "nebenläufig", .. es gibt da natürlich auch englische Threads wo das "besser als" heiss diskutiert wird Obwohl ich hier viele gelesen habe in diesem Forum, und von dem **jahrelangen** Close-Beta F2P und dem Nicht-F2P Spiel gehört. Dies steht mir als F2P Spieler i.A. nicht zur Verfügung. Und natürlich hab ich von WT Naval Warefare gehört. Aber von StarConflict hab ich nichts gehört!!!! Hab also im "Tal der Ahnungslosen" gelebt :-)- Na da bin ich über ein Jahr auf das tolle WT angefixt worden - hat ja geklappt, bin dabeigebleiben - aber... irgend eine Werbung, dass das Weltraumspiel vielleicht auch geil ist, ist bei mir nicht angekommen. -- B) So meine Antwort warum ich WT Fan bleibe: 1. Sammlertrieb "echte Panzer fahren": Alle Rang1/2/3/4 Fahrzeuge ( 5 kann ich noch nicht so ) einer oder mehrerer Nationen fahren, "so wie die Grosseltern-Generation im echten Leben", in realer Umgebung mit Bäumen, Büschen, Hügeln - also eine Nummer besser als die primitiven Fahrzeug/Flugzeug-Simulatoren früherer Jahrzehnte, es fing ja mit groben Vektorstrukturen an -, "das macht (vielleicht) Spaß". Ich hatte ja früher auch AIRFIX/REVELL Modellbausätze gekauft bzw. geschenkt bekommen, zusammengeklebt und auch damit "Normandie" gespielt. Es ist also ein "Universum", die WWII Panzer bzw. Flugzeuge. Rein historisch geworden. In den Köpfen der Spieler, auch in meinem Kopf: Denkt an die Diskussionen Nachkriegs-Panzer/FLugzeuge "ausschließen zu wollen". Allein die Idee da was ausschließen zu wollen !!! Sprich: Es ist ein geschlossenes Unversum, und Blaupausen-Fahrzeuge&Flugzeuge wollen wir (auch) nicht. Und durch die Modelllbausätze. Und all die Bücher, Filme wo die Objekte vorkommen. 2. Ähnliche Unversen hat mit viel Erfolg STARWARS und STARTREK ( und Starship Yamato und vielleicht sogar Battleship Galactica) geschaffen - jeder "würde" doch gern mit dem Millenium Falkon oder einer "Enterprise" in eine Schlacht ziehen... weil es kultige TV-Serien und Spielfilme gab. 3. Aber jede andere Weltraumsimulation, genauso wie eine fiktive Panzer/Flugzeugsimulation mit Caroon-Panzern/Flugzeugen oder neumodischen Panzern/Flugzeugen die noch nie jemand zu Gesicht bekomme hat ( bei den AW Panzern und auch den Szenarien fühlte ich mich nicht wohl), da ... gibts den Sammeltrieb nicht. Sprich ob irgend ein Designer da Zich-Weltraumfahrzeuge designt und zum Spielen bereitstellt... das juckt mich nicht. Schon bei den Wing-Commander Raumschiffen - die Computer-Spiel Serie war beliebt, ich hab Teil 3 gespielt und die dortigen "Kinofilm-Episoden" geliebt - , da gabs eine begrenzte Anzahl von kleinen Raumschiff-Jägern und -Bombern, aber ein "Sammeltrieb" hat sich da auch nicht eingestellt. 4. Und ja ich hatte als Jugendlicher auch REVELL-Schiffmodelle zusammengeklebt ( Plastikmodellbau als "Klingelton"-Abzocke der 1970er Jahre, LOL ), nur waren die immer in unterschiedlichen Maßstäben, ein Zerstörer war also genauso groß wie ein Schlachtschiff. Das hat das Damit-Spielen uninteressant gemacht... Speziell bei Panzern und (Jagd)Flugzeugen sind die Größenunterschiede nicht so enorm, das scheint den Spielwert sowohl mit Modellen als auch in der Simulation zu erhöhen... -- C) Hat Gaijin alles versucht SC zum Erfolg zu bringen, oder war der Schwerpunkt schon auf WT? Man erinnere an die aufwendigen Werbefilme ( "Trailer" ) mit echten Filmdrehs & Menschen. .. bei mir um die Ecke in Hamburg gibts eine Spielentwickler-Bude, die hatten EINEN riesigen F2P Online-Spiel-Hit. Sie haben viel Geld + Manpower investiert in weitere Projekte, also FP2 Online-Spiele, nur wurden die keine Erfolge. Immerhin das erfolgreiche Spiel finanzierte die Projekte und den Personalaufbau ( 5000 Bewerbungen /Monat, zwischen 1-2% sollen eingestellt worden sein in guten Zeiten, ich hab mal eine "Hausführung" mitgemacht im Rahmen eines IT-Community Treffens ). Und nach einer Weile gabs massiven Personalabbau. Autsch. Das gut laufende Spiel läuft natürlich immer noch gut. Ist Gaijin in einer ähnlichen oder ganz anderen Situation? -- Also wie seht Ihr das :-)?! Rolf
  7. ^LECON^ LEGION CONDOR "Il mio onore si chiama fedeltà" Chi siamo: Ciao ! Ti diamo il ben venuto dalla Legion Condor, siamo la squadriglia più competitiva in Italia e il nostro scopo è quello di riuscire a diventare i migliori anche dal punto di vista internazionale negli eventi squadriglia in modalità realistica. Infatti dopo molto tempo ora riusciamo a piazzarci tra le prime 20 squadriglie internazionali portando sempre con noi il nome dell'italia. Vuoi anche tu diventare uno dei migliori ? Allora non esitare a contattarci, ci puoi trovare su War Thunder oppure puoi venire a trovarci nel nostro TS, nel caso ti forniremo tutte le informazioni necessarie per contattarci. Buona fortuna pilota !! SamWaffen45 LECON ACADEMY Per chi ha poca esperienza sul gioco e vuole acquisirla da noi sarà possibile grazie all'accademia che abbiamo creato dopo 3 anni di esperienza in gioco e nelle squadron battle combattendo contro i giocatori più forti del mondo INFO: TS3: oppure contattaci su
  8. Hello everybody I'm a spanish content creator, I've been uploading videos for more than one year and a half. My YouTube channel counts 1700 subscribers. Today I wanna share with you my cinematic part of the channel which is pretended to be for everybody ( So it's not in Spanish). Here I attach the two last cinematic videos. Thanks for your opinions and support
  9. HOW DO I GET THE AIRCROAFT CONTROLES BACK TO NORMAL AND CONSISTANT WITH ALL 3 CLASSES OF AIRCRAFT? I TRIED EVERYTHING AND NOTHING WORKS! BARE IN MIND THAT THE MOUSE AIM OF MY FIGHTER AIRCRAFT ISN'T CONSISTANT WITH THE BOMBER AND ATTACK AIRCRAFT NO MATTER WHAT I DO WITH THE OPTIONS I want an outer circle that moves with my mouse away from the cross. how do i get this back? this is what i see right now. I want the circle to follow my mouse directly not the cross. that makes it too sharp for me