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Found 18 results

  1. Japanese Rank 6 Tanks

    I was wondering in patch 1.71 "New E.R.A" every single country gets rank 6 vehicles but Japan (Mostly because they are so new). So when the time does come for japan, what tanks will they get? Because, most of the Type 74 upgrades are to small to have any effect. Maybe the type 90 prototype but, I can't find any data for it. The type 87 would be a good IFV with its 2 missles. Type 87 IFV
  2. Independant French Tank Tech Tree Project Hello everybody; Umbriellan and me are two members of the french community of War Thunder, and some of you have probably seen his french ground forces tech tree proposition or my graphical tech tree illustrations. Today, we are going to speak about the addition of the french ground forces ; and the way they can be added in War Thunder. For now, we are going to present the tech tree in a general way as well as the advantages and the problems related to its introduction, then we are going to speak about each vehicles separately, and we will present you their technical characteristics, the history of their development and their use in the battlefield. Gaijin’s position on the french tech tree : First, we are going to speak about Gaijin’s position on an independent french tech tree : Unfortunately, it was said that France won’t get its own independent aircraft tech tree, and that she will be added as a part of the international tech tree. However, nothing was said about the ground forces part, apart that there will probably captured french tanks inside the german tech tree as premium vehicles. But there is still hope : it was said that the Maus will never be added into the game, and it was added with the 1.47 update ? Gaijin can still change its mind, and this is why we are working on this suggestion so that she will be able to push Gaijin to change its position and add an independent french tech tree, for ground and aerial forces. The French Tank Tech Tree Presentation of the french vehicles : After this long introduction, let’s take a look at the tech tree, and then we will speak about three different vision of a possible french tech tree. It is important to keep in mind that this suggestion is far from finished, and that she will probably change a lot in the future, in function of the comments we will receive, in function of the new updates and also if we decide to add or remove some vehicles of the tree. We can divide all the french tanks and ground vehicles into three main categories : the vehicles built before the 1940 armistice, the cold-war vehicles and the vehicles used by the french resistance, the free french forces and the french forces of the interior from 1941 to 1944. The vehicles from the first categories can be classed inside two main different groups : the infantry tanks, like the B1bis tank or the Renault R-35 ; and the cavalry tanks like the AMC 35 or the Somua S35. The first group’s vehicles usually had a good protection, but at the cost of a restricted mobility ; while in the contrary the second group’s vehicles were far more fast, but really less protected, and sometime not protected at all. The cold war vehicles were for the majority developed after the introduction of high-caliber guns with high-penetrating shells, which made the concept of heavy tanks and large armor obsolete ; and as a consequence they were made to be very mobile and have a good armament. In addition, a lot of innovations were used in these vehicles : the use of oscillating turrets, the autoloading mechanism which allowed to fire several times before having to reload the gun. Finnally, the vehicles of the last category comes from the foreign or french vehicles stocks, and were often considerably modified by the french : as an exemple, the « Conus gun » consisted of the adaptation of a 75mm frebcg gun on a Canadian CMP truck, and was successfully used by the free french forces in North Africa against Italian tanks. The French tech tree and its possible evolution : During a discussion with the rest of the french community, one of its member, Foestus, noticed that Gaijin usually release a tech tree with approximately 30 vehicles, and very few Tier V vehicles (usually no more than three), and that the next vehicles are slowly added in the following updates. This is why I decided to make a release tech tree, from which we add more and more vehicles in the following updates. Here is a possible release tech tree, with 30 vehicles in four vehicles lines : [spoiler] [/spoiler] This tech tree already possesse at least 6 vehicles per Tier, and is similar to the American tech tree after its introduction. However, it lacks several historical vehicles, that could be added in two updates : The first update consist of adding 6 vehicles in the existing lines, to complete them, and allow Gaijin to add some vehicles from other nations during this update ; these 6 vehicles have a green outline. The second update, is more consequent and consist of the addition of a full armored car line. Once these two updates are implemented, we have the Updated tech tree (also called Minimalist tech tree), with only two prototypes (the two AMX 50 ; they can be removed if needed), this is the most historical solution. [spoiler] [/spoiler] After that, we can now add prototypes vehicles to fill all the hole, bringing more diversity into the tech tree. The vehicles added in this update have a purple outline, the tech tree is now in it’s Extended version. [spoiler] [/spoiler] Finally, we can also add one line of Tank Destroyes, and two half-lines into the tech tree, they can be separated from the rest of the tree or included in the existing lines. [spoiler] [/spoiler] The lines : Now ; I will tank about each line one by one : -The medium and cavalry tanks line is mainly made of vehicles which associate mobility and fire power, and took its origine with the Auto-Mitrailleuses de Combat (Fighting Self-Propelled Machine Gun) made for the french cavalry, from the AMC 34 model to the famous AMC S-35 or Somua S35. Then there are the french-modified Sherman, from the M4A4T to the Sherman up-gunned with a 105mm long gun, and the line ends up with the world-known AMX-30 MBT. -The light tanks line start with the light infantry tanks such as the Renault R-35 and Hotchkiss H-35, and ends up with really faster vehicles, the AMX-13 serie or the Engin de Combat Légers (Light Fighting Vehicle) serie. Both series possese an excellent mobility and a good firepower equivalent of the same era medium tanks’s firepower ; but are extremely vulnerable and their armor can be penetrate by nearly all gun with a calibre superior to 20mm. -The heavy tanks line start with the General Estienne’s B tanks, which have the particularity to possese both a 47mm gun in their turret, but also a 75mm in their hull. They were able to resist to all german tanks of their era thanks to their armor, and only the 88mm anti-aircraft gun were able to destruct them. Next there are the transitional tanks ARL 44, built just after the war to show the re-armament of France and the french army’s reconstruction. In some versions there is also the 50 tons heavy tanks serie, which were very modern but weren’t mass-produced because of the introduction of HEAT shell with very high penetration, which made the heavy tank concept obsolete. -The wheeled vehicles line is nearly identical in all the tech trees and present from my point of view the most interesting vehicles. They were produced in large quantities, but were also a success to the exportation and served in armies from all the points of the world. These vehicles are incredibly fast but also possessed an exceptional firepower for their weight, at the point they were often considered as tank destroyers. -The anti-aircraft vehicles line is nearly exclusively composed with adaptation of anti-aircraft guns on all vehicles at the french forces’s disposition, and the only vehicle made at the start to be a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun is the AMX 13 DCA. Our project : Ever hoping to get in-game an independent french tech tree, we started to research all the french units which could be added in War Thunder. Over time and through researches, we ended up indexing a very large number of different units, as you can see on this old list which contain 188 vehicles. After finding so many different vehicles, our believe in the possibility if an independent french tech tree keep growing larger, and we started to find an organisation to distribute all these units inside a coherent tech tree. Umbriellan was the first to create a tech tree for the ground forces, and the project started to take shape from it. Some people started to be interested and to participate in the project, including myself who joined it quite belatedly. In order to achieve our goal, we need to make a suggestion as attractive and complete as possible, which include historical articles, technical statcards for all the vehicles ; ect... This is why we want to collect the maximum amount of official documents, pictures, we want to write some presentation articles for all the units presented inside the tech tree and to create a website where all our work will be reunited in order to make the knowledge about french vehicles easier to access. Once we will find that we have a complete project, we are going to make an official suggestion on this forum to get the introduction of France in-game, so that she could get the place she deserve. The way you can help us : A handful of individuals like us can’t realise quickly and efficiently such a project alone, and this is why we will need the help of as many people as possible, including yours. There is still a lot to do, and this project can looks like difficult or unattainable ; but I’m convinced that if we work all together on this project, we will achieve our goal ! Everybody can participate and bring a contribution in function of his time and his skills. -We need first people able to do deep researches on the french vehicles of the tree about their technical characteristics, like their engine, their armor or their armament, and if you have already some good knowledge about french vehicles and their history, it’s a real advantage. -We need also one or two people who can make research about the visual aspect of the french vehicles, like their camouflage patterns or their insignas and who can search some profiles view in color for each of the vehicles inside the tree. -Then, we need just a few people who makes more general research about the french tanks and their history able to write some historical articles, about the history of their development, their use in the battlefield or also the history of the french armored divisions. -After, we will need a people who possese some good knowledge in picture creation or edition, who can make some support signatures and some pictures in order to get an attractive suggestion. -Finally, everybody can help by recruiting other peolpe, from the forum, the Live or even some other websites dedicated to War Thunder. you have a friend interested by french vehicles and who plays at War Thunder ? You see some people who wants to see french vehicles added in the game ? Speak to them about this project, and try to convince them to help us. We will need the help of as many people as possible, and by recruiting and bringing some volunteers here, you help the project to grow larger and stronger. This phase has for now the absolute priority, and ideally we’ll achieve to bring at least 10 volunteers together here, more if possible. -To conclude, you can also help the project by suggesting some new ideas of organisation or new vehicles ; and also by making comments and/or constructive critiques. Also, if you wan to suggest a new tech tree organisation, here is an excel file I prepared in advance so that you won’t lose any time in the text formatting : . Thanks for reading, and please not this project is still work in progress, and a lot of things can change in the future. We need as many as volunteers as possible, including you; and don't hesitate to speak of this project with all the peolple you know which may be interessted by this project. We need your help, and you can make the project grow stronger!
  3. Hello fellow tankers! A few weeks ago I've started a small project called "Ground Forces Sound Improvement Project" I want to improve sounds while playing ground forces using my small modding experience. I am using only sound that are to be found in vanilla War Thunder. Why this sound mod? It is like default, but better! You like feel the battlefield You like me It's lore friendly! Because why not? Any bugs, problems or suggestions - just write a post below Download or first watch my small presentaton video! Download: Installation: - Open your config.blk with Notepad/Notepad++ - Find the line " sound{ " - Add following line: enable_mod:b=yes This should be looking like this: sound{ speakerMode:t="stereo" fmod_sound_enable:b=yes enable_mod:b=yes } - Paste the files into WarThunder/sound/mod folder - DONE! Thanks to BaddogKelevra for the sound presentation!
  4. Type 87 ARV

    Type-87 ARV Testing for Type-87 started in 1985 and Type-87 would eventually be developed by Komatsu based on the previous Type-82. The Type 87 features a new redesigned hull of all-welded steel construction, but utilises the same automotive components of the Type 82 6x6 command and communications vehicle. The rectangular shaped body of the Type 87 is sloped in the front. The vehicle accommodates five crew members including the driver, assistant driver / radio operator, commander, gunner and observer. The two-man turret is located in the centre of the hull, slightly forward of the second axle. A stowage box is mounted on the rear of the turret. The entry door is located in the centre of the second and third axles on the left side of the hull. It is provided with a single observation block. The right side of the body has a similar door that also opens forwards. The vehicle is also fitted with power steering and passive night vision device as the standard equipment. Armament The main turret houses the swiss-origin Oerlikon Contraves 25mm KBA cannon produced under licence by Japan Steel Works. It can fire a wide range of NATO rounds like the HEI-T, SAPHEI-T, TP-T, APDS-T, TPDS-T, APFSDS-T and FADPS. As a close-range multipurpose weapon, this gun is rated at 600 rpm, and the fire could be also guided by tracers fired by the 7.62mm machine gun mounted coaxially to the right. Supplies includes 140 rounds of 25mm and 400 rounds of 7.62mm. APFSDS-T: Armour Piercing, Fin Stabilized, Discarding Sabot, Tracer (APFSDS-T) C137 The 25 x 137 mm Armour Piercing, Fin-Stabilized, Discarding Sabot, Tracer (APFSDS-T) C137 cartridge is designed for use in the M242 Bushmaster I chain gun and Oerlikon-Contraves KBA machinegun. Using components supplied by Rheinemetall (formally: Oerlikon-Contraves Pyrotec AG), the C137 cartridge is assembled under licence by GD-OTS Canada in accordance with Canadian requirements. The projectile includes a tungsten-alloy long-rod penetrator which is carried in a plastic sabot. It is stabilized with aluminum fins and the rear of the fin unit contains a tracer unit. Maximum Effective Range: 2,000 m. Penetration: 31 mm of armour plate at 60° obliquity at 2,000 m. Trace Visibility: 2,000 m. HEI-T: High Explosive, Incendiary, Tracer (HEI-T) C142 The 25 mm x 137 mm High Explosive, Incendiary, Tracer (HEI-T) C142 cartridge is designed for use in the M242 Bushmaster I chain gun and Oerlikon-Contraves KBA machinegun. Using components supplied by a US partner, the C142 cartridge is assembled under licence by GD-OTS Canada in accordance with Canadian requirements. Its steel thin-walled projectile is loaded with 30 g of HE and incendiary composition with red tracer composition at the rear. The C142 cartridge has a PDM 758 fuze with a self-destruct mechanism that activates between 6 and 19 s after firing should there be no target impact. Muzzle Velocity: 1,100 m/s Maximum Effective Range: 2,000 m Trace Visibility: Out to 2,000 m FAPDS-T: Armour Piercing, Frangible, Tracer, Discarding Sabot (FAPDS-T) C138 The 25 x 137 mm Frangible, Fin-Stabilized, Discarding Sabot, Tracer (FAPDS-T) C138 cartridge is designed for use in the M242 Bushmaster I chain gun and Oerlikon-Contraves KBA machinegun. Using components supplied by Rheinemetall (formally: Oerlikon-Contraves Pyrotec AG), the C138 cartridge is assembled under licence by GD-OTS Canada in accordance with Canadian requirements. The projectile is made up of a penetrator of frangible metal carried in a plastic sabot. After penetrating the target, the projectile disintegrates into a cloud of fragments to cause widespread damage. Muzzle Velocity: 1,310 m/s Penetration: 25mm of armour plate at 60° obliquity at 2,000 m Trace Visibility: Out to 2,000 m TP-T: Target Practice, Tracer (TP-T) C152 The 25 x 137 mm Target Practice, Tracer (TP-T) cartridge is designed for use in the M242 Bushmaster I chain gun and Oerlikon-Contraves KBA machinegun. It matches ballistically the HEI-T C142 cartridge. Using components supplied by a US partner, the TP-T cartridge is assembled under licence by GD-OTS Canada in accordance with Canadian requirements. Its inert projectile is made of a hollow steel shell with alloy nose cap and tracer composition. Muzzle Velocity: 1,100 m/s. Maximum Effective Range: 2,000 m. Trace Visibility: Out to 2,000 m. Mobility The Komatsu Type 87 is given a Isuzu 10PBI 10-cylinder, water-cooled diesel, coupled to manual transmission with six forward and one reverse speed. It is rated for 305hp at 2,700rpm and its compartment is located at the rear-right of the hull (the observer being seated on the left). For 10 tonnes, it allows a top speed on flat of 100 kph. Ground clearance is about 45cm, but the vehicle is not amphibious and can only ford about 1 meter of water without preparation. However there is a central tyre inflation system to cross the most sloppy grounds. The Type 87 has a range of 500 km and can climb a 60% gradient, 30% side slope, 60 cm vertical step and 1.50 m trench. Ammunition performance 25 mm armour steel, 60° (NATO) angle of impact, 1000m range, corresponding to the armour of a well armoured infantry fighting vehicle. Dimensions (l-w-h): 5.99 x 2.48 x 2.80 m (19’6” x 8’13” x 9’2”) Total weight, battle ready: 10-15 Tonnes Crew:5 (driver, radio operator, gunner, observer and commander) Propulsion: Isuzu 10PBI 10-cyl wc diesel 305 hp Suspensions: Coil springs Top Speed: 100 km/h (65 mph) Operational range: 500 km (310 miles) Armament: 25 mm Oerlikon Contraves Secondary armament: 7.92 mm Armour: 8mm Rolled homogeneous armour source:
  5. 8.0-8.7 is DEAD

    I noticed that when it came to matches involving 7.0-8.7. That 8.0 and up matches are usually empty such as 5v5. Then due to this poor matchmaking my 7.7(IS-4) had to fight an 8.7 kpz and of course got shreked. 7.7 tanks should never be fighting 8.7, especially the Russian tanks. How is a Russian tank with 232 pen and 23 seconds reload supposed to kill something that has 500 pen(guessing) with a 7 second reload, that is better armored, more maneuverable and superior in every way. When I force my T-10M to a 9.0 br by bringing my Mig-17 most of those battles are at least only 6v6. Even if I do that, the br ranges of the two fighting forces won't be equal. Sure my team may have 2 T-64 while the enemy side is a spam worth of kpzs. I bring this to say, things need to change. 7.7 should never fight 8.7 and that 8.7 is dead. P.S: I haven't been posting lately since I come to realize that there isn't really a point, most things that get posted don't ever get changed. Even when a mod or dev sees, nothing changes in game. Which has led me to focus on other things in my life besides talking on the forum. But I bring up this issue since I think its something that really should be brought into the light. Even if no changes are made, people should know what is happening.
  6. RB Air/Tank Community Discord - {L}oyal T

    Hello pilots, tankers and soon to be sailors ! Our new found group is looking for members to grow our gaming community ! We require no forum sign up, no website registration, no training or clan meetings. The only requirement is that you're not an xxxxxxx. Currently {L}oyal T is looking to rebuild it's numbers ahead of the naval forces launch and WW mode so we can wreck havoc in the skies, ground and seas. We run a very casual but serious environment and want to continue that way with new members. Having fun is the most important thing but so is smashing the enemy team, so let's do both at the same time. Discord is the primary and only "clan" communications and way of recruitment. We play REALISTIC BATTLE ONLY (no current arcade players). All of our current pilots have jets in all nations, and most of us have tier 4/5 in tanks. New comers don't be afraid as we love playing lower tier planes as well and are willing to grind out and help out anyone who wants to play. So if you wanna stop by, jump on for a match and see how things work out. Hop on in our discord.
  7. Hey guys, i was just playing some RO2, tanking with a  friend and we were on a huge tank killing spree.. we were sniping away at t70's and t34's in our pzrIII.. why? because it features the historicaly accurate AND functional ZEISS scope, it was used on all tanks for germany (heres how it looks )      basicaly the triangles have a certain milliradian size, which with some knowledge on what you are fighting and some equations you can range find any target you desire. eg.  "T-34 SPOTTED! 2 o'Clock!"- Commander.   gunner then traversed his gun and read out lets imagine.. " fanzerführer, target is aka 8 mills wide (aka 2 triangles)" commander checks his range table, T34 is 6.68 m long when on its side. (6.68x1000) / 8= 460m " Range to target: 460m"- comander Gunner ajusts aim arch to 460m, with the top of the triangle on the ground (bottom of the track)  "Gun alligned"-gunner   "Aim for center mass of the turret" -commander   "target aquired"- Gunner   "Shoot" -commander   *boom*   this is our procedure for engaging t34's in RO2, and it works amazingly well!   now we need the devs to give each country its respective type of scope and make them work (sight ajustment and correct size of the mill's)   tell me what you guys think!
  8. I always upgrade the crew skills "repair" and vitality, because I didn't consider the rest important at all, now I'm thinking about targeting and rangefinding, since I have enough RP points, should I increase them too? shoul I spend some eagles? do they help at all? what's your experience about those skills? :dntknw:
  9. I am playing the Russian tanks at BR 3.7 and honestly the game is becoming unplayable. I'm constantly pitted against tanks that I have no chance penetrating even from the rear, and getting smashed since they can just shoot anywhere really. Every single match that I played today, I was uptiered to around 4.8-5.3. Is there any point to playing further or what? Should I switch nations?
  10. Hello Guys, Here, I briefly discuss some statistical indicators, what they mean and do not mean, and their use in identifying the skill level of players (in particular, for a squadron recruiter). First, let me ask the question: what are the goals in playing a game? And I only see two main answers explaining most players' motivations: • To have fun! (to pass time, to make virtual or real friends… are included in “fun”) • To win! Obviously, I hope that the first answer is your main motivation, so that I will only address the second one here, focusing on tank battles (AB, RB, SB), although most of what I will say should equally apply to aircraft battles (my discussion of the KDR should certainly by toned down in the aircraft battle context). So now, let me ask the only other question that matters and answer it straightforwardly: how does one win a War Thunder battle? Here, there is only one valid answer: By exhausting the tickets of the enemy team by capturing and holding (the majority of) zones. An alternative way to exhaust enemy tickets is to kill all enemy tanks. However, when this is achieved, you can almost be sure that the primary objective (controlling zones) is already reached, and that killing the remaining enemies is the mere final reward of a good battle. In view of the main objective mentioned above (holding zones and winning battles), I propose to analyze various statistical indicators supposed to help to identify good players (that is, players significantly helping their team to win the battle), in particular for a squadron recruiter (whatever is the target level of the players to be recruited). • Kill/death ratio (KDR): I am almost amazed that the KDR is often the primary indicator for many people, including some squadron recruiters. Does a good KDR (above 2) hints that the player had an impact on the result of the battle? Nope. Made many kills? Nope. Capped zones (the main mean to win a battle)? Nope. In principle, a very prudent player hiding during the entire battle, just to make an occasional kill, can ensure a huge KDR. Of course, good players making many kills usually have a good KDR, but it should be clear that the KDR is a totally useless indicator of a player's impact in tank battles. Tankers contributing in capping zones (and hence winning the battle) do take more risks, often resulting in their own death, and hence a lower KDR. Conversely, you would be surprised about the number of players with a good KDR but a mediocre (around 50%) or even really horrible win rate. Yet in "real life/war", you wish your KDR is infinite! • Number of kills per battle: obviously, getting a good number of kills has often a positive impact on the chance of your team to win, but is not always enough. We have all too often seen teams winning battles despite having less tanks left than the losing team. In fact, you can get as many kills and still lose a battle. Purely concentrating on kills without minding capping and holding zones (maybe thinking that other players will do it!) certainly lowers the impact of a player on the battle. If you want to see other players focusing more on the zones, start to do it yourself: lead by example! And do not worry, kills come abundantly when fighting to cap and hold zones. • Average relative position in the team (ARPT): ARPT represents the average percentage of teammates which are below a given player at the end of the battle, in terms of WT battle points, and is shown in the in-game War Thunder player profile. Battle points are earned by killing enemies, getting assists, capping zones, surviving shots… and more dubious criteria, like being seen by the enemy tanks (not sure this is the best characterization of a good tanker) or seeing them. Despite these few dubious criteria, the ARPT appearing in your in-game WT stats remains a faithful, simple, and synthetic assessment of the contribution of a player to the battle. A good player should be (well) above 60% (ranked 6th in a battle, on average). Yet, players with high ARPT but a moderate or even mediocre win rate are not uncommon (those generally have a high average number of kills to explain their high ARPT, but still a weak impact on the result of the battle). • Win rate: an objective measure of your impact in a battle is certainly your win rate (remember, the goal is to win battles, not making kills or ending first of your team and losing). Yet, this measure strongly depends on whether you are mostly playing alone or with friends in squads (of maximum 4 players). Indeed, concerting your efforts with your squadmates, or simply playing with squadmates better than you, can somewhat artificially increase your win rate (note however, that your ARPT will mechanically suffer from playing with good squadmates). More exactly, the win rate now reflects the impact of your squad, which is in fact very reasonable for members of a squadron playing together. Yet, good players playing alone should be able to very significantly surpass the 50% win rate barrier (55-60%, or higher for outstanding players), a definite proof of their positive impact on the outcome of a battle. • Vehicles used: it is in general easier to get a large number of kills or high win rate in low tier 1-2 battles than in tier 3-4-5 battles. It is perfectly acceptable for a player to only like playing tier 2 tanks (remember, fun must remain the first motivation). Yet, the gameplay is very different in tier 1-2, tier 3-4, and tier 5, and a good and complete player is expected to master more than his beloved T-34 (1940-1942)! In the context of squadron recruitment (except if your squadron specializes in a specific tier), this is certainly something to keep in mind and offers the possibility to examine the number of battles played and performance of a player in such or such tank/airplane. In conclusion, to assess the skill level of a player, the two first statistical indicators shown on your WT in-game profile (in AB/RB tank or aircraft battles, or SB), the win rate and ARPT jointly provide a good statistical mean to identify bad, average, good, or outstanding players (players with a huge impact on the result of a battle), while the KDR is mostly irrelevant. Note that the player and squadron rating website uses the win rate and the number of kills per battle, the latter being a reasonable alternative to the ARPT, as it also (partly) reflects a player’s impact on the battle. However, this website does not separate yet the “efficiency” in tank and aircraft battles (I understand this is a project in progress). Finally, as a squadron recruiter, one should first decide what is the target level of players to be recruited (win rate, ARPT, ThunderSkill efficiency…), as a too heterogeneous squadron is to be avoided in the interest of the squadron members themselves. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts! Cheers No_Camping “Commander” and recruiter of squadron =JOB= EDIT: as predicted, quite many votes went to KDR which still amazes me. Let me put this poll and its 4 options in the football context. Your team is playing the champions League. Would you prefer that your team wins the Champions League? is consistently in the top 8 each year? scored the most goal during the tournament? has the best ratio goals scored/goals conceded (never mind it did not pass the group phase)? Would some still vote for the last option (KDR)? Well.. Who knows?
  11. Forest camo for tanks

    Hey peeps.   I was looking through the camo's available to the German tanks I'm using in SB, there is no camo for forests.  Does anyone know why there is no forest camo for German tanks in a game that battle's are mostly fought in forested area ?
  12. JOB is a friendly, casual, and international tank squadron (Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, UK, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela...), currently ranked in the top 10 squadrons on We enjoy playing regular arcade tank battles in squads of four. Yet, many JOB members also play realistic tank battles and air battles, and a dozen members play tank simulator battles. We communicate in English, to the best of everyone's ability, on our own Discord channel that we share with more than 50 "JOB friends" (although using a microphone is not mandatory in JOB, at least listening to the partners in battle is strongly encouraged). Our play style is very aggressive ("no camping!") and we promote strong teamplay. We primarily aim at battle victory rather than just getting kills ("caps before kills!"). But most importantly, we aim at having fun! Our favorite BR range is 3.7-5.7, but many JOB players can play at all BR. There is no formal hierarchy in JOB (the few officers only serve at accepting/declining applications to JOB) and no string attached at all with being a member of JOB. Again, fun is the keyword. Of course, JOB members are strongly encouraged to invite and respond to invitation to play squad battles with other JOB players (and of course with their own friends not — yet — in JOB!). Due to the very international nature of the JOB squadron, one can find JOB members playing almost at all time! We look for active (at least 100 tank battles per month), promising or confirmed tankers with arcade ThunderSkill efficiency, last month victory rate, and last month placing percentage (see player WT stats) all typically above 65%, all this in order to maintain the homogeneous level of the squadron. A friendly attitude and a strong team spirit is obviously appreciated from applicants! To apply, simply log to the game, go to the "Community → Squadrons" menu, and search for the JOB squadron, and visit us at our Discord channel (please log with your exact WT nickname): communicate with an officer online and/or leave a text message in the #recruitment chat room (in principle, we do not accept direct in-game applications without a prior visit to our Discord). See you soon and prepare to do some good JOB with us! ☆☆Visit JOB's profile on☆☆ ☆☆Enjoy these bonuses below taken from our Discord channel☆☆
  13. Leopard C2 Mexas

    Hi guys, been looking at the range of lack lustre British premium vehicles and also noted apart from a few American planes we have no ‘captured’ or loaned vehicles. while every other nation does. so thought a good suggestion for the new tier v premium vehicles would be the Canadian Leopard C2 ‘MEXAS’, gives Brit’s a different style of play (with a Brit gun) and as it’s a commonwealth vehicle would fit legitimately into the line up. Most of you I think will shoot this idea out the sky, but it’s worth thinking about as we retain Cheiftain and a small range of light vehicles until the end of the Cold War. thanks
  14. In a nutshell: Implement "mouse joystick/joystick style aiming for tanks" and enforce it in SB mode. War Thunder already has plenty of the features required for this to work (such as turret rotational inertia, sloped surface tilting and mousejoystick capability), so why doesn't War Thunder have an option to control the turret directly? relative to the tank (whereas people with joysticks aiming on a tank will only aim "mouse aim" equivalent view which doesn't feel immersive at all, not to mention SB tanks control wise is essentially identical to RB with the only differences being over-the-hatch view for commander view and enforced optical sight positions difference.) Steel Beasts executes this quite well, even on the very old versions. Aiming is done mouse joystick style, and is activated using a "palm switch" of sort which the user has to press to use (which can be ignored in the context of War Thunder). However as a bonus, when the turret motor is destroyed, the turret can be turned using a "hand crank" which is operated by spamming a key to rotate or elevate the gun in a certain direction. I don't think this is a necessary, but it can be a bonus feature ontop of the mouse joystick style aiming. Some bonuses of this is that like SB mode for aircraft, the vehicle operation is less biased to crew training (whereas right now a new tank crew will aim horizontally before vertically which is impractical for anti-aircraft guns) and less likely for tanks to aim a precise shot on aircraft. Tanks will also struggle a bit more to hit precise shots over long ranges this way too. Tanks will be able to go over bumpy hills and then go hull down at another hill without having to wait for their turret to bob back down due to the way mouse ai mis operated, or being able to drive forwards with the turret aimed backwards without the need to use view controls to rotate away from the crosshair manually. Also, people playing the game with a game pad controller (e.g. PS4 users) will not feel so akward when operating the tank. To make it so people do not use mouse aim in commander view, balancing measures could be such a way that commander view should perhaps not show the crosshair of the gun or that the gun can only be fired from gunner view.
  15. Hey ich hab mal ein neues Video gemacht und werde es auch für die Thundershow einschicken! hoffe es gefällt euch! habt spaß damit! :P
  16. So I've done some research on large caliber HE shells effects on tanks. And the effects are astonishingly deadly. For example, the 152mm HE shell was used to take out concrete bunkers and was also effective against tanks such as Tiger II, Panther, and so on. Whenever I shoot an enemy tank with a 152mm HE shell it doesn't seem to do anything. Which realistically, something should happen. Now the HE shell conundrum doesn't just apply to the 152mm cannon but to really any large caliber cannon. Since I would imagine HE applies a similar effect as a HESH, just not as well. For example, the way HESH works is the main explosive charge is on the nose and when the nose impacts something it spreads out this explosive by, well squashing it. So this explosive spreads out and covers a large surface area, then detonates sending a shockwave through the armor causing it to shatter on the inside causing severe damage. HE similarly should be able to do the same thing, although not as well as HESH; I would still expect it to do the same since it's still a large amount of explosive power detonating on a tank's armor. But this seems to be absent in tank realistic battles. Will Gaijin incorporate the HE shell damage at some point?
  17. Suggestion: Make players select a plane into their crew lineup before joining a AB Ground Forces match, and if they use the plane, it counts as one of the three vehicles that they are allowed to use in a match. If a fourth vehicle is needed to be allowed to make room for it than so be it. It would finally give me a really good reason to use the SPAA. This would also work well to have the reload timers for bombs and guns doubled to reduce the amount of bombing. Background: The planes are currently automatically chosen for you in arcade in an attempt to prevent GF players from having to play AF matches enough to unlock them and be able to use\experience them. This system works on points gained due to killing or capturing objectives to 'Unlock' the plane. It has very many good points for it's use, for example: If someone only wants to play in GF they don't have to play AF to be able to get into an FW 190 and shoot down a bomber. Details: I'd like to see players use planes that they own to use in AB GF matches. This allows the modules to be used and earned as part of the 'grind'. It would also cost you SL for the repair and count as one of your allowed vehicles in a match (currently 3). With this change the reload timer for bombs should be doubled to slow the pace of bombing down since it is a tank match. These factors should have a positive effect on the 'Kamikaze' attacks everyone is upset about. While it won't stop it all, think about this: If you reload like arcade and stay in the plane until you die (shot down or wrecked) then wouldn't you stay alive rather than ram someone? That will also allow the public to see what I've tested so many times...It's not the plane hitting you that kills you. It's the bombs\rockets he dropped. He just could not pull out of the dive afterwards and your game shows you everything at once. **All open topped vehicles do not apply to the previous statements. Damage is possible without death.** Also, the lack of a good airplane may just motivate someone to go fly to get a better one. More gameplay and experience in a plane would help a lot of players be able to pull out of that bombing dive wouldn't it?. Call it a reward for playing all those planes if you like but having played the planes should earn a player the right to use them when it counts. I think that this will be very important when the ships have real players in them. It also helps the game get players into playing more (to unlock planes) so it should be good for business. Edit: Sorry, I forgot to add the link where this is discussed in the forums:
  18.  As writen this topic is about APDS ammunition made by germany in WW2 I am seeking inforamtion about this ammunition like penetration valuse the followign qoute is from myself as i postet this in another thread and that is all info i own about it       i thank u in advance and i hope this thread gets not to much derailed :salute: