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Found 18 results

  1. I just verified it in a custom battle. But it also occured on my last battle: In the first picture we see our T-34 without any damage taken. In the second picture we see our T-34 with a bit of dmg taken but nothing serious. Now what happend is that the visible damage model shows the maximum destruction. We can view this destruction model on the CDK and its indeed the maximum for this tank. It even shows the cannon destroyed while the damage indicator in the lower left of the screen shows that the cannon is perfectly fine. In the Replay we can see this happen for the KV-220 aswell. Minimal damage = maximal visual damage on the model. I asked some users about it and it seems im not the only one. #2017.10.21 22.35.41.wrpl 2017_10_21_17_30_53__5940.clog DxDiag.txt
  2.   EDIT: This topic is also the right place if anyone has technical questions about French aircrafts. We won't have answers for everything, but we've been through a lot of research nonetheless!
  3. Mitsubishi Type 2 Ho-I

    Another medium tank which must be equivalent to an early version of the german Pz. IV ... the large amount of TNT on Ho-I's shells sounds very interesting. Original DevBlog post can be found here. (28 November 2016)
  4. Type 74

    The original DevBlog post can be found here. (15 December 2016)
  5. So a friend and I have been playing Tier IV USA quite a bit today and one thing we've noticed is that in addition to the namesake of this thread, certain rounds from certain tanks seem to behave oddly when striking vehicles with very little armor like the M41 or a shit ton of armor like..Well you guessed it.   My own experience is a 122 off a IS2.1944 going through the front sprocket/road wheel on the Bulldog, bouncing off the inside plate  (The shot come from my back left) and richocheting back into the tank with an odd 90 Degree wiggle. (You'd think the round would've gone right through the tank but rather it bounced in back, took a turn up and to the right towards the crew compartment and exploded, killing it instantly of course.   Now the point of this is the T32 itself. Twice now my friend has been using it at a decent amount of range, about 500 meters or more and so far when he was actually hit, the rounds of the Tiger II P first and the T54 punctured through the mantlet, the turret behind and then bounced downwards into the center of the tank.   The rounds are completing their course through armor that should defeat it and then bouncing into place to instantly kill the entire crew. Figured I'd note that since I couldn't find any US Bug fix thread and to question if anyone (As few as it might be right now) have had the front of the mantlet breached and odd shell patters once it enters the tank.   Keep an eye out and hope to find an answer for this soon.
  6. Hello, I got this idea about adding armor for tanks. I'm thinking, Rather than just putting Add-on Armor in Tank Modifications, How about putting Armor Add-On in the Cosmetics so any tank can be modified & be added to wherever you can weld it on. Add things such as Tracks, Sandbags, Logs, Steel Sheets, etc. Examples: And For Balance Reasons, Adding these on your Tanks could Increase the Weight of your tank & decrease Speed/Mobility. More you fill up your Cosmetic Slots until full (which is 6), the slower & less acceleration your tank will be.
  7. Ground froce pick

    Hi, so this is my first post on this forum. i was wondering what ground class i should start playing, i have decided between sovjet/russia or USA/MERICA. i want to have a lineup where the tanks have armor and damage so that i can rush etc and not camp all the time, but i also want to have some good premium tanks. i would really like some help with this because i do not know who is the one for me. so if i can get some of your opinions it would really help
  8. by this clip is anything wrong?
  9. This thread is for discussion about issues with weaponry and damage models. Originally, I had a hilarious passive aggressive complaint as the first post, but I got over it.
  10. Dear mods and Gajin, It has been over three years since we got a 'future of the aviation trees' update (it was the summer of 2014) and I feel like an update is due. To give an idea how much the game has changed since then - Ground forces had just gone into open beta testing in may that same year. - Ground forces were only made up from the German and Russian ground forces. At this point there was no British, Japanese or even American ground forces tree. - Aircraft like the Horten 229, Heinkel He-219, Dornier Do 335, Hawker Hunter, EE Canberra, Boeing B-29, Douglas TBD, Douglas A-1, Grumman Tigercat, Nakajima Kikka, Nakajima Ki-44, Kawasaki Ki-100 and many other aircraft that we take for granted now WERE NOT EVEN IN THE GAME or even talked about by Gajin. - The entire British Naval aviation part did not even exist at that point. - There was no Italian aviation tree, at this point the community was fairly convinced that the plan of a seperate tree of Italian aircraft had been cancelled. For those who do not know what I am talking about. This is what such a 'future/planned tree' looked like, which you can see in the spoiler below. These trees are a good way to see what the company has planned for the future without having to do too much work. (in short, there is no need for coubs or 3D renders) Again, why do this when some of the previous trees have not been completely finished? Much has changed since 2014 (everything that I've mentioned above and more). - The cutoff years for both tanks and aircraft have been moved further. - We got an addition of the Italian Aviation tree and an accomplementary ground forces tree in the future. (Keep in mind that at this stage Gajin was pretty adament that there would be no additional nation trees in the future. At this point even the long awaited French tree will be added in a later stage.) - The addition of ATGM's and even the addition of a rank VI last patch have all been large game changers. - The addition of the Naval tree As such, I would love to see an update of the planned vehicles we will see in our much beloved game. Opposite to last time, it would also be nice to see if we could get a ground forces future tree as well. If you support this idea, please like it up and leave a response so other people will see it too and leave their opinion on this idea. Thank you in advance. I would like to ask a mod if it would be possible to get a poll going wether or not people support this idea. Options could be - Yes, I support this and I'd like to see the future of our tech trees - No, I don't want a glimpse of the future If this post is in the wrong area of the forum, please move accordingly. I hope this reaches the responsible people who go over this. Can't blame me for trying. With regards, Ninetalis
  11. Hey y'all! I am pretty new to this game, and as you can see by the title I have run into a little snag in every single game I have played thus far. That is getting one shot by pretty much everyone, just one shell and my tank, whether it be Valentine MK.1 or Cromwell V I always seem to be destroyed in an instant. The ammo rarely gets hit as I do not carry too much for the paranoia of it sparking and destroying my tank but mainly my crew gets ripped to shreds by shrapnel or explosive rounds. Had a shell hit the tread almost on the front once, ended up wiping the entire crew. So I just want to ask, how on the lords green earth do I avoid being one shot, now cover is an option which brings me on to how do I determine which cover is advantageous or how to angle armour effectively still having a line of sight. Or even tanks that can take shots, I mean I open to anything that can remedy this issue! Thanks if you reply!
  12. Please read this entire post and page 1 of the first sheet. Red colour mean it's a link you can click to access the page : try here ! AB sheet with ideas and suggestions + vehicles confirmed and expected (over 600 new vehicles) Arcade Battles sheet Realistic Battles sheet OK, this is it ! The official release of tank BR redux ! For those who know what it is welcome back we now have our own thread ! For others, welcome to the team ! Newcomers you must have some questions. I will try to answer the most obvious one first : What is tank BR redux ? It is a google sheet I made (with the help of many players) about ground forces vehicles with the BR they should have. Basically all vehicles were taken and studied one after another to balance the game to make War Thunder healthy and enjoyable at every battle ratings with every nations. There is currently 3 sheets available : 2 for AB and 1 for RB as you may now the meta is quite different depending on which gamemode you're playing and that's why vehicles deserve different BR for each gamemodes. The first AB sheet is also explaining many changes I would like to see in War Thunder and also vehicles and nations we can expect to come to War Thunder and the BR they deserve. Who are you to think you're able to balance the game better than Gaijin ? I'm OpticalGaming a level 100 player (before tank where released to be honest with you), I created my account the 11th October 2013). My LiveWarThunder profile My youtube channel My Thunderskill profile Reddit thread of the project Since that day I've unlocked all tanks and nearly every jets in the game. I have now more than 10 000 battles on war thunder (99 % of them in AB) and I'm not counting the time I've spent in tournaments, events, training and thinking about the game. In case you wonder about my skill in RB I'm still pretty good but most important I was helped by some of the very best RB players here : Foumuh, Arekuruyoni and TealMillan. Like I just said I did alot of tournaments and events for example I was one of the first 150 players to acquire the E-100 and I'm really proud of this personnal achievement. About tournaments, I did 6 so far and won all of them. Most of them were AB others were RB. I did tanks or planes tournaments and sometimes mixed battles. You can see me and my former team (.BRUT.) win a RB mixed tournament here (be advise there is french commentary inside) : The reward for this one was 20 000 GE + 7 premiums vehicles and some others stuffs. In total will all tournaments golden wagers and events I've made, I earned more than 50 000 GE and around 20 premium vehicles not even counting IRL rewards. All these reasons make me think I have alot of experience and enough to be able to balance the game. What do I have to know before I start to read ? This document is in permanent WIP and at the moment the BR I would like to see are IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE because there would be too many holes within some BR ranges at rank V and matchmaking wouldn't work. That's why I added more than 600 new vehicles to balance all nations and to have nearly 3 vehicles for each BR for each nation. See this video of theOrangeDoom he is better than me to explain the current situation of War Thunder : As you can see he pointed the fact that there is no bias because there is some really bad and unbalanced BR for ALL NATIONS at the moment. Some BR are to high and some others are to low. That's how the game is currently. That's a problem to many peoples including me this is why I started to work on Tank BR Redux, to fix this situation. Why have you created this sheet ? Currently ground forces are really unbalanced so this sheet was made to improve the situation and bring balance to every vehicles for all nations. For example some vehicles are nearly unplayble because they are bad at their current BR or they face too strong opponents (which is the same thing). War Thunder is a game about vehicles however you should have fun with every nation and every vehicle if you want to (that's what I think at least). As you can see current BR situation is a concern for many youtubers : PhlyDaily Squire MagzTV Krebs What changes have been made ? To much to tell ! Well of course there was BR changes for all vehicles but also : Suggestions : new content that could be added to the game to make it more fun and at the same time more realistic to sum up : BETTER ! Examples ? Well you should be able to repair and reload your vehicle on spawn point. The game should also be a bit more user friendly when you are doing your first game with a brand new vehicle. My suggestion is : For your first 10 games with a new vehicle you can't be matched against higher BR than yours in order to learn to play your vehicle and unlock the repair kit against easier opponents. I also made a new sheet about aircrafts you should get during AB events (no more random vehicles they are choosen depending on the game rank and nation you're playing). All vehicles stats were taken in count if they work correctly for example : M103 was recently reworked (update 1.67) however the armor model is still not accurate enough, the penetration is better but still wrong and the reload time was left untouched. However, when I made my sheet I had in mind a correctly working M103 and this rule is true for all vehicles ! That's why the M103 is 8.3 on my sheet however with current specifications, the M103 should rather be 8.0. This M103 example is true for ALL VEHICLES. New vehicles to add to the game : I added 577 new vehicles to the current trees (334 vehicles) that is giving us a total of 911 vehicles ! All vehicles were studied in details about their performances to give them the BR they deserve. Please keep in mind the BR are highly subject to change especially for vehicles that aren't implemented yet. But before that when I added a new vehicle I had to check the production number : "A vehicle can be implemented in WarThunder if it was built at least once." I followed this rule for new vehicles in my tech tree. Theses sheets are always in a work in progress statuts you can make any suggestions / recommandation about anything and everything. Don't be shy and private message me / leave a post if you have anything to say. I'm listening to the community and open to any advice you can give me. If you liked my work don't forget to click the like / reputation button (bottom right of THIS post). If we reach 1 000 supports, Gaijin should take in count this project and maybe we can have this kind of matchmaking which is healthy, fun and enjoyable. You can also leave a simple message like "I support this project" but don't forget to click on the reputation button. Don't forget to spread the link as much as you can ! Call you friends, squadmates and teammates we need EVERYBODY to support tank BR redux ! Sources : Websites : Tank encyclopedia Armoured workshop Achtung panzer Military Factory Kraznayazvezda War Thunder forums War Thunder Wiki Chars Français French tech tree 1 French tech tree 2 Tankograd Panzer world Wikipedia Tank.GG The chieftain hatch Military today Engines of the Red Army History of War WW2DB WarWheels AFVDB War is Over Japanese tech tree Pansar Steel Beast Long Rod Youtube channels : The Chieftain Wargaming About both channels : "inside the tanks" are really well made and taught alot and I obviously only took these in count. Books : WWII Ballistics : Armor and Gunnery WWII Tank and anti-tanks Penetration FirePower Encyclopédie des chars de combat modernes tome 1 et 2 Magazines : Armour in profile Trackstory Trucks & Tanks Champ de bataille thématique Guerres & Histoire And my own knowledge about the game and tank warfare. Good news : Todace and some developpers will take a look at this project ! And actually they did I just caught BVV looking at the thread and the sheet : Before I finish I want to render thanks to all people who helped me to do this project : Arekuruyoni : best french tanker and very good advisor about game and BR. Don't miss out his youtube channel if you speak french ! TealMillan : for his never ending messages about some BR and convinced me to change many of them. Foumuh : support for the ex-leader and co-creator of team THINK is really something and I will never be able to thank you enough. Don't forget to check his suggestion to improve RB and SB battles there is some really great suggestions here if you like the game mode. Killer_Queen and Arekuruyoni : support from a second professionnal team to the project with team DYNAMIGHT thanks alot guys. TyphoonCro : first guy to send me his recommandations about vehicles and BR. mr905 : supported the project from the very beginning and gave me very good recommandations. Raypall : the first moderator to support the project and also gave me suggestions I never thought about. Currus_Ioricatus : check his french tree project ! You helped me SO MUCH on french tech tree. A simple thank you is nothing compared to what you've done to help and support me. SuperEtendard, Yusuf_Akoojee and Questcrew : for their strong support and great suggestions on this thread. foestus, Trublion, xXDragonJacobXx, RohmMohc and Leckrer : thank you for your recommandations guys it really helped me. Lordikianer : for spreading the subject on reddit and helped me to get many likes. Mercedes4321 : for his dedication and never ending flow of messages and recommandations. Arekuruyoni, Questcrew, Godman_82, Peiper_Tank, valeze, Roloz and Gusano_Gigante : for adopting the signature. Todace and BVV_d : for taking a look at the project. And thanks to eveybody who joined the discussion with me and supported this project by clicking this little green box ! You can also follow the topic to track progress on the project, I'm regulary posting comments / discussing with players about it. Don't forget to check the sheets and this post regulary for updates.
  13. Type 61

    Today we have the Type 61, the first japanese MBT with a powerful gun and light protection ... at least this will be a fast attack vehicle with decent firepower. The original DevBlog post can be found here. (02 December 2016)
  14. Yesterday, new tank starter pack was unveiled and in it this German light reconnaissance tank. So I thought of having a proper look at this new premium.   First off, some released screenshots...   ...and some historical evidence.   Aufkl.Pz. 38(t), as the name suggests, was based on Pz 38(t), originally a Czechoslovak tank adopted by Wehrmacht after occupying what remained of Czechoslovakia in 1939. The Pz 38(t) enjoyed some considerable success in early WW2, but after Operation Barbarossa it became apparent it's absolutely insufficient against modern Soviet armor and was removed from frontlines. The 38(t) chassis was very well acclaimed and provided basis for a number of self-propelled armored vehicles, the most famous being Marder III (aka Marder 38(t)), so-called Hetzer or Grille. Aufkl.Pz 38(t) was developed in response to Panzerwaffe requesting light scout and reconaisance vehicle, much cheaper and simplistic design compared to Pz II Luchs. The original Pz 38(t) hull underwent some design changes to accomodate the turret (used SdKfz 234/1 or SdKfz 222 armored cars). Turret is open-top, the wired roof served as protection from hand grenades. Ammunition load for 20mm gun was 180 rounds and for the co-axial MG 1100 rounds. (Note: Other source says 300 rounds for 20mm and 1500 rounds for MG.) Vehicle had a 4-man crew, apparently with same composition as Pz 38(t) or Pz II Luchs - commander/gunner, driver, loader, radio operator. Seventy Aufkl.Pz. 38(t)'s were converted from old Pz 38(t) tanks.     Technical data   Combat weight: 9500 kg Overall lenght: 4650 mm Overall width: 2250 mm Overall height: 2120 mm Ground clearance: 400 mm   Hull armor front - 25 mm sides - 15 mm rear - 10 mm roof - 8-10 (12?) mm belly - 8 mm wheel discs - 8 mm   Engine Gasoline, water-cooled Praga AE V6, 7754 cm3 Power: 118 kW / 158 bhp at 2500 rpm Top speed on-road: 58 kph Road range: 250 km Can't find any sources on off-road performance, sorry.     Sources: I. Pejčoch - Obrněná technika 1;, achtungpanzer.com1           I guess it will come down to how will this thing be tiered. At lower BR, you could troll around battlefield with that autocannon like you can with Pz IIC, hit-and-run tactics. It should also be great against any low-flying plane stupid enough to come close to a tank with autocannon.
  15. When I playing Tank RB, Driver was killed but loader didn't go driver's position so I can't move. I can not reproduce this, but this bug caused 2 times in RB.(I do not remember when it was, sorry.) 2017_09_15_15_01_40__3672.clog #2017.09.15 17.10.06.wrpl
  16. ST-A2

    Meet the ST-A2 and his improved turret armour. The original DevBlog post can be found here. (09 December 2016)
  17. I was playing tank RB, my centurion got knocked out so i picked challenger and i guess it had a trouble loading. Also i want to mention that there is an error (i guess) with "processing operation" when i try to pick spawn and select vehicle, it freezes for like 30s until there is a cancel option. Thanks
  18. Type 97 Chi-Ha 12cm

    Annouced on 06 December 2016 ... you can buy this vehicle here. The orginal DevBlog post can be found here. (12 December 2016)