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Found 1 result

  1. Hello and welcome to you. This suggestion was created for made a change to the actual T26E1-1, since he is considered to be a Heavy tank in game and actually a lot of people don't enjoy playing it. Like the title say, i will explain to you what change would make the T26E1-1 better, more fun and usefull with a real utility to the Us tree but also more historical. To really explain what change should be made and what current problem this tank is facing, i will create different subject : History of this tank : T26E1 was a M26 prototype, this tank was first made with a 90mm M3 gun and no muzzle brake, a thicker armor than T25 and still get one cupola and two door hatch from T25E1, the cupola was for commander and was equiped with vision port and the hatch with two door was for the loader. This following picture show the original T26E1 : You can see that the tank was before a Medium tank before be called a Heavy tank like T26E3(M26) during WWII. From hunnicutt book 'Pershing, A history of a T20 Medium Tank', the author explain what make the Us force change their designation : This change was reverted when in Mai 1946, classification was changed again and change the M26 from Heavy tank to Medium Tank. You can compare actual M26 in game and the following picture to see the difference between T26E1 and T26E3. After some testing and some problem discover from the T26E1, the problem was later corrected and the new tank was called T26E3. T26E1 pilot 1 was later used to be the first experimental tank using the 90 T15E1 gun : You can see this tank didn't have any Added armor for the moment but was armed with a long 90mm gun and have equilibrator spring to support this gun. The spring didn't get any protection when the picture was taken. After some test firing, this tank was latter shipped to Europe where futher modification was made : You can see actual T26E1-1 in Europe with added armor and protection for the spring was added : You can see it's actually the T26E1 pilot 1 with this long 90mm gun and added armor we have in game. Why he is not a Heavy tank : In game, this tank is designated to be a Heavy tank and put in the Heavy tank line. Like i have explain earlier, this tank was a modification of the T26E1, a early prototype for the T26E3 that would come later the M26 Medium tank, this tank only get a better gun and was not a Heavy tank, he was designated like that during WWII for propagand purpose but since M26 was later recalled Medium tank, this modification apply also to this tank. Hunnicutt call it a Medium tank because he explain why the tank was called Heavy tank during WWII, in the following picture both original T26E1 and T26E4 tank was designated Medium Tank : ( Note : World of Tank also show the T26E4 to be a Medium tank, T26E4 from World of tank and T26E1-1 from War Thunder are the same) This tank get a better armor than M26 but that is because he get added armor, that didn't was here when the tank was made, this armor was added later when this tank come to Europe and should have been a modification for this tank like many other have already in game. Futher devellopement lead to T26E4 and later to M26E1, M26 and M26E1 are both considered in game to be Medium tank unlike the T26E1-1. Why added armor is not a advantage : Added armor are most of time useless, some tank like KingTiger or Is-2 don't get problem to shoot trought the Frontal plate making it most of time useless. The weight make this tank less fast and manoeuvrable, something that is really important with a tank with no armor and long reload. He have a great gun that it more usefull than M26 gun with a perfect ammo but actually, this tank can't flank because of the added weight and no option is added to play without this added armor. Removing the added armor and put it into a modification would make this tank more fast and easy to use, allowing him to flank some tank like KingTiger and Is-2 but also to make him more easy to hide when you need to reload, something that usefull if you take in count that most of tank have a faster reload than T26E1-1. What change this tank need : This tank need to be redesignated to Medium tank, the Spawn point should be lowered in Rb according to this new designation and the tank should be moved into the Medium tank line. Adding a 'Added Armor' modification will allow this tank to lose at least 5 tons ( From 47 tons to 42 tons !) if the player don't want it, 5 tons is close to be 10% of the weight for this tank. Without armor, this tank would look like this : Actual picture is a T26E3 tank modified with a T15E1 gun ( Notice the loader hatch), you can see the spring protection and the lack of added armor, since the T26E1-1 get the same protection when he was in Europe, that can be considered to be added to the T26E1-1 without added armor. Moving the T26E1-1 to the Medium tank line will make the grind for the Medium tank line more long, to avoid this problem, The tank can be put under a folder with the M26 since the T26E1-1 is a modified version of it. It would be like the Isu-122 and Isu-122S folder are in the Soviet tree, you can play a improved version of your actual tank but without need to unlock it. This tank will give a Regular M26E1 to the Us tree without need to buy it with a worst reload and a stock grind for the T26E1-1. What tank can be added if the T26E1-1 is moved : If this tank is moved to the medium line, a new problem will come. What tank can fill the gaps between T32 ( T34?) and M4A3E2(76). Three tank can be added, one is a modified M6A1 with a 105mm gun, the other is a Pershing with far more armor than the original tank and the last is a regular version of a premium tank already in game. M6A2E1 : T26E5 : T29E3 : Both of them have been passed to devellopement and should be able to take the place of the T26E1-1 with a far better utily than the 'Super Pershing' was able to do. Thank to have read my suggestion, feel free to report any error and to explain your choice for the poll. List of change :