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Found 1 result

  1. So. I've become more than well aware of the glaring issues with the T26E1-1, apart from it's torturous stock grind for many. These issues being it's suspension leaning forward ~15 degrees and the added armor being listed as structural steel even though each plate is ~38mm thick. First and foremost, as I'm not the most well-versed on the suspension bit, if you guys can provide pictures of Super Pershings and stuff from back then, mainly featuring whether or not it's suspension really would lean forward like that or not. And secondly, it's quite obvious that we wouldn't slap structural steel onto our tanks as extra armor. Even though in WT it's listed as that, which would make it about as useful as a chain-link fence on the front, It's said that they are Boiler Plates, and I, unfortunately, do not know what this would equate to. Any historically accurate information will help, I just want to make sure we haven't been getting screwed over because of a mistake in the research done. Thanks all!