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Found 3 results

  1. I thought it would be nice to have a list of suggestions for VR here, since it would get instantly blocked on the Suggestions thread. To quote the devs, " We will continue to optimise War Thunder for virtual reality headsets ". Please add your own wishes in the comments and I'll add them to the OP, if they make sense. After a few months of playing WT on a Vive, I have to admit that the list is relatively small. Hopefully, a moderator can forward it to the devs. I doubt that anyone at Gaijin has played sim with a VR more than I did, so, take my word for it, these improvements are important. 1. Add G-Lock warning blackout-redout Unlike in normal mode, where your screen turns dark when pulling Gs, in VR we have no warning whatsoever that we are about to faint. This can't be a limitation of the VR engine, because in Combined sim, while in spectator mode, you get a dark screen effect just fine. 2. Allow camera mouse/keyboard view controls It's almost impossible to play VR tanks RB and plane RB because you can't orbit your vehicle with your mouse. This is also annoying in sim bombers, when playing in gunner view, because you can't aim forward of the plane. In fact, because the gunner cursor is unlinked from the camera position, sometimes it's impossible to see the cursor and you have to wildly move the mouse until it appears on your screen. In all other games (DCS, BOS), VR works perfectly with mouse camera. The keys to shift the head position would also help a lot, as right now, the only way to center yourself in the cockpit is to use the "center view" keybind. Also, tanks suffer from having the camera centered on the hull, instead of having it centered on the turret (known issue, but still not fixed). 3. Allow zoom in VR To people who have never played in VR, this might sound like a cheat. But I assure you, it's not. Although every pixel is bigger, roughly 4 times the field-of-view size of your normal monitor pixel, when you zoom in, you also change the LOD of everything around you. That means that a plane that is rendered by 5 pixels at 2km away, while zoomed is rendered by 50 pixels (I'm making the numbers up). So you can see a lot more detail and tell if that plane is a 109 or a spit, or a hurricane, or a typhoon. Meanwhile, in VR, even though it's a bigger 5 pixels, it's still 5 pixels. Hope that makes sense. To understand how it feels, the next time you play a match, instead of zooming in, just move your head until it's 20 cm away from the monitor. Yes, everything is bigger and the FOV is "natural", but that doesn't really help, does it? I've recently killed a friendly plane in Combined Sim because even at 100m away, I couldn't tell if it was a 109 or a Typhoon. It was a Typhoon. The only reason we can play WT in the absence of zoom is that EC has the blue labels for friendly contacts. In fact, there is a form of zoom in VR which works perfectly fine: the telescopic sight and the bombsight (for this one, zoom keybind actually works). Both are flat renders of the world (same for both eyes) so you can't really use them to gain any sort of 3d advantage and they make you slightly sick if you use them for long. All Gaijin needs is to copy their camera system and allow us to move it with our head. DCS uses a similar system and it's not overpowered at all. They went for a fixed 2x zoom with a gradual change, but bound to a single button (not an axis). 4. Tweak the size of the world for Vive users Oculus users haven't complained about this, but Vive users complain that the world around you just seems to small. Indeed, if you jump into DCS, you immediately notice the difference. The scaling of the head/body movement in regards to cockpit size seems to be ok. But everything looks so close and tiny. Flying a plane with a center canopy spar (FW190) feels extremely unpleasant. And the small glass cockpit of the early I-16s is like wearing a very tiny helmet. At every landing, you tend to misjudge the height above the runway so you slam into the ground. Considering I could land a Huey on top of a small house in my first flight, you can't really blame it on pilot skill. This also affects the gunnery, as you always tend to misjudge the distance to your target. I've had no such issues in DCS where gunnery seems perfectly natural and instinctive. 5. Don't center the Tactical map on the head position, keep it in front, just like you do with the rest of the interface I don't remember when this changed, but before, the interface was always linked to the default forward position (just like the HUD). But recently, this has changed and now the Tactical Map is centered on your current view. I literally twisted my neck because I was looking right, I opened the Tactical Map screen, and because the map sits to the right, I forced my neck to the right without realizing it. You can laugh, but a visit to the doctor is no laughing matter. I had to take painkillers and wear a neck brace. Now I know to look slightly left before opening the Map screen, but this needs to be fixed. 6. Allow us to alter the geometry of the interface overlay Currently, when you change the resolution of the game, it only alters the resolution of the interface. I keep it at a low resolution to make the text bigger and I actually like it. Please don't change that. But it would be great to have settings for size-distance-curvature for the actual object on which the interface is rendered on. As an inspiration, I recommend you check out the Steam "Big Screen" application. It allows you to see your desktop on a similar overlay, except you can move it wherever you want, make it any size you want and change it from flat to hemisphere. 7. Fix the plane sights. 8. Pixel Density setting for Oculus users Either in the game, or in the launcher. 9. Allow streaming of a single eye image for monitor/twitch/streaming This is possible in Assetto Corsa and IL-2 BoS.
  2. I'm seriously getting fed up with every match at tier 2 not tier 5 TIER 2 being uptiered into tanks I cannot pen. My entire lineup is 3.7 and before you say it yes I did check nothing on my lineup has changed. I have a very simple solution that would work very well in everyone's favor. Go by individual BRs. No more of this 1.0 BR spread where you can get into lineups where I've even seen up to 1.3 spreads. Very simple concept to understand Snail. 1.0s only play with 1.0s up to 1.7 and go up the scale. Meaning if you have anything in your lineup that is outside of that spread it is grayed out and is not usable in that spread. 7.0 and up since it only scales to 8.3 would be its own tier on its own. But the Matchmaker is seriously getting out of hand when i have 40 people in queue in Realistic and it matches completely unrealistic matchups like Russia V America and British when I see 14 people from Germany queuing. With the amount of tanks/aircraft currently in game this would be easily feasible and would not cause congested Matchmaker. Another solution is to break up instead of 5 tiers into say something like 7 where everything is better distributed and then follow the same concept of only playing within the Tier your tank/plane is assigned. This archaic system which has been around forever basically ruins a lot of gameplay and makes the games basically unbalanced 60 to 80% of the time. Tonight alone I had 3 matches in a row vs the same opponent countries and all of them 4.7 or more. Meaning even with APCR my T-34 1942 isn't going to pen anything from the front or even turret wise. I get that everyone has some sort of bias against whatever country they are playing against but these suggestions make so much more sense than the system we currently use. Love to hear feedback from others as to how they think this system may work and if you think the current system needs a major overhaul. (I hate to compare this game to World of Tanks because its nothing like it and I have never played it myself but just from watching gameplay of it I would say they have a much better Matchmaker system than War Thunder by a long shot.) Re post because I was mad when I first posted out of anger....Apologies
  3. In the time after the Battle of Britain, the Allies had been shown how airfields, where aircraft would be open and free to attack, were not able to defend themselves against Axis air raids. Biplanes could take off from hidden areas, but they were far outclassed, and would be destroyed by the modern Bf109 E-4s and early Fw190s. The Hawker Hurricane had proven itself when it was needed over the skies of England, and designers at Hillson had an idea to solve the issue. Taking a Hawker Hurricane Mk1/L, they attached a second wing on top, Hoping and successfully cutting down the time it took for the plane to lift into the air. The wing was meant to be ditched into the sea if the plane needed extra speed. I feel like this plane is something that should be in War Thunder. I know it would be a premium, but it would be such an interesting plane to fly and fight with in War Thunder. I would assume it would be a 2.0 or such, and that if it would not be a premium it could continue the line on the Hurricane Mk1/L, much like the Hurricane Mk2b/Trop and Hurricane Mk4. I know I am not the only one with a love for Hurricanes. Here's my one catch: Ignore the wing detaching! I mean, a Hurricane Biplane is something more than exciting. Here are some more photos of this pretty plane. This side view shows the marking P on the side, which stands for Prototype. This was a Prototype and flew out over the Irish Sea, and must have been quite a site for RAF Hurricane Aviators. Here's a photo from the ground. It shows the struts of the aircraft quite nicely, which would detach and fall away. Unfortunately the wing would almost certainly be lost. If the plane had been developed more it could have turned into something with experimental parachutes to make it land safely. Another interesting part of the Hillson FH.40 was the underbelly of the Fuselage and both wings was the RAF Prototype Yellow. It was an interesting plane for sure. It did not have much of a history, and the upper wing was never even detached. I feel like War Thunder can make this plane go from being forgotten forever to being a plane that the Axis can look at in Realistic and have a good laugh, before being turned to death by this slightly more nimble fighter. Maybe this thing could be the plane that finally out-turns the Fw189. Have a good day everyone, and if you've made it this far, I'd love to have some discussions about this plane.