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Found 3 results

  1. As a Dutchman I´m desperately missing a certain decal from the game. The Dutch air force roundel fits on many aircraft already in the game, but is unfortunately not available. Here is the roundel itself: And several planes it was used on, among many others: Other examples are the B24, the Meteor Mk. 4, the Avenger, the Catalina and the B25 The Royal Netherlands Air Force saw action in both Europe and the Pacific during WW2, where it defended the Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies against the Germans and Japanese respectively. After the war, the air force didn´t stop the fight, with the Dutch attempt to recover lost territories in what would today be Indonesia from 1945-1949 (the picture of the Firefly was taken above New Guinea, then still a Dutch territory). The Dutch also contributed to the United Nations forces in the Korean War, but that was mostly a naval contribution.
  2. I've been thinking about gajin implementing some features to reward for us players who do manage to make it to level 100 and on top of that add even more levels with little perks along the way, for example an additional 400 level(total of 500) with each 100 levels having a unique bonus that the players could take advantage of as a reward for playing the game and grinding to reach these Milestones For those who are currently/working towards level 100 Gajin could grant them acess to things like Marks of distinction on there non premium vehicles and if they have a prem account up the amount of decals we could place to , Allow them to use any vehicle in the game in CUSTOM BATTLES ONLY, I Feel this would be a pretty minor thing but would make it easier for us to get together, relax, test out the vehicles capabilities against one another, find weak spots, best position on maps to use each of the tanks, and most importantly for gajin they would be able to receive more Data on Vehicles performance from the players who most likely have more experience using them to further improve balance between vehicles at all BR's.. Next suggestion I feel would be the most influential in enticing players to reach higher levels would be the promise of able to use our "stockpiled" convertible RP to research vehicle Modules for free after a proposed LEVEL 200 at a 4 to 1 conversion or so if it would take you 20000 rp grinded in matches to unlock a new mod. the free convertible RP benefit would cost you 80'000 of your convertible RP i'm sure most of us know the task of having to buy a new vehicle<select a slot<grind the modules, on certain vehicles this task would actually become a bit aggravating/tedious and you might even just end up giving up on using the vehicle and trying something you like more to grind the next, had it can be a pain at times to research certain key modules on vehicles to improve our chances of survivability, efficiency in battle, and over all enjoyment of the game, the further up a tree you grind the more of a task it becomes to spade(have all mods) on your vehicles. Most level 100s at this time likely have 10,20+ million CRP(convertible RP) just sitting there building up at this point and would be fine with having something to do with it all, something to drain them of it would be beneficial to all parties. 1. gajin could increase a fair the XP income of players who have a premium account(30 days +), with a new bonus of gifting us a daily sum of CRP, 10000 for everyday we play 10+ missions while we have our premium account. 2. Too off set this new addition to Premium accounts gajin could increase the cost of the Accounts a tad, more players would likely invest some more money if they were aware of another bonus to making the grind easier overall after the level Milestone 3. it COULD decrease the amount of complaints some would have about the time it takes to unlocks mods. I feel that gajin could go into more depth with the games progression system. Feel free to leave any constructive criticisms, opinion/thoughts, and even more suggestions as to what you think gajin could do to the games progression
  3. a spotting function

    a spotting mechanic for groundforces RB im suggesting a feature where you aim your crosshairs at an enemy, and hit an assigned key,that would make that enemy visable on the minimap for your teammates for 2-3 seconds. it would be a very usefull and easy function.make it happen,give recon vehicles a purpose,please.