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Found 5 results

  1. i dont know how does the game works now because i came back after few months. now i'm playing with t28 and i cant research kv 1.. it says that i need to reach a level into aviation. so now how i preceed? thank's
  2. At this moment, the "balanced" IT-1 is the top TD of the USSR in the game, and we all know the IT-1 benefits from many Mechanics and Disadvantages not represented in game atm, such as its invulnerable Misssile on Top, which can still be fired even after having taken a 120mm HESH Shell. The Objekt 268 shall be a real alternative to the IT-1, being a normal, casemate style Tank Destroyer. But what is the Obj. 268? Historical Background: In Summer of 1952, began the development Program of a new Tank Destroyer for the Red Army. At the Kirov Plant in Leningrad, the Project Objekt 268 was in development and overseen by Josef Kotin. The Tank was based on the T-10 Heavy tank to facilitate Repairs and Production. One Prototype was constructed in 1956 and underwent field trials but the 268 never went into mass Production. Data: Armament: 152mm M-64 w/ 35 Rounds - 43kg APBC-HE Shell, 760 m/s, Penetration AFAIK max. 230mm*, (Thx Choogleblitz) but i´m sure certain people here have access to more precise numbers) - HEAT 250mm* -HE Armour: The Chassis is identical to the T-10´s, the Superstructure is 187mm thick and sitting at a compound angle giving it an effective thickness of approx. 240-260mm. The Sides are 100mm thick, the rear is 50mm: So 187/100/50 Speed: 45-48 km/h with V-16-FN Engine, 800 HP 5 Crewmen: TC, Gunner, 2 Loaders, Driver I think this would make a potent TD for the USSR after the BR Range has been extended and the DM improved, since the 152mm M-64 is a devastating Gun on par in terms of KE with Guns such as the 120mm M58 and PaK-44. Sources: "Russian Tanks, 1900-1970,The Complete Illustrated History of Soviet Armoured Theory and Design" by John Milsom "Soviet Armour since 1945" by Bryan Perret "Domestic Armoured Vehicles of the 1945-1965 biennium" by M.V Pavlov
  3. So, anyone got some information/data about Object 268? [spoiler][/spoiler]   EDIT: No, this is not a suggestion.
  4. Who will ride with me into battle when this glorious piece of Soviet Engineering comes out, and we will together smash the capitalist Pattons and Centurions in Germany!   [media][/media]   [media][/media]     Mod Edit (wotertool): To have a nice pinned thread:   T-54 1947   T-54 1951    
  5. War Thunder: The Grind is my attempt to spade all the planes in War Thunder. Along the way, there are tips, anecdotes, historical information, fun, tears, pain, and rants!! Today's spade: AR-2 A bit of a xxxx spade with this one. Don't get me wrong, the AR-2 is a great plane, but when you are on a succession of teams that seem determined to lose at every possible opportunity ... life does get depressing. Things were bad that I had to cap Krymsk twice, in a poxy bomber, and still my team managed to lose!! Chapter times: 00:00 Introduction and short history of the AR-2; 03:37 The AR-2 in-game; 04:20 The story of the spade; 17:39 The spade musical montage; 21:13 Final thoughts.