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Found 6 results

  1. After the end of the war in Europe in May 1945, Churchill planned an offensive against the soviet forces on occupied central and eastern Europe, this to prevent a further advance of communism over western Europe, the very first sign of the cold war. The plan was to launch a British offensive with the help of the allied countries USA, Canada, France, polish forces in exile and POW german soldiers. The total amount of allied troops on western Europe were about 2.5 million men plus exile soldiers and ex-wehrmacht troops (about 100,000 german soldiers). But the soviet numerical superiority was about 4:1 in men and 2:1 in tanks. The planned was abondoned due to the great risk of a new big world conflict and the highly probable soviet victory (who knows) and didn't become public until 1998. This is the map that showed the positions of the allied armies at the end of the war, western allied armies were much less than soviet ones, but each army had a bigger number of soldiers, although soviet total numbers of soldiers was bigger, still had a 4:1 ratio. But the soviet forces had their own allies too, the yugoslavian, bulgarian, romanian and polish forces.
  2. So i called it, i knew it was coming. Gaj saw my forum post and knew it was a great idea, instead of the IS-7 it was the IS-6 which is ok, we will reach the IS-7 in due time. So the IS-6, a powerful vehicle mixed with the IS-3, IS-4 and something else. The IS-6 is going to be LEGENDARY on the battlefield, i believe the tank is going to be 6.7 since the russians no longer have a powerful tank at 6.7, the IS-2 mod was there but it had weak turret cheeks and wasn't that competitive compared to the Tiger 2H (sla included) and the T-29(T-34 included). I can't wait for this tank, it has the strengths of all the tier 5 cold era tanks and none of the weaknesses. I think i may just preorder it, how about you guys? Leave a comment below saying if you may buy it or if not that then say how you think this will affect the game now . Also please no fighting or whining saying its russian bias, that a easy way to get a strike. Any who enjoy my prediction i have bestowed on the war thunder world Armory(IS-6 Object 252): Parts of the Tank Armor in mm Angling in ° Upper hull front 100 mm 65 ° Drivers hatch 120mm 65 ° Lower hull front 120mm 53 ° Upper hull side 100mm 45 ° lower hull side 100mm 0 ° lower lower hull side 20mm 70° Upper hull rear 60mm 60 ° Lower hull rear 60mm 30 ° hull roof 50mm-20mm 90 ° hull Floor 20mm 90 ° Gunmantle 300mm round Tower front 150mm round Tower side 150mm round Tower rear 100mm round Tower Roof 30mm 85 ° -90 ° Tower Floor 40mm 90 ° Ammunition of the IS-6:
  3. i dont know how does the game works now because i came back after few months. now i'm playing with t28 and i cant research kv 1.. it says that i need to reach a level into aviation. so now how i preceed? thank's
  4. Like its a nightmare to use this tank with 115mm of stock penetration.   you can barely pen a kingtiger from its side, but mainly it says hit with no damage or bounce when you fire it straight on the side.   even apcr rounds from the t-34-85 are not that impressive either
  5. In the late 70ies - early 80ies, after combat analysis of the BMP-1 and BMP-2, it became apparent that they lacked sufficient firepower and armor to do the role they were designed for. These were the reasons why the Minister of Defense requested a new IFV be developed to meet the requirements of the modern battlefield. This is how the story of Object 688's development started. Intentionally for the development of the new machine, a team of young professionals, guided by the by one of the leading engineers V. A. Zinoviev. Due to the fact that the vehicle was not a modernization of the then in service BMP-1 or BMP-2, the main task was to develop a layout for it. The frontal arc was required to withstand hits from western IFVs, the side armor had to withstand hits from 12.7s. The main offensive weapons also had to have an increase in effectiveness. A significant increase in frontal protection put designers in a difficult spot, as traditionally IFVs have a frontally mounted engine that is protected by a thin armor plating. Such a layout allows you to make the IFV amphibious. Therefore, at the suggestion of the Chief Designer, it was decided to choose the layout typically used on tanks(rear mounted engine). However, it was soon found out that engine would cause problems for infantry entering and leaving. To resolve that problem, it was suggested that infantry would enter and exit from the sides(like on the BTR series). After a wooden mockup was built, it became clear that the doors were not wide enough(60 cm) to allow fast exiting and entering, even without the troops being fully loaded. Next it was proposed to allow the infantry to exit and enter over the engine,as on VDV IFVs. In the end, the latter option was decided to be the best option. In 1981 the first prototype was constructed named Sample 602. What was unique about 602 was the externally mounted armament. The armament consisted of a 2A42 30-MM automatic cannon, AGS-17 30-MM grenade launcher, 2 9M113 ATGM launchers, and a PKT coaxial MG. (Sample 602) However the then Minister of Defense, stepped in and decided that the armament should increased further. After a long debate, they decided to replace the AGS-17 and 9M113 with a D-10T2S based 100-MM(2A48?). It was found out that 100-MM was too heavy and with it the IFV would be unable to swim and it was as a result dropped from the design. After a very short period, a new lightweight 100-MM(whose weight was only 230kg) gun was developed specifically for the IFV. Together with the new gun, the vertical guidance could be increased to +60 degrees. In September 1987, the IFV would enter service with the Soviet Army under the designation BMP-3. (Early BMP-3 with the "new" 100-MM) Designation:- BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Amount in service: Around 500 are estimated to be in service with the Russian Federation Dimensions:- Length: 23.4 feet Length with gun forward: 23.6 feet Height: 7.5 feet Width: 10.8 feet Crew: 3 (Driver, Gunner, Commander) Weight: 18.7 tons Protection:- Mobility:- Engine: UTD-29 outputting 500hp Top speed: 43.4 mph Top speed in reverse: 12 mph Top speed in the water: 6 mph Firepower:- 100-MM 2A70 Combat rate of fire: 10 rounds per minute Maximum rate of fire: 15 rounds per minute Ammunition: OF-32 HE-Frag Muzzle velocity: 250 mps 9M117 ATGM Maximum Penetration: 600mm Maximum Speed: 370 meters per second Average Speed: 300 meters per second Guidance System: SACLOS When using the 9M117 ATGM: 3-4 rounds per minute Ammunition load: 22 rounds in the automatic loader and a further 18 stored outside the loader A total of 8 9M117s can be carried 30-MM 2A72 Low rate of fire: 200-300 rounds per minute High rate of fire: 500 rounds per minute Available ammunition: 3UBR6 API Muzzle velocity: 960 mps Penetration: 20-MM at 700 meters(at an angle 60 degrees) 3UBR8 "Kerner" APDS Muzzle velocity: 1100 mps Penetration: 45-MM at 100 meters( at an angle of 60 degrees) 3UOR6 HE-T Muzzle velocity: 960 mps 3UOF8 HEI Muzzle velocity: 960 mps Ammunition load: 500 rounds The 2A72 is capable is capable of switching ammunition types in the same fashion as the German Gepard Both the 2A70 and 2A72 are stabilized on both planes 3 7.62 PKTs Rate of fire: 750 rounds per minute Ammunition load: 6,000 rounds Maximum horizontal guidance: 35 Deg/S Maximum vertical guidance: 35 Deg/S Maximum gun angles: -6-+60 Sources:,_BMP-2_i_BMP-3.html
  6. Who will ride with me into battle when this glorious piece of Soviet Engineering comes out, and we will together smash the capitalist Pattons and Centurions in Germany!   [media][/media]   [media][/media]     Mod Edit (wotertool): To have a nice pinned thread:   T-54 1947   T-54 1951