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Found 6 results

  1. In the early 1980's, after neither the Object 685 or Object 934 was accepted for service, it was becoming apparent that the VDV was lacking in a means of adequately engaging the new generation of NATO MBTs. At that time main bulk of the VDV was BMD-1s and BTR-Ds, both of which were incapable of dealing with modern MBTs. At the same time, with the IL-76 just entering service, the transportation capabilities of the VDV had been significantly increased. The increases of capabilities came from the IL-76 being able carry a total of 40 tons and being able to carry a 20 ton vehicle. With that in mind, it was decided that it was useless to just upgrade the existing fleet of AFVs. During the search for a base chassis to use, TsNIITochMash(Central Scientific Research Center Institute Of Precision Engineering) came to the conclusion that the the chassis from Object 934 would be suitable for use. As what was most likely a "proof of concept", in 1983, one of the three Object 934 prototypes were transferred to TsNIITochMash, where a prototype 125-MM SPG was manufactured between 1983 and 1984. In 1984, firing test were conducted at the Kubinka , showing that the accuracy was no worse that current MBTs and the stress placed on the crew was within the acceptable limits. On October 20, 1985, the green light was given on the development of the SPG, by a decision of the Military Industrial Commission of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. At the same time, the SPG was given the code name "Sprut-SD" and the Object number 952. At some point, it was decided to use a lengthened BMD-3 chassis, instead of 934's. This was most likely done for the sake of commonality. Means of the landing were to be carried out by a system designated P260 and were developed from the P235 parachute-jet(intended to land the BMP-3) Between 1990 and 1991 state test were conducted on the SPG. During the tests, the P260 showed to major shortcomings, it was expensive and complex. On May 30th, 1994, by a decision on the Russian Air Force, the Airborne Forces of the Russian Federation, and the developer on the P260, the P260 was cancelled and the P260M was ordered into development. In 2001, after the UFP was modified, the 2S25 would again undergo state trials. In 2005 it would finally be accepted into service with the VDV. A 2S25 being loaded with the P260M parachute-jet system. Designation:- 2S25 Self Propelled Gun Dimensions:- Length: 23.2 feet Length with gun forward: 32.05 feet Height: 10 feet Width: 10.3 feet Crew: 3 (Driver, Gunner, Commander) Weight: 18 tons Protection: The hull and turret is made from aluminum alloy and the hull and turret front have an additional steel sheet. Frontal arc is for 23-MM and the sides are rated for 12.7 Mobility:- Engine: 2B-06-2C diesel engine out putting 520hp Top speed: 43.4 mph Top speed in reverse: 43.4 mph Top speed in the water: 5.5 mph Firepower:- 125-MM 2A75 Rate of Fire: 6-8 rounds per minute Regarding ammunition:- Ammunition load: 22 rounds carried in the automatic loader and an additional 18 carried outside the automatic loader 7.62-MM PKT Ammunition load: 2000 rounds Maximum gun angles: -5-+15 Sources:- For the museum piece pictures: Information for the ammunition:
  2. So i called it, i knew it was coming. Gaj saw my forum post and knew it was a great idea, instead of the IS-7 it was the IS-6 which is ok, we will reach the IS-7 in due time. So the IS-6, a powerful vehicle mixed with the IS-3, IS-4 and something else. The IS-6 is going to be LEGENDARY on the battlefield, i believe the tank is going to be 6.7 since the russians no longer have a powerful tank at 6.7, the IS-2 mod was there but it had weak turret cheeks and wasn't that competitive compared to the Tiger 2H (sla included) and the T-29(T-34 included). I can't wait for this tank, it has the strengths of all the tier 5 cold era tanks and none of the weaknesses. I think i may just preorder it, how about you guys? Leave a comment below saying if you may buy it or if not that then say how you think this will affect the game now . Also please no fighting or whining saying its russian bias, that a easy way to get a strike. Any who enjoy my prediction i have bestowed on the war thunder world Armory(IS-6 Object 252): Parts of the Tank Armor in mm Angling in ° Upper hull front 100 mm 65 ° Drivers hatch 120mm 65 ° Lower hull front 120mm 53 ° Upper hull side 100mm 45 ° lower hull side 100mm 0 ° lower lower hull side 20mm 70° Upper hull rear 60mm 60 ° Lower hull rear 60mm 30 ° hull roof 50mm-20mm 90 ° hull Floor 20mm 90 ° Gunmantle 300mm round Tower front 150mm round Tower side 150mm round Tower rear 100mm round Tower Roof 30mm 85 ° -90 ° Tower Floor 40mm 90 ° Ammunition of the IS-6:

    Which is better / worse, 4M GAZ AAA or DShK GAZ AAA? The 4M has 360° gun rotation but the DShK cannot turn to face behind. 4M can aim more vertically than DShK. 4M has higher rate of bullet output but DShK has more penetration and can kill a few light tanks. 4M has a long belt, DShK must reload every 50 shots and takes a long time. Thus, compared to each other, 4M is better against aircraft and DShK is better against tanks. My impression is that DShK GAZ has a similar role to the American M2A2 tank but is worse at it - slower and less agile with less armour. The gun seems worse too. It is not that useful against aircraft and only slightly useful against very light tanks.
  4. First soviet jet (any idea?)

    So... I will soon start to research my first jet... I have never played jets before. Could you please help me choose which aircraft should I grind first? Well, I dont really want to grind the Yak-15 first because I dont think I will like it. So there are two options remaining: Míg-9 or La-15 I like those boomsticks on the Míg-9 but they say it is hard to aim them. Because of this my heart pulls a bit to the La-15 with its good top speed and because it is a top tier jet(or mid tier idk). What are their pros and cons? Which should I choose and why? Thank you for reading this article and helping me out! Have a nice day/night! [Sorry for my grammar]
  5. I am looking for an active Tank RB Squadron. My main nations are Germany (highest BR 3.7) and Russia (highest BR 5.7). I speak Russian, German and basic English. My level is 20 and i have around 420 hours playtime. The problem is that iam only 15 years old and still a little bitt squeeky. IGN: Smokejumper_
  6. I am looking for an active Tank RB Squadron. My main nations are Germany (highest BR 3.7) and Russia (highest BR 5.7). I speak Russian, German and basic English. My level is 20 and i have around 420 hours playtime. The problem is that iam only 15 years old and still a little bitt squeeky. IGN: Smokejumper_