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Found 10 results

  1. Well, being a history nut I could not wait to get the T-34-57. I think that historically it was one of the better T-34 variants in the early war years. And once again, I have been majorly disappointed at the performance of a history icon in WT. I mean this thing is like a rolling critical damage machine. Get hit by a 37mm flak shell and it will either kill the gunner and/or loader. I really don't see why this thing is so fragile. Was it that way in real life? I was under the assumption that it was a pretty tough tank that could take a beating and still fight. Apparently I am either wrong, or it's DM in game is severely messed up.   Update 2/20/2015: As of now the T-34-57 mod 43 is one of my most productive premiums and has one of mybest K:D ratios. I created this post a long time ago and at the time it's DM was still being tuned. Now, it seems to be a very good medium and has a very good gun for dealing with any sort of enemy you might encounter. It is especially good at dealing with heavier armor by flanking and getting in close where it's high penetration APCR can hit ammo racks or engines. 
  2. At this moment, the "balanced" IT-1 is the top TD of the USSR in the game, and we all know the IT-1 benefits from many Mechanics and Disadvantages not represented in game atm, such as its invulnerable Misssile on Top, which can still be fired even after having taken a 120mm HESH Shell. The Objekt 268 shall be a real alternative to the IT-1, being a normal, casemate style Tank Destroyer. But what is the Obj. 268? Historical Background: In Summer of 1952, began the development Program of a new Tank Destroyer for the Red Army. At the Kirov Plant in Leningrad, the Project Objekt 268 was in development and overseen by Josef Kotin. The Tank was based on the T-10 Heavy tank to facilitate Repairs and Production. One Prototype was constructed in 1956 and underwent field trials but the 268 never went into mass Production. Data: Armament: 152mm M-64 w/ 35 Rounds - 43kg APBC-HE Shell, 760 m/s, Penetration AFAIK max. 230mm*, (Thx Choogleblitz) but i´m sure certain people here have access to more precise numbers) - HEAT 250mm* -HE Armour: The Chassis is identical to the T-10´s, the Superstructure is 187mm thick and sitting at a compound angle giving it an effective thickness of approx. 240-260mm. The Sides are 100mm thick, the rear is 50mm: So 187/100/50 Speed: 45-48 km/h with V-16-FN Engine, 800 HP 5 Crewmen: TC, Gunner, 2 Loaders, Driver I think this would make a potent TD for the USSR after the BR Range has been extended and the DM improved, since the 152mm M-64 is a devastating Gun on par in terms of KE with Guns such as the 120mm M58 and PaK-44. Sources: "Russian Tanks, 1900-1970,The Complete Illustrated History of Soviet Armoured Theory and Design" by John Milsom "Soviet Armour since 1945" by Bryan Perret "Domestic Armoured Vehicles of the 1945-1965 biennium" by M.V Pavlov
  3. So i called it, i knew it was coming. Gaj saw my forum post and knew it was a great idea, instead of the IS-7 it was the IS-6 which is ok, we will reach the IS-7 in due time. So the IS-6, a powerful vehicle mixed with the IS-3, IS-4 and something else. The IS-6 is going to be LEGENDARY on the battlefield, i believe the tank is going to be 6.7 since the russians no longer have a powerful tank at 6.7, the IS-2 mod was there but it had weak turret cheeks and wasn't that competitive compared to the Tiger 2H (sla included) and the T-29(T-34 included). I can't wait for this tank, it has the strengths of all the tier 5 cold era tanks and none of the weaknesses. I think i may just preorder it, how about you guys? Leave a comment below saying if you may buy it or if not that then say how you think this will affect the game now . Also please no fighting or whining saying its russian bias, that a easy way to get a strike. Any who enjoy my prediction i have bestowed on the war thunder world Armory(IS-6 Object 252): Parts of the Tank Armor in mm Angling in ° Upper hull front 100 mm 65 ° Drivers hatch 120mm 65 ° Lower hull front 120mm 53 ° Upper hull side 100mm 45 ° lower hull side 100mm 0 ° lower lower hull side 20mm 70° Upper hull rear 60mm 60 ° Lower hull rear 60mm 30 ° hull roof 50mm-20mm 90 ° hull Floor 20mm 90 ° Gunmantle 300mm round Tower front 150mm round Tower side 150mm round Tower rear 100mm round Tower Roof 30mm 85 ° -90 ° Tower Floor 40mm 90 ° Ammunition of the IS-6:
  4. I've started this topic with several ideas in mind. It's probably too much to ask, for it to be a pinned, but I hope people will participate, as I find being a beta tester of a game I like inclines me to give suggestions and ideas - let's call it day dreaming. So, some rules for this topic, to keep it clean, simple and enjoyable: A picture of the aircraft in question; Aircraft indentification - name, series number, year; Short description and your opinion on the role of it - how do you see it being used in War Thunder; Wikipedia source - a link; Youtube source -  a link, preferably with pinpointed time, where the aircraft made an impression on you; Your additional comment. I do think that even arcade players, who only enjoy flying in a furball of fun, with time may start wondering about WW2's aviation, victories, personalities and what not. They might find this topic interesting, so lets contribute with our passions for WW2's aircraf designs, innovations and other interesting things. Here are my starters: _____________________________________   Tupolev ANT-25 was a Soviet long-range experimental aircraft which was also tried as a bomber. It was designed for prolongued flights. It would be amazing to have it as a Reconnaisance vehicle, if "those" kind of vehicles existed with "that" kind of purpose in game. Wikipedia - Youtube - _____________________________________ Link to explain Reconnaissance ideas in War Thunder -
  5. Like its a nightmare to use this tank with 115mm of stock penetration.   you can barely pen a kingtiger from its side, but mainly it says hit with no damage or bounce when you fire it straight on the side.   even apcr rounds from the t-34-85 are not that impressive either
  6. The T10M with rockets.
  7. The Soviet CAS that we currently have in the game is pretty rubbish compared to the Germans, Americans and even the Brits have it better. How would it be fixed? Any suggestions?
  8. I thought I'll start the topic about SU-122-54 which is]top self-propelled gun of the Soviet line.     General characteristics:   Country: USSR Type: SPG (tank destroyer) Crew: 5 (Commander, Gunner, 2 Loaders and Driver)   History:   Prototypes: 1949-1954 Production: 1955-1956 Number build: Approximately 95   Techincal data:   Armour: 20-100 mm Lenght: 9,97 m Width: 3,27 m Hight : 2,56 m Clearance: 0,42 m Mass: 36 t   Performance: Speed: 48 km Range: 400 km   Operatonal data:   One 122mm anti-tank D-49 gun with 35 shells Two 14,5 mm KPWT machine guns (one for the aa defence on the top) with 600 rounds   *Based on Wiki article     A true creme de la creme of the Soviet tank destroyer line. I hope that soon I'll unlock this beauty  :salute:      
  9. [media][/media] And its all in Russian so i can't read a bit of it.
  10. Who will ride with me into battle when this glorious piece of Soviet Engineering comes out, and we will together smash the capitalist Pattons and Centurions in Germany!   [media][/media]   [media][/media]     Mod Edit (wotertool): To have a nice pinned thread:   T-54 1947   T-54 1951