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Found 3 results

  1. i would like to propose what could be the Russian equivalent of the LVT, the BAD-2 Introduction to be clear, the name BAD-2 is probably not making reference to the esthetic of this armored car. the Gaz BAD-2 is an Soviet armored car with amphibious capacity from the early 30s. the purpose of this vehicles was to fill the role of reconnaissance vehicles in all type of terrain in all weather that can be meet in USSR. since USSR have plenty river, lake and swamp, the concept of an amphibious reconnaissance car with the minimal preparation was studied. the word was done under the lead of the engineer Obukhov for the firm of research Okmo (who was related with the builder Izhorskiy). the concept of an boat shaped hull was adopted and the Brone-Atvo-Brezina-2 (BAD-2) was born. Design Originally, the BAD-2 was to be built from the Gaz AAA. but a new chassis was design using the chassis, gear box, and transmission for the Ford Timken. the engine was an GAZ AA of 40hp, to keep a light weight to allow the vehicles to swim, the armor was light. from 4mm to 6mm only. 2 small propeller was in the back of the car to drive the car in the water. an main turret was armed with an 37mm gun copied from the Hotchkiss and was maned by an single man while a secondary turret with 270 degree rotation in the back was armed with an 7.62mm mg. an additional 7.62mm mg was in the hull next to the driver. the car had 6 wheel and they could be replaced with railroad wheel for traveling on the railroad. flexible rubber track could also be installed on the rear wheel to go on the soft ground. History The BAD-2 was produced in a very small number for test purpose from 1932. the Bad-2 was reveled in 1933 during a parade in Leningrad where the car demonstrated the Amphibious capacity in the Neva river in front of the soviet and German officer. the project was cancel in 1934 because the soviet army put more importance in light tank for all terrain mobility and on other armored car such as the BA-I and Ba-3 for reconnaissance role. while been very mobile was the strength of the BAD-2, the test in water proved the car was heavy, unstable and slow and could only be used in calm water. Specifications Weight 4.6 ton Length 5.28 m Width about 2.00 m Height 2.36 m Crew 4 Armor 4-6mm Main armament 37mm Secondary armament 2×7.65 DT Engine 4-cylinder petrol GAZ-A 40 hp (30 kW) Suspension wheeled 6x4 Speed on road 50km/h on water 6km/h and those page from a french magazine
  2. T-44-100 lower BR

    At the current BR the tank T-44-100 is one of the worst. Gets 1 hit killed by anyone because of the weak armor and also can't pen half the vehicles. Most of the games I encounter Maus,Conqueror or IS-4M. I can't pen those. Imagine 3-4 of those tanks being around the same area looking at you. You get 1 hit killed and if lucky you might do a bit of dmg but nothing serious. Because of that each game that i use only the T-44-100 i finish with under 400 points , 0 kills (if no light or medium tank comes around , and most people at that level have heavy tanks) Meanwhile the IS-6 is at the same BR as the T-44-100 with twice as good armor and a 122 mm weapon
  3. So i called it, i knew it was coming. Gaj saw my forum post and knew it was a great idea, instead of the IS-7 it was the IS-6 which is ok, we will reach the IS-7 in due time. So the IS-6, a powerful vehicle mixed with the IS-3, IS-4 and something else. The IS-6 is going to be LEGENDARY on the battlefield, i believe the tank is going to be 6.7 since the russians no longer have a powerful tank at 6.7, the IS-2 mod was there but it had weak turret cheeks and wasn't that competitive compared to the Tiger 2H (sla included) and the T-29(T-34 included). I can't wait for this tank, it has the strengths of all the tier 5 cold era tanks and none of the weaknesses. I think i may just preorder it, how about you guys? Leave a comment below saying if you may buy it or if not that then say how you think this will affect the game now . Also please no fighting or whining saying its russian bias, that a easy way to get a strike. Any who enjoy my prediction i have bestowed on the war thunder world Armory(IS-6 Object 252): Parts of the Tank Armor in mm Angling in ° Upper hull front 100 mm 65 ° Drivers hatch 120mm 65 ° Lower hull front 120mm 53 ° Upper hull side 100mm 45 ° lower hull side 100mm 0 ° lower lower hull side 20mm 70° Upper hull rear 60mm 60 ° Lower hull rear 60mm 30 ° hull roof 50mm-20mm 90 ° hull Floor 20mm 90 ° Gunmantle 300mm round Tower front 150mm round Tower side 150mm round Tower rear 100mm round Tower Roof 30mm 85 ° -90 ° Tower Floor 40mm 90 ° Ammunition of the IS-6: