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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone. Recently we in the international core group had a little discussion about all the possibly ships we can have in game if we get our own navy. So i thought why not make a test thread about it too see what the International tree community has to offer. Remember that this is nothing official since we don't even have any navy currently in game.   Some rules:   The ships has to still be in service by 1930 and launched by 1953. (some exceptions!) In a nutshell we want ships from war thunders era and not from ww1 ore the late cold war.   The ships can not be from any of the in game nations. Neither the future Italy. Though ships that where built in any of the in game nations and later sold and modified to some other nation are ok to post. In a nutshell. We don't want ships that has the potential to show up in any of the in game nations navy trees.   I guess submarines is ok to post too, but it seems like Gaijin wont add subs as of now.   Well i will start to show some Swedish ships that i think will be fun to use. Also to set up some examples on what we want.   First up is the Sweden-class battleship.     Next up is my favorite type, the Halland-class. My favorite one of these ships is the HMS Småland where my grandpa worked when he did military duty.     Have fun :D