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Found 1 result

  1. Fellow pilots and tankers! Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the tournament service 1. How do can I participate in a tournament? In order to participate in a tournament, all you need to do is go to the portal, log in and pick a tournament that you are interested in. Just press the “JOIN” button and select one of the options: Create new team - if you want to be the team captain and invite your friends or random players to play in this tournament. Join team - if one of your friends have already registered a team and you want to join him. 2. How do I create a team? Go to the portal, pick a tournament that you are intersted in. Press the “JOIN” button. When you press the “JOIN” button, select the CREATE NEW TEAM option. Next, you need to fill a simple form: Team name - here you can enter the name of your team. Leader contacts - if you are creating a team that can be joined by random players, be sure to leave your contact info here. Be careful, since your contact info will be visible to everyone, so it is best to leave your nickname on the forum or in game. Team description - here you can write more information about your team. SET PASSWORD FOR JOINING - if you check this option, you can write a password that will be required for everyone who wants to join your team. This is useful if you want only your friends to join your team. After pressing the “REGISTRATION” button, a new window will pop-up with the info about your team and you will receive a direct link to it which you can share with your friends and let them easily find your team in this tournament. 3. How do I join a team? Go to the portal, pick a tournament that you are interested in. Press the “JOIN” button. When you press the “JOIN” button, select the SEARCH TEAM option. Next, take a look at the list of team, pick a team that you like (or you are looking for) and press the “JOIN” button. If the “JOIN” button has the lock sign on it, that means that you will need the captain’s password in order to join this team. You can receive this password by contacting the captain of the team. After successful registration in a team a pop-up window like this should appear: 4. How to allow only my friends to join my team? When creating the team, check the SET PASSWORD FOR JOINING. Enter the password and save it. Now you can share this password with your friends and only them will be able to join your team. 5. How to confirm my team for the tournament? When the team has enough players, the “CONFIRMED” button appears for the captain. Important! After the “CONFIRMED” button is pressed, new players cannot join the team and those who have joined cannot leave the team. In order to allow more players to join, the captain needs to press the “NOT READY” button. 6. What will happen if I haven’t confirmed my team for the tournament? In the case that the team captain hasn’t confirmed the team for the tournament, it will not be able to participate. 7. How to find out about the format of the tournament? Tournament mode and format are displayed on the tournament icon under tournament name on the portal: From left to right you can find: Team size (tournament format), Teams Registered (how many teams play in the tournament), Battle mode (AB, RB or SB) and Tournament type. 8. What tournament types are there? Tournaments can be: DE - double elimination, the olympic system tournament bracket with double elimination. SE - single elimination, the single elimination olympic system tournament bracket. Tournament bracket can also have a Group stage before the DE or SE. 9. Where can I find the tournament rules? To check out the tournament rules, press “DETAILS” on the tournament icon and a new page will open in your browser with detailed info. On this page, click on the “RULES” button. 10. Where can I see the allowed vehicles and maps for the tournament? To see all the info about the allowed vehicles and maps for the tournament, press the “SETTINGS” button on the tournament icon. 11. Where can I find the tournament schedule? Tournament schedule can be found by pressing on the “SETTINGS” button on the tournament icon. 12. How to see the prizes for the tournament? You can see the prizes if you press the “SETTINGS” button on the tournament icon (the prizes shown here are per player). If you want to see the prize fund of the tournament, press “DETAILS” button on the tournament icon. On the right side you can see the tournament prize fund and if you press the “PRIZES” button, you can see the prizes per player. 13. How to open the tournament bracket? The tournament bracket is formed after the registration time is over (you can check this time in the tournament schedule). The “TOURNAMENT BRACKET” button appears between the “RULES” and “PRIZES” buttons in the menu. 14. How to check on which map will I play the match? You can check the map for each match by opening the TOURNAMENT BRACKET, choosing your match and pressing the “i” icon: All information about the current round of battles will be displayed in a pop-up window: 15. Are maps changing for each battle or are they the same for the whole match/tournament? Right now, a map can be used for one match or the whole tournament. One map can be used for the group stage, another for the first round and so on. Maps can repeat during the course of the tournament. 16. How many battles do we need to play in order to win in a match? In order to find out how many battles you need to play in order to win a match, press the “RULES” button. Short description of the tournament rules can be found in the TOURNAMENT STRUCTURE. Standard formats of matches are: Bo3 (best of 3) - until 2 wins in the match Bo5 (best of 5) - until 3 wins in the match Bo7 (best of 7) - until 4 wins in the match 17. How do I enter the match/battle? When the time comes to play in the match, start up your game client, log in on the portal and wait for the match/battle to start. You can enter the match lobby by: 1. Pressing the Join button on the web site 2. By accepting the invitation in the game client 3. At the appointed time, if the player is authorized in the game client, he will be automatically moved to the match lobby. Next, you just need to press the “Ready” button in the lobby and wait for the other players to join and match start. 18. What is going to happen if my team is short on players (i.e.: we have 5 players in 7x7 tournament)? Depending on the number of players in the tournament format, there could be a possibility to start the battle if you are missing players (i.e.: you have only 5 players in the 7x7 tournament match). To check the minimum number of players in order to play the match, go to RULES, TOURNAMENT STRUCTURE. 19. What is going to happen if my team has more players in the lobby (i.e.: we have 9 players in the lobby of the 7x7 tournament)? If you have more players in the lobby (i.e.: 9 players in the 7x7 tournament match), the players who pressed the “Ready” button first will play (in our case, the first 7 who pressed the “Ready” button). 20. What should we do if our opponents haven’t showed up for the match? If your opponents haven’t showed up for the match, you need to enter the lobby with your full team and wait for the game client to give technical defeat to the opposing team. When this happens, the game client will automatically return you to the Custom battles menu. Important! You need to enter each battle of the match until you receive a technical victory in the match and your team moves forward in the bracket. 21. What should we do if we have missed our first battle in the match? If your team missed the first battle of the match and your opponents showed up, you can continue playing next battles in the match (if the match is until 2 or more victories). 22. What will happen if both teams don’t show up for the match? In the case that both teams miss their first battle in the match, they will both automatically get the technical defeat in the match. 23. What should I do if I got disconnected during the battle? If you got disconnected during the battle, you can rejoin the ongoing battle and continue playing. 24. How can I watch the replay of the battle? If you are logged in under the same account on the tournament portal and in the game client, you can watch the replay by selecting a match in the tournament bracket and pressing the camera icon: After pressing the icon button, a pop-up will appear with the list of replays for this match. In case that the battle is ongoing, you can watch the broadcast of the match with 90 seconds delay in your game client. 25. Where can I find the stats of the match? Open the tournament bracket and pick a match - you will see the stats icon: Stats for the whole tournament can be opened by pressing the "STATISTICS" button in the menu: 26. Will there be tournaments for different time zones - like US and Australia? Yes, there will be tournaments for different time zones and they will be available very soon. 27. Can the players from PS4, Max and Linux play in these tournaments? All players from all game platforms can play in these tournaments. 28. How can I create the training room for my team? In order to check the settings of the upcoming match, you can create a training room. The training room is created by the team captain. For the captain to be able to create the training room, he has to be logged in on the and in the game client. Next, open the “MY TOURNAMENTS” section and press the “TRAINING” button: After pressing the “TRAINING” button, the floating window of the training room will show up, where you need to press the “Create” button, next to the map selection drop down menu: When you press the “Create” button, another window will pop-up, where you can see the message that the room has been created successfully. Here you will find the link for the training room and the “JOIN” button: Team captain shares the link with his team mates and other players (from the tournament teams) who want to train. He can give the link to any players, i.e. his squad mates, in order to train only with his own friends. Attention! The training room is created in the game client 1-2 minutes after the captain presses the “Create” button. New training room can be created by the team captain only after the last one has been played in. Maximum number of players allowed in the training room is the same as in the tournament battle (example - if the tournament format is 4x4, than the maximum number of players in the training room is 8 or 4 players for each side). Additional questions from players: Is it possible to make our own tournament? At the moment, tournaments are made by the Gaijin Entertainment employees and partners. How can I become a partner? In order to become a partner and find about conditions, please write to: If I make my own tournament, how do I form a prize fund? The prize fund will be formed based on the agreement with Gaijin Entertainment. Is it possible to form the prize fund by taking payment for registration from players? No, there is no such possibility. Will there be any special prizes (titles, decals, forum badges) for the players who regularly play or win often in the tournaments? These kind of prizes will probably be introduced in the future. In case of a dispute on the tournament, who do we turn to? In case of unsportsmanlike behavior or any kind of dispute, please write to zerbah on the forum or to