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Found 7 results

  1. In January, an additional 438 users were permanently banned for using third-party modifications in violation of the user agreement - use of prohibited modifications. (EULA). Recently, we introduced a system of reports based on replays. With its help you have not only reported suspicious players but also you have improved the modification detection algorithm. Such an algorithm is based on a machine learning system which allowed us to detect almost all remaining players who use forbidden modifications (even if they had not yet been reported). The specific patterns that we used are based on the difference in behaviour of a player who uses only “fair” information (real visibility) from the client and a player who also has server-side information on his monitor (such information contains more data). We have implemented this algorithm in a very conservative way, in order to avoid false positives. Every suspicious player was also checked by our employees after he had been detected by the program. We will continue to improve our algorithm and will make sure that your gaming experience remains comfortable. The War Thunder Team
  2. Ethically speaking. When you buy something you pay for it once. Here at Warthunder when you Pay to have a Task changed it will pop up several more times. the end result. is you pay again and again for what you already paid to change. in screenshot see Pursuit and Pull the Trigger
  3. In January, an additional 438 users were permanently banned for using third-party modifications in violation of the user agreement - use of prohibited modifications. (EULA). Recently, we introduced a system of reports based on replays. With its help you have not only reported suspicious players but also you have improved the modification detection algorithm. Such an algorithm is based on a machine learning system which allowed us to detect almost all remaining players who use forbidden modifications (even if they had not yet been reported). The specific patterns that we used are based on the difference in behaviour of a player who uses only “fair” information (real visibility) from the client and a player who also has server-side information on his monitor (such information contains more data). We have implemented this algorithm in a very conservative way, in order to avoid false positives. Every suspicious player was also checked by our employees after he had been detected by the program. We will continue to improve our algorithm and will make sure that your gaming experience remains comfortable. Comment here The War Thunder Team
  4. We have finally announced the introduction of Naval forces in War Thunder and we are receiving a lot of questions at the moment. The most popular question is “Why do you not plan to introduce player-controlled Capital ships? ”. Let us clarify this a little - the Naval part of the game is in the early testing stage and players haven’t seen what it actually is yet, plus some things change during a test - with your help and feedback we will together define the future of naval battle development in War Thunder. I'll start with an important clarification: in the video you saw the naval combat at the testing stage. More to any player lucky enough to not touch the existing ships in the game, but now we have something to be proud of, and we are preparing for the closed beta to get it to you as soon as possible. However, it hasn't reached that yet and we are already beginning to gather your impressions, comments, and of course, ideas, we can all then, together determine the path that will continue to develop to become, a player managed fleet in War Thunder. For ease of discussion, I will divide the explanation on the main points, each of which we'll later be able to discuss this topic. Several reasons why we are focusing on the “smaller” fleet. 1.How to play? It is clear that game play for very big ships is different from game play in tanks or aircraft. Such a huge and unwieldy ship must have an appropriate battlefield and adapted mechanics. Cruisers can easily battle against other cruisers, what will make a head to head battle until the first hit, where the hit ship will just die slowly without any chance to strike back. No health points, no instant repair, only big ship which slowly sinks to the bottom and a player that can only watch while his ship is destroyed. This game play will bring a dubious pleasure, but it is realistic, because large ships are destroyed in this way. What about action in the locations, they need to be equal to fighting units - the players need time to re-group the ships and prepare for battle. But with dozens of minutes convergence alone, during which everything could end even before it begun - some wild hit from a distant gun, without aimed fire as there is no line of sight, yet the defeat is already quite real, and it’s over. As for interaction with other types of vehicles, here-in lies some further difficulties. In locations that are suitable for the interaction of different types of vehicles, these ships don’t just rotate on the spot so they are unusually vulnerable just to small torpedo boats. At the same time we can not afford to change the characteristics of these ships, we can not increase their speed and agility, as then it will be required of the lighter vehicles also. What is the outcome of these changes? Totally unrealistic battles, to the extent that a generic bomber will simply not be able to catch the ship, such a boost would be needed to the characteristics of the ship to allow it, for example "a cruiser" to have slim chance in escaping from under the enemy shots. The main issue is, Assume that the average time of battle in WT will be about average time of battle in real life but with a wee bit subtracted because our players dont want to keep their vehicles in one piece. You can think of the Battle time of "each" vehicle from the first shot fired, or the time that the enemy was sighted - This is also true for air battles, it is true for tank battle and it will be true for naval battles IF we are determined to keep the physics and damage model reasonably close to realistic. So, at sea, with higher tonnage, the truth is that the average battle is MUCH longer than an hour, even for 1-2 vs 1-2 ships. whilst in real life, it never was shorter than 20 minutes - so it will be in WT. When 20 minutes is longer than average battle in any mode, it is still OK for Naval Forces, But an average of 2-3 hours for a battle is generally more than average player will subscribe to. We made it and we played it - but you do not have to trust us. Just use common sense - realistic physics with reasonable scenarios will cause realistic battle duration's (or maybe a bit quicker, but this is only about a players interest in getting to the action quicker, taking risks, not something else) Aircraft, tanks, bang - whack, bang - whack caboom, Ships, bang, ....bang......bang.....(silence) splash splash, splash (incoming) etc etc, it isn't the same, not by any stretch of the imagination. I see Battle of Britain used as an example of a long air battle, it wasn't a single engagement, battle of the bulge - again wasn't a single engagement - aircraft, tanks, SMALL ships - short lifespan in terms of single combat in our game, large, heavily armoured capital ships, long lifespan in single engagements (unless you are really lucky like in rl) Nope at this stage it just doesn't make sense. 2.Mechanics Even small motor gunboats could have a crew of more than 30 men and this is not a small number, with our “craving” for realism large ships will not fit into the dynamics of game battles. Even huge vessels are extremely vulnerable to aircraft and they had very complex tactics, including reconnaissance, protection, long range combat and even rules to their movement do not comply with the gameplay - fighting for frags and rewards. Capital ships move so slow that they cannot dodge ANY hits at the distance they are fighting at. The only possible solutions are either boost their speed x5 at least so they can dodge or limit the shooting distance. But even if we boost the speed x5 (making it equal to the slowest aircraft) that won't solve the problem of shooting beyond visible range.but still it is possible that one ship can destroy another with a lucky shot - e.g.Bismarck vs. Hood. Two shots fired, battle lasted 30 minutes, hood sank in 3 Maps could be made bigger but that would involve hours and hours of travelling only to get taken out in the first few minutes of contact, there are a few of us who would be happy to do that, but there are just too many that wouldn't. 3.Economy Ships DO take longer to sink, even one lucky shot can take a whole ship out of action, without destroying or damaging critical modules. Even with critical damage it would take hours for a capital ship to sink. Thus without simplifying damage model to a HP system or the like there will be no game play at all How can you count kills? In reality destroying one capital ship could take hours and hours, and, sometimes seconds - in case of ammunition explosion. With smaller vehicles it is clear - destroying an enemy brings greater rewards, damaging an enemy also brings rewards or can take several hits to destroy an enemy. With ships that have crews of over 1000 men for example, it is much more complex. It is exactly the same for the economy and research and development - even if we ignore big crews with a great variety of functions and qualifications and hundreds of different modules, there is still the question “how many millions of “lions” should a torpedo bomber receive that has taken down a capital ship with a lucky strike? For such battles we would require a significantly redesigned game mechanic - a completely different gameplay. 4 Imbalance in Nations As we know, and let’s be honest about this, not all nations had a heavy warship fleet that could match the opponents at the time. There would be nothing up front that could appear in the development of the tree and compete on equal terms with their opponents unless we use small ships to begin with. We aim not only to give you the very existence of warships in War Thunder, but also to create highly interesting gameplay as well, which would fit into the overall concept of the game, allow each player the participation of all types of equipment in a single battle. The US, Great Britain and Japan had indisputable superiority over the USSR in the number of aircraft carriers, which immediately deprives the USSR of this class of vehicle from the beginning - and yet it happened not because of the technical backwardness of the Soviet Union, but for the simple reason: the Soviet Union had not experienced a great need for these ships, because the main fighting took place both on land and in the air. The same can be said for Germany, their naval power was not the greatest at the beginning of our time frame. But how do we explain that to the many players across the world who still want to be the best? Make no mistake, many players use the soviet and German nations in game. At the same time, small class ships were common to all nations, and here they are just perfect for most of the current vehicles represented in War Thunder lines of development. 5.Specialty One more issue is that vessels such as battleships were used very selectively, battles lasted for hours and even days and often ended with an enemy retreat or not being destroyed. Moreover ships such as the “Yamato” or “Missouri” were unique in their class, and definitely, players wouldn't like to wait in the queue because the single e.g. “Yamato” for the current battle has already been taken, or dozen of battleships in one battle without a supporting fleet will be a clumsy and easy target for aircraft. Most importantly - CBT is your chance to share your ideas that may affect the naval battle development process in War Thunder, in reality this is quite a leap for our game and we should remember that the reality of ship combat is very rarely reflected accurately in any game, join the test, give us your feedback and suggestions and we will create a mode that many will enjoy, not just a few! In summary, this isn't a definitive no, but an invitation to help “Steer” the development so as many of us as possible can get enjoyment out of this unusual game mode, you know it makes sense. Please check out the latest announcement from Gamescom that can be found here:- Smooth Seas Warriors. Please feel free to discuss it below.
  5. T49 its an light tank with T132E3 cannon 90mm armor:25/25/19mm and it have similar ru251 cannon Penetration for heat is 12inch And it should be in 6.7 like ru251
  6. A Praise: It's been going on three years playing this game an like so many books and anything one can delve in to from Fibonacci's code, the Bible to engineering there is some layers upon layers deeper and more intense dare I say beautiful that the latter, al adjoining, all intertwine, a billion-trillion moving parts all in a symbiotic relationship enmasse in to a game( meh) a growth* better* a way of life. This written I am astounded how deep so many of you can transform a game/sport and create an overwhelming lifestyle and I THANK YOU. Never been all that great at shooting games but I love them from kicking the can one the farm, fist pop gun, erector sets, building blocks, chemistry sets, balsa plane on to erector set to helping the neighbor bag during the Vietnam years( and yes they used them but I was a child) while watching the MOON landing on a black and white TV....running hoe and setting my model airplanes, finding a loop staring up at the ceiling anf imagining wha is was all like whether a BF109'svs a spitfire or the Betty's and the Doolittle run One and on to Corsairs to P38's MIG's and YAKs( i america we never hears of these amaazing planes, just the way it was) and all those battle hardened Russians at Stalingrad....A Pariah for all those millions and millions and millions gone before and a thank you. I believe I read in Aleandr Solzhenitsyn's famous horrible boi "The Gulag Archipelago where he was walking from one terrible pave to shove dirt to another and a farmer who had worked those crews of plantations for generations for h a thousand years and began weeping. The big guns were going off for miles along as Russia was making a push, Alex asks with questioning eyes because he said it was just too exhaustiin to speak and the farmer said."...see all this? Miles and miles of shrapnels and bodies, thousands of bodies and bricks and moret and unexploded bombs. All this soild Alex and we were striving before the war so what will happen after this God forsaken war? Misery because no ne can farm this land again for ofive hundred years.And he wept. A month later that farmed died worked to death. Hi s=sentence? Allegedly he took a cigarette off a dead comrade. A very tear dropping thankful. I can never imagine burning a flag of any soldier in the trenches who fought so hard to yse, survive but also for th women and Nichiren at home. Myelf...have had a minor few infractions but what War Thunder has done as a game as a history and as an expansion to the most harrowing wars yet such heroism to just survive AND the memories of those human moments of one German pilot edging a crippled bomber back toward his own no mans land only to be reunited again year later...whether Korea, Vietnam, more seldom in other wars but they happen so I thank and have a HOPE we can once again somehow stand in our multiple cultures but we are all humans...please all human serasing the social elite and tyranny or separation of the madness or totalitarian hatred os=f systems gone awry. A HOPE once agin we never forget but remember, REMEMBER we all have love in our heart, are selfless beyond and once again HOPE these oents in this game...can stretch far beyond and encourage one another we are merely human, a short stay, fewer sunrises and sunsets and wits way too short to get caught in the pettiness..t again this is a fun game and we strive to be the best and win adn there is nothing the matter with that, Play one my Russian Bothers, my Argentine,Japanese, Koreans,Malasians, Vietnamese, and on and one, Indianns,Turkish, Kurds.... my Israeli's ad Brazilians, hawaiiabs, Cambodians, Hungarians and a 185 more. God Bless you we can play a game surse and scream and high five in a virtual HIGH FIVE nut at the end of the game we can't wait fast ebigh for the next match because this time THIS TIME WATCH ME ROLL...OR SPIN OUT.... Love it. A short bit about myself. I was given a LOT of money to get this game started because I was supposed to die. A have a four year degree i engineering( structural, had my own business and designed a lot of homes but NOTHING like this. I was a nurse and worked mainly with the most( THEE MOST) dangerous criminals and was yes, almost murdered not once but twice in ritos and am disabled for life. Not rich. I love this as a hope and maybe someday I'd like toclearn more. I have certificates as a pharmacy technician, Psychiatric technician, drug and alcohol technician, Jouurnakisn and a lot more. I hole four belts in martial arts in Tae Kwon Do,Kenpo,KravMaga, Ju Jitsu, Sutokhan( when in High school) Hwrang Do, Moon So DoPa Gwa and more but of couse can't do much of that , surfed( you know"Catch a Wave, but hey were were leaders and had books written upon us) professionallly( we just called it a hobby, farmign and woman told me I was a renaissance man; to me that was a compliment. I encouraged others and hope encouragement for myselfSo many hepled and encouraged me through the hard tims to eep me going an like so few for now I am in remission. I pray and play and give thank daily and if you can deal with that, if you can set aside those angers and such and just get that proverbial group hug, damn guys and girls, I know it's just a game but I had a LONG time sitting on my butt or in my bed ready to fly someday oe get up and fly in t e wild blue yonder. And no I was NEVER close to death, just hard ships, my baby grand daughter passed and my dad( he was my hero at 8 worked on missile defense systems and gramps was a colonel in the Army( Dentist Dai Ichi duing Korean war), family in he trenches in' nam my daughter defending Israel alson with her husband, cousin is a SEAL...nt it its home and I know these people as family I LOVE and friends I care fir and people like you and ne,,,,this is humanity, God Vless all of you. My apologies for misspellings. I have never damage that won't gor waya. I like all to ree,ber thi is just a game but it is more or can be because like all good fitsion and good stories like War Thunder this has a HUGE link to the real life, real people, every person who wrote code or maybe had to deal with me angered because I fogot to plug in the outlet...all are humans ant trying and we cannot spite people who try. My question and you'll laugh. I will post my favs if you do not mind. All of us have our favorites. Lately I've been having a funky low br 2.0 with the B-34...maybe because it's so slow and kind of ugly people just say, I'll get back to you ugly one..fine BOOM My HOPE and I do not know how to do this is to have some folds make me some realistic skins. Fave colors are blue, back, dark greem, off matte ed, lavender and purple look noce but not on a plnae unless mabe a pin stripe? camo,,,just has to be realistic an no amine them just not on my planes .A Praise, A Hope, A Thank You and a Question...there is is. And is I can learn from millennials, I'll try FUNNY and goofy You Tube....laffs...maybe later for cool stuff but there were really really goof players who know all the dynamics so those slots are taken With all respect and care,Have fun CKecho CAN YOU TELL I LOVE TO WRITE? PLEASE LET THE WR THUNDER GREAT FOLKS IF YOU ENJOY A READ. Top places I'd LIKE to get skins maes is: 1) Russian bas **** Su71*what the Americans were looking at when thinking A-10 warthogs??)? I am not so good on this, kind of the sister to the American A2, but the U just has power 2) any bombers, never enough bombers with skins and I bet there are a lot of good realistic ..I've seen enough. 3( Some of the Japamese ones like the ki-61's,J2M2's( very nice, ki-43III, love the Brit Seafire( all the spits including a guy made a pink killing a plane with a pink plane muahahahahah)Seafire 6.0 and FR47...have to be blue or green/white camo? . P47's and P51's are over done but they can NEVER be too over done just like the German A5, F4's and ore. Please no amines...sorry,nice looking for a wall art deco poster but this IS/was war. 4) getting carried away here is a fave not a great but I enjoy flying the FW-190 A-8, American version seems better but they NEED cool skils. The6( Japaese J2M and NKIj1 ans 2's are butt ugly lines but steer clear...maybe that skin paint from the Japanese tanks used for the planes? The Japanese planes again have a LOT of potential( all do) and blue wit with white lettering like one awhile back was a whit ki-43-!!! with light red pin stripes and black lettering. Japanese have artistic skills and lines subtle but nice..go Japan HAI !! On of my fave Japanese is the german E-7...and that is never s skin. Sp if you feel inspired. please let me know, if you feel imagination please by all means. Tanks and planes I sure would love to earn...or donat( I'm not like Bo, PHyly, Squire[so many good one these off the top of my flattened littlr fonetenel-like soft brained ( all have their following and peoplelike me watch all of the over and over. So tanks and planes on my wish list aster showing my NEW Ace love, care thankfulness, hope, joy aaand all( believe me I do not think and this sounds weird but I do not think some dys I could have made it through wthout the escapism, the study and interaction if it is just getting **** doen or blaoen up: High German tabks. Not quite there yet nor the Gehphard because I enjoy popping planes from some rocky enclave. All the Counties hight AAA gunners. Oh I'd like to try the T62 Russian, the STA japan and the three higher ones..lot of work there. Oh yeah I have the centurion, nice lines and someday I'll get that BOOMER,Chieftain...waw, nit there, and Conqueror when I hit some thigh yes, but if I miss, I suck say oooooodhiiiiitt and BOOM me dead. How about a skin for the American FBF-1b? Sweet. I don't know how to ask for stuff. My pension is so riduulodly dmall and "Game Stop in Erureka California( pimping it) hardly ever has a card nor do I have money and I don't own a credit card anymore( serious bad hack) Please someone make a "Plagis Spitfire" MAKE A PLAGIS or a DOGUKSHUN'S. Love that plane, a LaGG3-11 br3.0 with rockets, so slow but dang I have luck in that plane. Anyway. I may be 100***** but I', mediocre and try to always have a joke and encourage fun...oh and killing any spawn freaks..think your cool? You are just ruining it for thr rest fo us. But again, thanks you. I would like to ride your skins. Sure could use new eafles at "CKecho" but it'll all woprk out. Please be happy, hug and love one another. I know I am three years late but three years down the road I am still enjoying this game like I started playing yesterday, Blessings, love and peace to all...please let others know if you like my writing..much ado about nothing but does it make you want to log i =n and slam me or join up??
  7. I was wondering if the Me262 HgII is gonna be added. Some say it has been deleted and its never gonna be added. But what would the reason be. If anybody knows answers or something. Thx