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Found 1 result

  1. So, I have been following the forums and watching youtube videos of naval gameplay, and I noticed that there is not really any discussion going on about how to make small ships (corvettes, DEs, DDs) work in the current format, even though they are far more likely to be implemented than battleships, etc. I personally like the idea of limiting WT Navy to boats and small ships, but even if you want larger ships, finding a way to make small ships work with boats will definitely help pave the way to larger ships. I think the biggest problems facing the addition of small ships will be balancing older destroyers (WWI era convoy escorts, for example) and later vessels. River boats will also be difficult to balance, because they would have their advantages limited to shallow water combat if better armed open-ocean capable ships are around. The AFP could still do well fairly early, because of its heavy armor and decent weaponry (I believe in some ways it is better protected than many destroyers). I think maps that combine fairly large shallow portions (which would prevent larger ships from dominating the entire map) with a good amount of deeper, less calm areas could do a lot to make for balanced gameplay. I think a good step towards bringing ships in would be to develop a quality tech tree based limited to balancing small ships and boats, rather than 1) insisting on bringing cruisers and battleships in, or 2) giving up on anything bigger than an MZ1.