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Found 1 result

  1. Greeting comrads, I would like to suggest an additional variant of the Ta 152, namely the Ta 152 B-5/R11. The RLM (Reichsluftfahrtministerium) requested a replacement for the outdated Me 410 heavy fighters in 1944. The purpose was to lower the cost and effort for maintenance of the various aircrafts at the Luftwaffe. By introducing multi-role aircrafts, standardisation of the majority of parts could be achieved, saving a lot of resources and time. In this instance, Focke-Wulf constructed the Ta 152 B-series. Three planes were actually build/converted in the Focke-Wulf and Erla factories in Sorau/Adelheide as samples: in 30.03.1945 as V19 (factory numbers: 110019) and V20 (110020), in 10.04.1945 as V21 (110021). The production was originally planned to start in May 1945. However due to the final stages of the war, the production delayed as the german industry already collapsed. The Ta 152 B-5/R11 was designed as a 'Zerstörer'/destroyer. It used the same fuselage as the Ta 152 C-3, which we already have in game. The major differences between these two variants were: usage of the Jumo 213 E engine, instead of the DB 603 LA - which led to a modified engine cover: the air intake was moved to the right side, alike the Ta 152 H-1, the bulge on the left side of the engine was removed, which was necessary for hosting the bigger DB 603 LA. Removal of the two MG 151/20s in the engine coiling. Replacement of the two MG 151/20s in the wing roots with two MK 103s - the wing roots were slightly re-modeled to fit in the bigger cannon. (Ta 152 V20 sample) Sources Focke-Wulf factory sketches from Ta 152 construction specifications from "Focke-Wulf. Fw190/Ta152 Jäger. Jagdbomber. Panzerjäger." Manfred Griehl/Joachim Dressel ISBN 3-613-01681-8 "Focke-Wulf Ta 152. The Story of the Luftwaffe`s Late-War, High-Altitude Fighter" Dietmar Harmann ISBN 0-7643-0860-2 Personal toughts Germany clearly lacks some competitive high-tier prop planes in the heavy fighter compartment. That's why I think the Ta 152 B-5 would be a great addition to the heavy fighter line underneath the Do 335 A-0 or the Do 335 A-1. Whilst the Me 410 B6/R3 and the Do 335s have better ammuntion loads, they are often enough a sitting duck, when enemy planes are engaging you. The ordnance of the Ta 152 B-5 would make it's low ammo count up, making it a competent alternative in Ground Forces. I know this plane has been suggested before, together with the Ta 152 C-3 by @Nudelblitz, which made it into the game (cudos to you nudelblitz). It just seems, the plane didn't get the attention it deserves. So, tell me what you think. Cheers.