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Found 1 result

  1. We only have the Bf 110 C-4 as a heavy fighter with a small bomb load but the Bf 110 had versions which could take more effective ground attack role and help out german tankers to maybe close the gap between axis and allied CAS a little bit in the mid tier. Characteristics Length: 12,1m Wingspan: 16m Height: 4m Wing surface: 38,4 m² Powerplant: 2 × Daimler-Benz DB 605 liquid-cooled Source: D(Luft)T 2110 G-2 R-1 Teil 0, Allgemeine Angaben, Juli 1943 Additionally mountable ordonance & weaponry for G series: 21cm Werfer-Granate BR Gerät under the wings Rüstsatz M1 two MG 151/20 under the fuselage Rüstsatz R1 Brodkanone 37 (3,7cm cannon) under the fuselage Rüstsatz R3 two center lined nose mounted 30mm MK108 cannons 4 ETC 50 or 4 Einhangroste Roste 24 SD under the wings Bf-110 G-2 with four 21cm BR-Gerät tubes under the wings: Bf-110 G-2 with four 21cm BR-Gerät tubes and Rüstsatz M1 with two MG 151/20 cannons under the fuselage: G-2 with double tube 21cm BR-Gerät and external fuel tank Bf-110 G-2 with one 21 cm BR-Gerät under each wing and Rüstsatz R1 with Brodkanone 37 (3,7mm BK cannon) under fuselage Bf-110 G2 - 21cm BR-Gerät loaded with Werfer-Granate 21 Mounting guide for BR-Gerät 21 for Wrf. Gr. 21 under the wings Source: Reichsluftfahrtministerium Änderungsanweisung für abgenommes Gerät BF 110 / Nr. 230 (no digital source for the whole document) Issued by the Reichsluftfahrtministerium (RLM). Source: D(Luft)T 2110 G-2 R-1 Teil 8a, Schusswaffenanlage 3,7 cm BK , April 1943 Source: D(Luft)T 2110 F und G, Bedienungsvorschrift-Wa, Beiheft 2, November 1942 Source: D(Luft)T.2110 G-2 R3 Schusswaffenanlage mit 2 MK 108 März 1944 Sources for pictures: cm Wurfgranate/21 Wurfgranate BR Gereat.html