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Found 2 results

  1. I think that it is not fair that tiger 2 face ATGM, t54 centurions, ontos, ru251 leo1 etc etc, allies could not build good tanks during ww2, it is not my problem...
  2. USAAF vs VVS

    I'm excited. I had the first match at the "Civil War", level 4. I killed 4 enemies and I was shot 1 time flying with my P-47M I felt a high difficulty level but at the same time all balanced The American team has technically good airplanes, with low BR. I think in general, novice pilots will take advantage playing with the CCCP. But the pilots who are acees, will have an advantage flying with USA. Because the P-51H is absurdly fast and relatively well manoeuvrable, I have not yet developed a tactic to shoot them down Comparing the P-51D with the La-7, I believe the two are relative in technology. But as the combat happens at low altitude most of the time, the La-7 has a technical advantage, in addition to being an excellent airplane The two air forces were accustomed to play against Germany, which at this level has a battle rating extremely devalued. Mainly 109, with versions G up to 5.3 and version K-4 with 6.3. Fighting against Germany left the American and the Soviet team, accustomed to "easy combat". Now they are facing each other, an epic and difficult combat! I'll continue playing American for a few days, then I'll go with the Soviets and for Stalin, of course! What do you guys think of the USAAF vs VVS clash?