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Found 9 results

  1. Live game capture; P-51H 2-man squad RB cockpit with tactical comms and teamwork. I hope everybody can enjoy this clip. I'm not the besy simulator pilot but that doesn't mean I don't prefer using disciplined teamwork when fighting my enemies. It also doesn't mean I can't decide to fight my battles from cockpit view anyway. It's not the best and most exciting match, but I need feedback. If this kind of a video is very popular I plan on making another than has MUCH more action and alot more of the boring stuff edited out. Like! Subscirbe! Give you opinion, it will be listened to. To skip to three heaviest action moments; 1:20 3:48 5:53 SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, LIKE!
  2. Australian LF Squadron.

    Average player looking to take the leap into something a little more serious with some groovy individuals to fly with and hopefully learn something from (AB, but willing to try whatever.) Tier IV/V Russians, Tier III~ everything else. Not exactly a social butterfly but I have a functional mic. FoolishTom, 25, English, PC, Oceanic timezone.    
  3. AP or API-T? (T4 US)

    I've been using full tracer belts for my T4 US aircraft and so far they haven't failed me much. I did notice that there may have been a stealth nerf recently as they seems to not be killing as fast as they used to (Even with the F-82E's 6x M3).   I'm not complaining about the nerf if there is one, those things are still dangerous as they are, and the reload speed and ammo count makes up for it really easily, but I have been thinking if other belts may fair better in terms of raw capability for damage.   I've heard a lot of people prefer the ground target belts over the tracers because of the AP rounds which in addition to killing aircraft, also allows for light tanks to be strafed as well (From the right angle and direction).   So how well does AP rounds perform against aircraft in comparison to API-T rounds? So far, the full API-T belt has done a remarkable job at causing slow painful deaths, although for some cases with heavy bombers they still have some luck in putting them out. And considering I usually end up hunting bombers, would the ground targets belt suit me better to kill bombers faster, or does setting bombers on fire the better way to go?   I really want to limit my exposure with the bomber's defensive fire (Most of the time, B-17s) since the P-51 which I usually fly is rather fragile, and the F-82E (Yes, I'm a mad person who still flies the F-82E) just presents itself as a bigger, but equally fragile target. So in my case, the quicker I can put a bomber out of action, the better it is for me to survive the encounter.
  4. 1v1 Tournament Highlights

  5. OK, so I am not a true "veteran" of this game, I have only played it for two years or so, but I feel I need to make this as nobody else really has (that I know of). So, Axis air teams, well... it's been fun, i will say that. It appears that the tables have turned for some reason, and Germans and Italians have all the lemmings that the allies used to have. And I find myself playing more US and GB fighters from time to time. But Germany has been my favorite in game air nation for a while. I started as them, and I will end as them. So I know my ways around a 109 and 190. Anyways, I just want to make this... what I call a "guide". (btw, this is like 109G6-k4 and 190A8-D9) Ok so, first, 109s, Side climb to 7-8k if 5.3-5.7. At 6.0 to 6.3, you are pretty much screwed, especially if there are a lot of mk22s and bear cats. At the mentioned 5.3-5.7 Br, you will pretty much mostly be above the spits, so you can handle them easier. And always stick with someone, unless you are the only one climbing, then you can split up. And don't be afraid to climb alone, you can dive on the enemies that went after your stupid low teammates. Never bomber hunt at the start of the game, and this goes for 109s and Fws (unless on Norway and the bombers are on the way up anyway). Gun pods are only for the G10, which has higher maneuverability, or the G6 for the 3 mk108s. Or for late game, when climbing is not as important. That being said, don't head on as much now, with the 50 cal buff. Unless there is a spitfire, then it may be ok. The P-47N and M are your WORST ENEMIES!. You want to out climb them as much as possible, because once they get above you, you die. Never bring a single 108 unless forced to (K4 stock) and always go for 20mm belts right away. When spaded, climbing at a 21 degree angle is good, it will carry you to approx. 5k without needing to pick up more speed. Always boom and zoom, never turn (unless slow P51 or P47) Use flaps wisely and never blow them off as it greatly decrease lift once it is done. Combat flaps are fine from 350-400, takeoff flaps are excellent from 280-350 and landing is pretty much for stalls. Hit and run can also be a good tactic, by shooting an enemy and flying away in a strait line and slow climb, as you are almost always faster. Ok, now Fws. I will admit I am not the best 190A pilot in the world, but I can recommend some things. LEARN DEFENSIVE FLYING! Making your enemies overshoot will save your life almost every game. Also, boom and zoom, never turn. EVER. Use your firepower to your advantage and don't be afraid to fire long burst at enemies(especially when stock). Again, belts drastically increase the guns performance, and are always recommended. It is OK to not out climb the enemy, as the Fw190A is very bad at doing that. Almost every plane climbs better than it. Try and head on as much as possible in the Fws with 4x20mms (FwA5, A8, Ta152C, etc.). Use your roll rate to your advantage and never try and stall fight, it won't work. unless going way faster than your opponent. The Fw190Dora is an entirely different machine to the A series. You want to climb with the 109s as you now have the engine power to do so. The old tactics are still in play, but you CAN, stall fight a little better. Pretty much play like a more sluggish 109, but use your roll rate to sit on enemies tail. These planes have less ammo and less guns. So bomber hunting is not as effective (but isn't recommended anyway). Your main enemy is again the P47N&M. they will climb to 9k and sit there, and the engine power of those planes is too good at that alt, try and take em out before they can get there. Anyways, to many of you, this may be common knowledge, but I meant this for the people who are new to 4.7-5.3 Germans, and need a little help. Tell me what I said wrong, and feel free to discuss strategy in the comments. Thanks -E.V_Falkenhayn_Invades_Romania
  6. shown above is performance data on the F4F-4 Wildcat and the 100% throttle engine performance in game does not match. this is the engine performance taken at SL using 100% throttle (or what should be military power). the above document shows that the F4F-4 should have; 1. an RPM of 2700 2. a BHP of 1200 however as you can see in the screenshot this is not the case in game. right now it looks like the F4F-4 is using what was called normal power in the historical document. (1100BHP and 2550 RPM) this is while WEP is actually what should be Military power for the F4F-4. which is shown below. as you can see from the screenshot WEP for the F4F-4 is actually what we should expect to see from the F4F-4 using military power. (both screenshots where taken at SL) WEP (takeoff power according to the historical document) should actually have a BHP of 1200 and a RPM of 2900. a setting that is not achievable in game. test was done using reference model. unlimited fuel and at 100% throttle to simulate military power. because the historical document provides Brake Horse Power (BHP) and not the actual HP being produced I subtracted 30hp from the historical data at points when the supercharger is active to calculate the actual HP being produced. because of this the calculated numbers are not 100% accurate. Raw Data: ALT (ft) Actual Historical Historical (calculated) SL 1100 1200 1200 2000 1095 1180 1180 4000 1020 1150 1120 6000 951 1150 1120 8000 915 1150 1120 10000 923 1150 1120 12000 931 1030 1000 14000 938 1030 1000 16000 945 1040 1010 18000 940 1040 1010 let me know if you need anything else. 2017_09_07_16_50_46__11320.clog
  7. For Air Arcade, could someone please help me understand the purposes/values of the different Bomb Fuse Settings? I have been 'unthinkingly' using 'Assault' for some time and am now wondering (& unsuccessfully WT Forum searching :- ) if I would be better off with different Settings. I typically fly USA Fighters, Attackers and Bombers Battle Rated 3.0 to 4.0s. - Many thanks.
  8. I've started this topic with several ideas in mind. It's probably too much to ask, for it to be a pinned, but I hope people will participate, as I find being a beta tester of a game I like inclines me to give suggestions and ideas - let's call it day dreaming. So, some rules for this topic, to keep it clean, simple and enjoyable: A picture of the aircraft in question; Aircraft indentification - name, series number, year; Short description and your opinion on the role of it - how do you see it being used in War Thunder; Wikipedia source - a link; Youtube source -  a link, preferably with pinpointed time, where the aircraft made an impression on you; Your additional comment. I do think that even arcade players, who only enjoy flying in a furball of fun, with time may start wondering about WW2's aviation, victories, personalities and what not. They might find this topic interesting, so lets contribute with our passions for WW2's aircraf designs, innovations and other interesting things. Here are my starters: _____________________________________   de Havilland DH.100 Vampire was a British Jet fighter commissioned by the RAF in the Second World War. It was an experimental design, however, it's a very cool jet IMHO, would be a nice addition to 18+ level. Wikipedia - Youtube - _____________________________________ Link to explain Reconnaissance ideas in War Thunder -
  9. FredericusRer mentioned the P-38K in the other bug report so I thought while I was at it I would take a look at that too. testing on the P-38K is a bit tougher however because of the lack of information on the aircraft, but I think I managed it using this as a reference. this is the only real document that I can find that has data on the P-38K (lets call it ref. A). though it does have some limitations. first of all its a document of tests comparing the P-38J and the P-38K in prop efficiency and performance. so the P-38K is limited to 1600hp WEP to match the P-38J in these tests. while we can't really use the data here directly I think it shows quite well that both the P-38J and P-38K have the same critical altitude for WEP and military power. this document shows the types of Turbosuperchargers installed on production P-38s. according to this manual both the P-38J and P-38L used a type B-33 Turbosupercharger. it is also likely then, because the P-38K is based off of the P-38J and because it was in development before the P-38L, that the P-38K also used a type B-33 Turbosupercharger. if this is the case it would also make sense why both aircraft have the same critical altitudes in the previous test document (ref A). so being safe to assume that the critical altitudes are the same on both the P-38J/L and the P-38K and knowing that the P-38K topped out at 1850HP in WEP. (based on information here; here; ) we can use them to project the HP performance of the P-38K by simply following the same power curve. Raw Data: Alt (ft) In game Historical (projected) 4000 1846 1810 8000 1839 1820 12000 1833 1830 16000 1828 1840 20000 1824 1820 24000 1623 1810 28000 1374 1650 32000 1202 1480 36000 1080 1350 40000 977 1250 so as we can see in the graph above the P-38K we have in game is doing really well right up until the same altitude that the P-38J/L models start getting into trouble. roughly around 20,000 ft (6km) we see a major drop in HP that doesn't really make much sense. I added the P-38J historical data to the graph as well to highlight the massive drop in HP at higher altitudes. it just doesn't look right especially when you look at ref A back in the beginning. the P-38K should be noticeably faster and climb better than both the P-38J and P-38L but from looking at the graph above 26,000 ft or so you won't see any difference in these aircraft in game. while I took the time to climb up to 40,000 ft I also figured that while I was up there I would test the top speed. test was done with reference model, unlimited fuel and ammo and automatic engine settings. as shown above I was only able to reach ~696kph (432mph) at 40,000 ft while every site that I have seen (including Gaijins own datasheets) say I should be able to get close to 724kph (450mph) at this altitude and the aircraft felt very sluggish above 30,000ft. following the proper power curve should fix this issue however. 2017_09_06_19_33_35__9484.clog