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Found 6 results

  1. What speed do you maintain in a sustained climb. I am sure different aircraft use different speeds, but I generally climb at about 180mph no matter what aircraft I'm in. What speed do you think is best?
  2. Just logged in to play Air Assault. Checked and clicked "To Battle" then got title message. Restarted game and Assault Mode for tanks and air are missing from drop down list.
  3. Today I made my new record in score gained in a battle: 14584 points. BR range in battle: 3.7 - 4.7 My BR and nation: 4.0 US It was an interesting and a very fun fight. It ended when time run out. Usually game starts to kill ground AI units automatically before the end, but this time it didn't do that. Matchmaking set me into a team which didn't do much for the win so I could kill most of the ground units by myself. I think it was just one enemy ground unit left when the time run out. Today the matchmaking just didn't not want me to win. Usually I do around 60-70% winrate, but today it was only around ~25%.
  4. Description After almost 3 weeks of hard work here you have. My first Machinima made using War Thunder and the first time I try to make this "Fake 3D" effect. I hope you like it and if all goes well with this video, I will surely make more videos of War Thunder. As I promised to one of my best friends, I would dedicate my first Machinima of War Thunder to a friend of ours who died in September 2016, after having fought for many years against several cancers that complicated his life a lot. Our friend Fred was someone you would not easily forget, in battle he was always close to give you support or rescue you in case you were in a hurry. Fred was a great Pilot and Tanker, if one day he would had the opportunity to play in naval battles I'm sure he would have been a great Captain too. Fred, wherever you are, I hope you enjoy this video. o7 FAQ Which softwares have you used for this video? I've used Shadowplay an integrated screen recorder software available in many High Nvidia Graphic Cards and Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2017) for the rest of editing. How you did this? I have used two techniques for make this video, the first one can be done only if there's enough sky (or any background of 1 unique color) behind the planes, I use the Chroma Key effect on the sky blue tone. The second technique is masking the planes, and this is way more difficult than the first technique because the planes are moving so you must track the mask manually, this means that you must move/modify the plane mask frame by frame, or at least move it each 3-6 frames, there's not enough powerful and smart plugins for Premiere or Adobe After Effects to modify automatically your mask with objects that changes a lot of perspective, like these planes. Which shot was the one that cost you the most time? The one at the minute 02:35 (The american plane with a Russian decal and a "27" decal on their wings), it took me almost 5 days to track properly. It has 6 masks: 1 mask for the bottom part, 2 other masks for the muzzle flashs, 1 mask for each wing and the last mask was for the propellers, it took me 4 days to mask properly the propellers frame by frame (nop, this time I couldn't jump some frames, I really needed to stop at each frame for modify the mask on each propeller. Will you make more videos of these? If this video gets a good feedback (it took me all my free time to make and even created me some pain in the wrist due to the many hours I spent modifying the masks frame by frame) I will make another 2 3D Videos and more normal cinematic videos. The others 3D Videos would be for a Tanks Multiplayer Battle and a Naval Multiplayer Battle. The others videos would be about each available nation (like a showcase of the best vehicles of each nation, like in a patriotic style) showing simple cool shots with the best of the represented nation. Even if my others videos will not be 3D I will keep the same quality and effort for them, take care of the color grading, widescreen, cinematic looks, etc... So, yeah, I think they will deserve your time Do you make only War Thunder videos? I don't make only War Thunder videos, actually this is the first one I make with this awesome game that I've being playing since 2013. The reason why I didn't started making a video of War Thunde before was because I wasn't confortable with our actual Replay System. That's why I have made THIS POST many time ago. I really think that Gaijin can improve their Replay System and make it become like on an half way between Replay viewer and Editor system. It doesn't really need to have an Editing system on it because you can always edit your clips on an video editing software, but stuff like needs an external screen recorder or CANNOT GO BACKWARD on the Replay System and needs to exit and start the Replay from the begin seems to me very a outdated and obsolete feature. Is it a sin to put pineapples on the pizza? Yes it is. Many soldiers have given their lives nearly 70 years ago and it has not been for you to do something as anti-natural as a pineapple pizza ... What is your channel about? I'm dedicated in make Machinima's. If you don't know what a Machinima is, well, basically it's make cinematic videos/shortmovies/films using Videogames. Sadly not many videogames have decent systems to make this job easy. One of the firsts videogames series to have an Video Editor was Driver, a saga that I always loved. Nowadays one of the games that have the best Video Editor is Grand Theft Auto V, which I know to use very well and I can confirm is the best in-game video Editor that I know, It would be a dream come true if more games would have an video editor system like that. Actually I usually put my "Subscribe" button on the end of my videos, also I show some of my others videos that I suggest you to watch, but because this video was also made in memory of a friend, I didn't decided to end the video with that tribute to him and that's it. GIFS (Continue only if you already watched the video above) After made this video I've decided to do a list of gifs, these gifs are shots of the video converted into gifs for you use them on your pages, Chats, etc... Feel free to use these Gifs, they have no copyright on them. If someone asks you someday where you have find them, you know what to say And watch the video with the music is an absolutely different experience.
  5. War thunder Aircraft has been along for many years, since the beginning of the game actually, and yet, on how far this MMO has reached, bombers still don't have, at least the ones that had, no fire prevention equipment. For starters, I love playing bombers, specially in Air RB, but also in Tank RB, this has declined since War Thunder removed the 3rd person bomber sight, but that's is for another topic. And the feeling of finally getting a bomber and then, since you are such a big target, an enemy plane or anti-aircraft lights you on fire. Now putting a fire out in War Thunder is possible, but it is very difficult and rarely works. Just imagine 2 or 3 fires. For this matter, now-a-days almost no one plays bombers. Source: This idea is not surely known when it was proposed, many historians and scientists, for obvious reasons, theorize that it may have been proposed when America started running long range bombing missions over Germany. As we all know, B-17's are domed to always catch on fire. In WW2 the system worked when the engine caught on fire, the pilot, or co-pilot switched the FPE on, then, A built in extinguisher put out the flame, after the fire was put out the engine would be shut down, and, if really necessary, the bomber would return to base. Todays planes use the same system but improvised, unlike WW2 bombers, todays FPE equipment has an extremely low chance of failing. Source: Above we see a 737's FPE engine switches. Engine 1 left, Engine 2 right. Below we see what is inside of a planes engine that puts out the fire . Source: Now... not every aircraft had this. Only specific planes. Mostly were bombers of course. Here are a few Aircraft that had: - B-17 - Lincoln - Wellington - B-29 Superfortress - Tu-4 - PBY Catalina - Some Bf-109's - Some Spitfires Of course there are many more aircraft with this system. Now lets discuss how this should be implemented In-Game: Obviously, only aircraft with such system should receive it. Although I think this shouldn't affect aircraft in the Arcade mode, just like WEP (War Emergency Power), I think every aircraft should have at least 1 extinguisher, or maybe just bombers. But in modes like Realistic and Simulator, aircraft with such system should have 1-2 extinguishers in each engine, varying by plane. The default key may be the same as in Ground Vehicles, this, like any key, can be changed to fit players style. I think this would make flying bombers, or any aircraft much more fun, and not to mention that it would result in a much more realistic MMO! So what do you think? Do you agree? Is there something I missed? Have more background on the system? Know more aircraft with such system? Comment! Like how this should be implemented In-Game, or would you like to change it? If there is something you would like to tell me, change, or just have a question, you can contact me in War Thunder at: MetalBurn3030, or in Discord, again: MetalBurn3030!
  6. pc

    Hello, I've only ever really dabbled in War Thunder Air Arcade Battles, but I would like to get into the Realistic side of the game for more meaningful and immersive gameplay. If there is a group out there that is active and willing to take on and train new players, please feel free to reach out. Ideally it should offer a mature, 18+ community with a few night owls such as myself. Thank you, - Unster