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Found 7 results

  1. Having somehow ended up with an Air RB special task (I do not play Air RB) I tried to change it to an Air AB special task. I have Air Battles selected underneath Battle in the hangar, and at the bottom of the Daily Tasks tab. Every time I try to change it I only get three options with no Air AB option. There has been some talk of this on the forum but my search didn't yield a submitted bug report. I'm not really a big war bonds user but with the way they were changed recently, the whole thing is unusable if you can't progress through special tasks. 2017_11_19_14_55_02__7020.clog DxDiag.txt
  2. Hi Everyone, I've been playing wt a couple of years and now looking to squad up with anyone in northamerica(preferably eastern time-zone) for specifically AIR SIM battles.
  3. Paradise - {War Thunder}

    1440p60fps mandatory
  4. In Air Sim battles I have view camera set on the right joystick with relative control to "yes". I have R3 to reset both X and Y axis. When R3 is pressed only the horizontal "X" axis returns to normal. This is on the latest update (PS4 won't play unless you have latest update installed). I have checked wiki and there is no mention of pilots necks getting stuck (at least not regularly or permanently) so therefore I am going to presume this is not a historical feature update. There is no mention of this control removal in update release log therefore I will presume it is not an update feature. All that is left is "Client stability", so can I ask what R3 vertical reset was doing to affect client stability?
  5. P-38 Flight manual.pdf above is page 35 of the P-38J/L manual showing the arrangement of the late P-38s fuel tanks. when you take a minimum fuel load (21mins as of patch 1.73) there should be no fuel in the outer wing tank, or the reserve tank, but there currently is. the fuel loading on the P-38s with the "modified" fuel system (those being the P-38J, the P-38L and the P-38K) should be loaded in the following order; 1: main tank. 2: reserve tank. 3: outer wing tank. above is page 41 of the same manual. it shows that when using WEP the P-38J and P-38L have a consumption of 180 gals/hour per engine. so over all 360gals/hour at WEP. The P-38K has a higher HG boost and would consume more fuel when using WEP than what is shown on the table. using this metric we can accurately calculate how many gallons would be needed to fuel the "modified" P-38s for 21 mins. when calculated it comes to roughly 126 gallons. (21/60mins =.35, 360galx.35 = 126gals) however the main tanks alone on the P-38 hold 186 gallons (93gal x2), therefor when you take a minimum fuel load of 21mins there should be no fuel in ether the forward reserve tank, or the outer wing tanks. however in game this is not the case. attached is two separate games where I flew out the P-38K and had fuel in the outer wing tanks catch on fire with less than the minimum fuel load. there should be no fuel to burn in those tanks if they were modeled properly. 2017_11_08_08_20_11__4048.clog P-38K wing fire 1.wrpl P-38K wing fire 2.wrpl
  6. As far as I know, there is 2 levels of visibility of enemy planes. First is that you will see a dot then as you fly near to it, its silhouette becomes more identifiable. Next level is that you will see its marker (name,distance,plane). My question is that how does the marker system works? Sometime I can see the markers of enemies that is 30km away from me. Sometimes I dont even tho im just about 5km, sometimes it even disappear even though u r aiming at them ie. when diving to an enemy. Sometimes a wild plane would come out in my 6 and kill me. Do you see the enemies that your teammate see? How does the crew level affects the markers and plane dots?
  7. Currently as of this patch, the Narval's SL Reward is below average than the usual Tier 4 vehicle's SL reward. This is most probably a bug and I was hoping it could be fixed. Thanks.