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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, Now we got the Italian tech tree, but I was wondering if there is any chance ever seeing the Swedish? I believe Sweden had the world's 3rd largest air forces at the end of WWII and we also developed a number of jets and tanks plus artillery for that matter. Sure we had a couple of American planes, but so did the Italians. So is there any chance? Best regards, Nem_1
  2. I have noticed there is a problem with the L2 target tracking on the PS4 on version The calibration seems off as when you press it, it does not align correctly. It seems that, depending on which direction you are approaching from, it is better or worse. These videos were made in test drive mode, so there is no server replay. There is more info on this thread: These two may or may not be related to the problem; I will leave you to decide.
  3. Kill montage from all air battles.
  4. So i was in my p47 against the russians, got 5 kills until there was a 1vs1. Me vs a La 5. He had more energy than me and was higher. My team had 172 points and his had 1700, so i was running against the time to win. But he didn't come, he just ran away and of course i lost because i ran out of points. It is so frustating, like it totally destroys the enjoyable time, just eats away the will i have to play this game and this mode. And the worst part is that there is nothing i can do (i can report him for passive behaviour, but if it will or won't result in something efective, i don't know). Just want to ask you to show your ideas of what can be done to prevent this or punish the ones who do it, as to post your story about things like this or people who got an efective punishment for passive behaviour. .
  5. Do you guys think nameplates are really necessary for Air RB? I think raw spotting system could work better, bringing more realism and enriching gameplay level.
  6. I've started this topic with several ideas in mind. It's probably too much to ask, for it to be a pinned, but I hope people will participate, as I find being a beta tester of a game I like inclines me to give suggestions and ideas - let's call it day dreaming. So, some rules for this topic, to keep it clean, simple and enjoyable: A picture of the aircraft in question; Aircraft indentification - name, series number, year; Short description and your opinion on the role of it - how do you see it being used in War Thunder; Wikipedia source - a link; Youtube source -  a link, preferably with pinpointed time, where the aircraft made an impression on you; Your additional comment. I do think that even arcade players, who only enjoy flying in a furball of fun, with time may start wondering about WW2's aviation, victories, personalities and what not. They might find this topic interesting, so lets contribute with our passions for WW2's aircraf designs, innovations and other interesting things. Here are my starters: _____________________________________   de Havilland DH.100 Vampire was a British Jet fighter commissioned by the RAF in the Second World War. It was an experimental design, however, it's a very cool jet IMHO, would be a nice addition to 18+ level. Wikipedia - Youtube - _____________________________________ Link to explain Reconnaissance ideas in War Thunder -