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Found 3 results

  1. Yo! Been playing in the new PVE-mode where you defend the hill/artillery against bots. Fun mode, could have been in RB aswell, more of that later in other topic. The bots/Ai are to f***in accurate! They hit your tank and penetrate(!) from over 700m, whilst you aim the sights, is there any possibilty to "fix" it? The second is the lack of feedback when hit, meening that there is no sound of a shell bouncing or hittin the tank. FIX it Comrades?!
  2. Hello everybody this is just a poll that I made to hopefully gather the spread out opinions in this forum and centralize what the community feels about Ground Battles in this game. I'm also gunna voice my opinion on each of these polling questions so people can better understand the perspective I'm coming from. If you disagree with what I argue or find that the poll is missing important questions, feel free to comment and voice your opinion. 1) I believe AI ground vehicles have no place in Arcade/Realistic/Simulator battles. They detract from the game itself, since they are A) unable to actually damage the player B) Reveal the position of players in Realistic C) Confuse players into thinking they might be real enemy vehicles. AI vehicles just don't really make any sense in this game, they are just this weird side show. They don't really match up with the era of vehicles in the game regardless or the nations the team is playing with. However, they still reward points for kill streaks which seems cheap and unfair. They offer no benefits, and they make the game less serious and competitive. Off with them I say. 2 & 3) Air Vehicles in Arcade Ground Battles play a very weird role. In a way, the system works a lot like Call of Duty, where after a certain amount of kills, the players gets an "Attacker" or "Bomber" kill streak. It is War Thunder's way to fill the void of the niche for SPAA vehicles in War Thunder. However, the game play produced is unfair and unrealistic. Tanks have no way to defend themselves from planes, so it is completely out of their hands to survive, making the game unrewarding. The players using planes always kamikaze, since they only get the plane for 30-45 seconds, making the game seem ridiculous. The planes are not in any way attached to the player's tank nation, so they seem completely abstract. Every times a player enters a plane, a tank is left inactive in the battlefield, slowing down gameplay. Not to mention that most players who get in fighters to defend their bomber or attacker merely ignore their roles and just try to slam into lightly armored vehicles, since War Thunder has added back the ability to destroy vehicles by ramming for some odd reason. My solution to this problem would be to implements planes somewhat like the artillery system, where you would call in an airstrike on a certain location, and some AI attackers or bombers would fly into the map, with the opportunity to be shot down still by SPAA, drop their bombs or rockets, and fly out without being kamikazes. This keeps players focused on tank warfare in battle and still keeps SPAA vehicles relevant and perhaps even more vital. It also allows the ground vehicles to avoid being destroyed by moving out of the area before they are bombed. The airstrike ability could be more costly than the artillery ability, and players would have to choose between calling in artillery or saving up to get an airstrike later on. 4) This is a very interesting question to me. Playing both arcade and realistic ground battles, I'm well aware of the drastic differences in the two game modes. Arcade vehicles are much faster, can rotate their turrets much quicker, and have extra aim assist through boosted turret elevation controls and artificial rangefinders. Personally I find it somewhat fishy how slow vehicles are in Realistic, and overall I think it negatively impacts the game as a Medium Tanks move just about as fast as Heavy Tanks. In Arcade, faster vehicles are much more rewarded, but I don't really enjoy artificial solutions, I don't want this game to become WoT. What I would like to see happen is War Thunder perhaps revising how horsepower and torque is directly connected to tank movement speed in game, as speed is actually a peculiar thing to program into a game, as the unit's of measurement are based on hard to virtually produce values, like weight, acceleration, and units of distance. If War Thunder revises the speeds of vehicles I would like to see this change across the board in both Arcade and Realistic. As for Turret Rotation speeds, this is actually much easier to calculate and I believe these values need to be realistic. So turret rotation speeds from Realistic should be implemented in Arcade. This rewards flanking and lighter tanks, since they can get the jump on unsuspecting enemy vehicles and those tanks won't be able to respond as quickly. And for the aim assist and rangefinders in Arcade, I believe they need to be removed. It makes the game to point and clicky, it is more exciting to shoot at an enemy and guess their weak spots. Removing that Red/Green cross marker from the sights will add to the survivability of vehicles across the board, increasing the amount of bounced shots and increasing the skill gap. 6) Does the artillery system need to change? (Circling back to question 3/4) Yes. I think that artillery spam is annoying and unnecessary. Having the ability to call up to 3 artillery strikes at once at any location in the map desired then multiplying that by 32 players on one map, it makes the game feel like it was directed by Michael Bay. Let's just tone down the artillery. Make it harder to obtain, but still connect it to skill and not just on a timer like realistic. Remove the ability to call it anywhere on a map and bring it back to when you could only call artillery on enemies in your visibility range. Add a cool down preventing players from spamming it. Then, you can make artillery more powerful and realistic, making enemy tanks take it more seriously when an artillery strike is called on their position. I know War Thunder put artillery in the game to combat camping, but the current system makes artillery so useless that any moderately armored tank camping could care less. 7) Come on. Come on. You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it. I don't think there will be very many people in the community arguing against me on this. We have been asking to raise the BR in ground forces ever since tanks like the Leopard 1 and M60 came out. War Thunder said it was waiting for more modern tanks to get in game, and now, after ATGMS, super modern SPAA vehicles and many many MBT vehicles all loaded with 400 mm penetrating HEAT-FS ammunition, I think it's about time we raised the BR to least to 9.0. Let's give our WW2 tank buddies some breathing room. The 6.7 BR has been bombarded with modern invaders, and it's clearly producing unfair gameplay (I'm looking at you RU-251 and IS-6). The only reason I think War Thunder hasn't changed this yet is because in their minds, they don't wanna "fix something that ain't broken". But it kinda is... there are clearly some tanks that you have to avoid in this game, and it's all because BR compression. Moving the max BR to 9.0 is a very popular move for War Thunder, so they should cash in on it. 8) Another difficult question, but a good one. If any of you were here for when War Thunder ground battles were first release, there was a very interesting mechanic. First, you were only limited to how many lives you had in battle to how many tanks you could equip in your inventory. Second, medium tanks would give you two lives, while heavy tanks would only give you one chance, just like now. I actually found this system quite balanced, as War Thunder developers foresaw a spam of heavy vehicles in their game, so they wanted to give more advantages to lighter ones. But for some reason, they took this system out, or, they monetized it, so now you must purchase a spare vehicle. I think the old system worked great and we need it more than ever actually. Heavy tanks, especially at later tiers, receive tons of spam. At some tiers this produced terrible gameplay, like USA vs Germany at tier 3, where each game plays out with a horde of M18 Hellcats running around the map as a horde of superior Tiger 1's just smash them like bugs. Bring back the old system, or, implement ground forces like Air Arcade battles, where players can downgrade their overall tier by bringing in a vehicle with a lower BR. And if you look at the rule's for downtiering, they are very specific. You can only go from 5.7 --> 5.3 for example, and only if you have one 5.7 vehicle, then a 5.3, or a 5.0 or lower vehicle. 9) This is a pretty big aspect of this game, at least for Arcade Battles, and it need to be changed. Almost every single new map release focuses heavily on close-quarters style city battles. And my question is, why? Why are we forced to play in such close proximity when most tanks were meant to face their enemy from hundreds of meters away? It's ok to have some city maps, like Berlin, where the whole map is in a city, but other maps seems needlessly constricted in. Why would War Thunder code dozen's of square miles of map, only for the whole battle just to occur in one portion of this? There should be room in the game for all play styles, not just one. This is the reason why so many people claim "Russian Bias" when in reality it is just a fact. Russian vehicles are just better at close-quarters combat. I'm not saying each map needs to be a giant open field like Kursk, just try to open up the maps you already made so gameplay is more varied. Idk why the polling goes from question 4 to 6 so I just re-labelled my explanations.
  3. I've recently been playing RB and lately I've noticed two common things in most my games and those are, Most of the really nice multi-tier battles end up with one team with a couple of fighters and the other with a handful of bombers and nothing really happens for the last 10 or so minutes RB battles just tend to feel... well empty. Part of me thinks it'd be nice if both teams got a wave of reinforcements. Like players can respawn after the first objective completion but, what I really thought would be nice is AI wingmen like you get in SP missions. Something to fill the battle a little more. Having it like this would mean you could keep your 12v12 games, it could give them a chance to last maybe a little longer (if you're able to take control of any wingmen you have left, after getting shot down) and would just make games feel a little more full. The amount of wing men you have could also be based on what type of plane you're flying. Light bombers may have 1-2, Fighters 2-3, and Med bombers maybe 1. Attackers/Heavy Bombers maybe 1. Another approach could be just having AI Squads that go off on follow the objectives. It's simple would add abit more life to the battles but would ultimately just seem a little pointless. So what are you thoughts on this?