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Found 6 results

  1. Carpathians Map | AI

    As the title hints, I'm mainly typing this out to find feedback on what ppl think of the map. Personally, i think that it's one of the better ones that WT has had and one of my favorites, good flanking spots with counters to that, different areas suiting different vehicles, etc. Albeit, there're always flaws and those vary in and of itself. However, one flaw, to me, would be the amount of AI that's been put on the map, it's simply necessary. It drastically reduces FPS, especially those with lower-end computers, and it's objectives are nearly pointless for GFRB and killing the AI don't produce a decent enough amount of rewards. So my suggestions are either lower the amount of AI or completely take AIs and it's respective objectives off
  2. Hey everyone, today I got an idea to help take down players who fly away in their aircraft at 10km altitude or higher. (aka: Passive behavior) (I got this idea by losing a match to a B-57 who was running away at 12km altitude) So if the game has been going on for a long time, let's say 30+ min. And there are only enemies left who are flying at a very high alt without any interaction with the main battlefield. Then the game will spawn in AI controlled interceptors at same altitude as the running enemy, and they will begin to hunt him/her down. First let's talk about the interceptor aircraft: (I will take Germany as an example) Now I am aware that Passive behavior is pretty rare at lower BR's, but I will still mention it. There will be two different types of interceptor aircraft. One that will intercept fighters/heavy fighters, and one that will intercept bombers. First let's do for the fighters: BR 1.0: He 112 V-5 BR 2.0: Bf 109 E-1 BR 3.0: Bf 109 E-7/U2 (I chose the E-7/U2 because of better performance) BR 4.0: Bf 109 G-2 BR 5.0: Bf 109 G-10 BR 6.0: Fw 190 D-13 BR 7.0: Me 262 A-2a (I chose the A-2a because it is faster then the regular A-1a) BR 8.0: Me 163 BR 9.0: CL-13A And now for the bombers: BR 1.0: Do 17 Z-7 BR 2.0: Bf 110 C-4 BR 3.0: Do 217 N-2 (Maybe this one will be able to use it's schräge musik) BR 4.0: Ta 154 A-1 or He 219 A-7 (They are both very simmilar, maybe it could be random, one time you might fight the 154, the other time the 219) BR 5.0: Do 335 A-0 or B-2 (Again, both very simmilar. One just makes a bigger punch) BR 6.0: Ta 152 C-3 BR 7.0: Me 262 A-1/U4 (I mean....come one xD Every single B-29 player saw this comming xD) BR 8.0: Me 262 C-2b BR 9.0: MiG-15Bis Now every single nation will have it's own interceptor aircraft. (I'm not going to make this post one big list of aircraft) Now for the fighting tactics: The AI interceptors will ofcourse have a very good aim, and will take down any enemy in maybe one or two passes. When the interceptors will attack a fighter, they will be spawned in behind the enemy fighter (Maybe like 5-10 km behind) When the interceptors will attack a bomebr, they will be spawned in front the of enemy bomber (Again, like 5-10km in front) And maybe the Do 217 N-2 can try to use it's schräge musik, that could be fun. The reward for shooting down a AI interceptor: There are none...If you shoot one down, good for you. Now enjoy fighting more of them untill you die xD But no let's get serious: if an enemy decides to run away, they (in my opinion) don't deserve any point whatsoever. The only thing they deserve is their own repair cost. (again, this is my opinion, tell me yours in the poll above) What happens when you shoot one down: You can see these interceptors as an unstoppable wave. First a single one will come after you. If you shoot this one down well......then two of them will respawn. Every time you shoot a wave of them down, one more will be added. (So first 1, then 2 then 3, 4, 5, 6, and your pretty much dead by now) Some last details: Once your targeted, they will not stop. Doesn't matter if you dive down to the battlefield. They will keep on comming. And if a AI shoots you down, the kill will be given to the last enemy player that did any real damage to you. (Maybe someone was trying to shoot you down but you killed him) Now ofcourse these aircraft still have their limited ammount of ammo and fuel. So if they run out they will leave the area and the next wave will respawn. Now please tell me what you think of this! I think this is one of the more good ideas to fight this passive behavior. Anyways, have a nice day everyone!
  3. P-61C-1, Turret AI

    The P-61C-1 (American Attack Plane) would be a great plane if the Turret on the plane actually worked. Now I don't mean that it does no kill, quite the oposite it can quite well, the problem with the turret is that the AI does not fire back as it does on other planes with turrets. Now, this would not be that big of a problem, if it was not for the turret always facing forward, and it taking a long time to turn around. Anyone else having this problem or is it just me ? If so does anyone know of a way to either have the AI turn back on, or fix the turret to always be looking behind.
  4. AI's in EC

    I'd like to knwo what you guys think about the not so recent changes in EC. I like but one thing that I can't stand is the fighter AI. I see no use to them instead of just making players losing time fighting them instead of real players. Its mechanics are just pathetic, they come literally from nowhere (they respawn in air) and they follow you forever, you have nowhere to run, airfields don't shoot AI's neither random AAA or Flaks. I see myself spending more time fighting them than players, and the same goes with my deaths. They are just annoying and it worsens when it comes to low populated matches. I'd like to know your opinions, I really don't feel like playing a game that I spend more time fighting AI's than actual players and for what I know when it's related to Gaijin, I don't expect that they will change this anytime soon.
  5. Dear Support, during a sim match (enduring confrontation tier 4), I was on my team's airfield runway, when an AI Me 262 ("Murray") strafed me. Is this the new intended AI behaviour, or is this a bug? Attached is the Client log as well as my DxDiag info. I wasn't able to attach the replay file because of the upload space limit of the forum (there are other tickets I provided content for that are still open, and the space does not suffice for the additional replay file). But instead here's a video showing the incident: Cheers. ~Telefrag 2017_11_03_19_18_57__1364.clog DxDiag.txt
  6. AI fighters, the new 666

    I am particularly not against the use of AI airplanes in matches. But I believe the AI should be limited to bombers or reconnaissance aircraft ONLY, not fighters! I will explain several sad scenarios and stories for you to understand Scenario that I happened to me now. I am the only game hunt, just me and a bomber against 8 players. EC4 GE vs UK. So ... when I'm finally chasing a Spitfire Griffon with 4 cannons near close to shoot my enemy, a BOT saved the bandit During combat if a bot appears, the attacker may lose the advantage. A bot can scare a player who thinks he is being ambushed. This makes all the difference in the combat, until you realize who the other player is or who the computer is, it's too late Enemy Bots fly over AF without being identified by AA. Thats just pisses me off It's worse when I see them shoot down the bombers. Imagine who plays with bomber, which is the most difficult and least recognized job, after dribbling the entire enemy team, to be killed by a freak 4x20mm AI