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Found 1 result

  1. Dear Gaijin. Today I was flying a bomber in Tier IV Enduring Confrontation. The Stirling is a very nice aircraft with good visibility and a decent payload for its battle rating. I decided to start climbing right away and go for a bombing raid on a enemy airfield. Now, a stock Sterling is not a very good climber. Being used to a spaded halifax, climbing with the Sterling is slow going, but nevertheless, heading north along the coast of Sicily i stuck with it. Watching the feet slowly tick away on the altimeter. Wanting to stay alive I decided to reach at least 3000 meters before doing the run to avoid enemy AAA. I took off in the south of the map, climbed all the way north and then south, I had reached about 2600 meters when i decided to turn in and climb the rest approaching the airfield. Then disaster struck. White text on the middle of the screen indicated that someone in my team had been hunted. I feared the worst and start looking around. Sure enough 2 109s come wuzzing by me and starts looping to get on my six and attack! I man my gunner position but before i can get a shot off one of the bloody gerries RAMS MY WING! With the black appendix sticking out to my left hand side i try to man the bombsight but it is impossible to keep the sight on track, and now my altitude has dropped to a point where the AAA promptly destroys the rest of my beloved Sterling. I think i have a fair understanding of why the hunter bots were implemented, but it is infuriating when stuff like this happens. I am right there, paying attention, climbing, trying to get to a safe altitude to bomb the enemy airfield, when these damn bots appear out of nowhere to make my life miserable. If they would have shot at me i wouldnt mind that much, my gunners "usually" take them out, but when one of the damn bots rams me.. If it was a real player, fine. He pays the rep costs as well as me and is likely out of that aircraft for a few minutes but when its the bots doing it.. its just rage inducing really. Another time I piloted a fighter, approaching a enemy plane. Just as i get into range to start manouvering to get a shot on the enemy plane, hunter bots come in and join the fight. All of a sudden it's a 1v3 situation that i could not have anticipated, promptly ending with me plummeting to the ground in a raging fireball. Neither teams should be able to trust hunter bots to keep their airfields safe. A bomber climbing to space i understand sending bots after, but anything below 4k meters or 12k feet should not warrant a need for hunter bots... At least, in my opinion. Rant over, have a nice day everyone.