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  1. So, it's basicly the italian equivalent to the Fw 190 A-8 on the german tree. A supposed interceptor that can't climb fast enough to intercept anything... I think this may be the one fighter in the italian lineup that needs to be reclassified as "Interceptor" and get the Interceptor Spawn, which is really the only thing that keeps the german Fw 190 A-8 at least somewhat competitive.
  2. On a lot of planes, you can also do a hammerhead to get the nose down... with mouseaim and before your stall, kick rudder towards one side(ideally the nose would be pointed closer to one side than the other) and push opposite aileron(and pull up on the elevator once the nose falls down if you weren't pointed straight 90 degrees upwards before). In a plane with good low speed rudder control, the result should be a near perfect wingover. Planes with small rudders(like the 109's up to the G-10/G-14) and leading edge slats(again, the 109's, but also all La-5's and 7's and quite a few others) will have trouble performing this however and start to tumble over, which costs more time than simply going inverted and letting the plane stall out. Funnily enough, this is much easier to do with a joystick and rudder pedals. I've been playing Rise of Flight a lot lately, and it's almost childs play to pull off a decent hammerhead... unless you fly something with a rotary engine, like a Sopwith Killer Camel.
  3. bombs

    I couldn't find much about the SC 2000 either, and the fact that it's dimensions are the same as the SC 1800 is confusing. The sources list 200 kg more explosive filler for the 2000 though, so it might be that the SC 1800, despite having the same length and diameter, has a different shape. gives us this picture however: Nr. 8 being the SC 1800 and Nr. 9 being the SC 2000, which depicts them with different lengths, but the table further down on that page repeats the measurements being the same. Then, there's also this depiction of the SC 2000, which fits neither the SC 1800, nor the SC 2000 as depicted on the picture: My best guess is that they could be fitted with different tailcones and noses, depending on mission type(level vs dive attack), target type, drop altitude etc. which would explain this discrepancy... and simultaneously open a giant can of worms in terms of proper documentation.
  4. bombs

    FYI, for everyone confused as to what the various prefixes of german bombs mean: SC - Sprengbombe, Cylindrisch - high explosive bomb, cylindrical SD() - Sprengbombe, Dickwandig - high explosive bomb, thick-walled, basicly meaning less HE filler but better penetration and/or fragmentation effect PC - Panzersprengbombe, Cylindrisch - armor piercing high explosive bomb, cylindrical PD - Panzersprengbombe, Dickwandig - armor piercing high explosive bomb, thick walled PC RS -Panzersprengbombe, Raketenunterstützt - armor piercing high explosive bomb with less than 15% high explosive content and small rocket engine in the rear, only able to be used from steep dives angles Oh and there are also a variety of other types and prefixes, like the AB type bombs (Abwurfbehälter - container for multiple smaller bomblets, which can again be of various types...) or B type bombs(Brandbombe- inciendary bomb)... B type bombs came in a variety of further subcategories and trying to list them and all the other special types is one particular rabbithole I am not too keen on jumping down. If you can read german and want to read more, including the official documents for quite a lot of them, this is the website for you.
  5. Of relevant: Well, you know how the saying goes: "Every landing you can walk away from, is a soft one". Wait...
  6. Both planes ingame are Bf 109 G-14/AS high altitude models(take a german G-14 and a K-4, start a climbrace from 6km at 270 kph IAS up to 8km and see which one gets there faster... hint: it's not the K-4), the german one just has the wrong visual model and the wrong name. >_> I am not sure what Gaijin is planning in the future though, maybe they will convert the german G-14 into a regular G-14, which would only take an adjustment to it's flight model, and add the G-14/AS as well. Or, they will copy/paste the italian visual model over to the german one and change the skin. Who knows.