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  1. Golden battles and x5 RP for first victory per nation each day. Pity we haven't had those for years now..
  2. I wrote stock, and I meant it. It's so damn slow that there's no way I won't get intercepted before reaching a base. At least it can kill enemy fighters sometimes...although usually at cost of all control surfaces. On the plus side, the guns hurt a lot. Just gunshipped a passing B-17.
  3. Currently spading A-26 and PB4Y-2. Most of the time, first enemy that intercepts me leaves my poor Privateer nearly uncontrollable. At least they can be most of the time suckered to attack from my 6, getting me a kill.
  4. Do you happen to have XF5F? With .50 cal buff recently it can actually kill, and it's quite an interesting plane. I'd love to see your review of it.
  5. Not a memorable one. The high altitude performance (for the BR) and bit of max speed don't make up for the pathetic armament.
  6. Po-2. If you're lucky, the match ends before you get into combat zone.
  7. What happened is this. The guy started turning way before you passed each other, knowing you won't be able to follow, You flew straight, so by the time you passed each other, he was almost halfway through turn. You should have seen that and disengaged in the opposite direction. That means you'd waste less enegry than him as you had to turn less. Gather better energy advantage after you disengage and come at him again later when you have better position.
  8. Sorry, but that's pure L2P issue. I fly american planes more than any other and IMO the P-47 and F4U-1a are most OP planes for their BR in game.