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  1. Tanks/Vehicles

    WO nice, I'm pretty sure 152mm apfsds wont be added though
  2. aircraft/loadouts

    +1, but germany gets alpha jet,
  3. Can you imagine in real life? prvt: ****, they have tanks sir Comander. No fear everyone shoot at one spot on the tank. one infantry company proceeds to take out 2 armored battalions
  4. Tanks/Vehicles

    Guess I can see why, bu god damn it now i need to also grind the American tree.
  5. Sorry for being an **** before, the thing is the Bagel panzer, if I'm correct was not commissioned by the germany army, I could be wrong, and I hope i am, but what tree would it be added in anyway
  6. Ok so 1 america gets mbt 70 germany gets kpz 70 or th kpz keiler either on works 2. As much as i love the bagel panzer, it wont be added as no country used it in the millitary
  7. The leo 1a1a is out tiered, america got the m60a2 and the other top tier tank, Britain got two new tanks and russia got new tanks, germany got the puma. Good for bottom tier players but us top tier players would like something new. The leo 1a3 or 4 both get new turrets but really nothing else, so why not give them to us, the cheften mk5 was minor upgrades two so yeah i think germany should get something new two. Hell even a new plane would do. Its not like m suggesting we get the kpz-70 at 8.3... sorr for raging, but the leo 1a1a is decent but not good compared to what other people are getting.
  8. I dont see why germany cant get the leo 1a2, everybody else got cool new toys... Japan would like a good atgm to
  9. Tanks/Vehicles

    But this is way further down the line, all i want is a leo 1a2 1a3 1a4 or 1a5 for now
  10. Tanks/Vehicles

    Following tanks german top tier players would be happy with Any leo from 1a2-1a6, Kpz-70, Leo 2k with hydro (the keiler), BASICALLY ANYTHING
  11. Ground vehicles

    I think so, what rank do you think it should be added at
  12. Ground vehicles

    Well the maus got a buff, i could not kill it frontally with my ru 251 firing heat-fs, but yeah i agree, the Russians have the is's, america has some nice tanks, nothing to op, but literally one of Germany's 8.0 tanks is a ww2 super heavy
  13. Ground vehicles

    If it was added at that rating it would be able to pen everything in the game at 8..3, people would call op, and it most likely would not get apfsds.
  14. Ground vehicles

    I thought no prem tier v's how bout you only have access to buy it if you are at tier v. also what was the armor on the leo 1a6
  15. Tanks/Vehicles

    Reunited and it feels so good. god if the mbt 70/kpz-70 was added, I would buy a $49.00 eagle pack to support the devs
  16. Ground vehicles

    That's why it should be tier 6, 9.3. the Leo 6 120, has no composite I think, but uses massive spaced armor blocks, (it kind of looks like the vikers mbt, I personally like how it looks but that's besides the point, if it gets the apsfds then it should br 10.0. What was its fire rate? Anyway following Leo 1a6, the 120 keiler with hydropunamic would be next followed by kpz-70
  17. Sure but germany and america get the mbt 70, or the Leo 1a6
  18. Ground vehicles

    In sim or realistic they should be
  19. In the distant future (2019-2020) i can see the keiler 120 with hydro and or KPZ-70 being added
  20. Ground vehicles

    Ive been designing a 152mm tank in my spare time, so I have been looking into autoloaders, anyway, have any other tanks with hydro been added to WT besides the two japan tanks
  21. In arcade its insane, I play ab over rb is i enjoy it more and i get better amount of xp an sl. Also any more info on excrots and other anti ship missiles as I believed they were leaked.
  22. For now I have my bush monster set up for sim..., anyway, i think the smoke reload is op or launchers, they should only be able to refill in cap
  23. Well the ru 251 has launchers, i dont see why it should not be able to use them
  24. I'm talking about the smoke mortars mounted on it.
  25. As long as ru gets its smoke, i will be happy for now, but it would be nice to get a new top tier sometime in the near future
  26. Leo's could finally fill there intended role as defensive snipers, it would be awsome to have this 500 or so players and thousands of bots, by splitting the load over multiple servers like in crackdown three, you could have increadible battles with dedicated aircraft players bombing enemy positions, and tank battles simultaneously. I know this will never be added, but god it would be cool
  27. To high for now, my hope is Leo 1a3 8.3, keiler 120 with hydro, 9.0 kpz-70 10.0
  28. I was just wondering as brits, USA and russia got new top tiers. I agree things should be fixed first, but the Leo 1a2 and 1a3 did not change much about the Leo 1, just like the chieften mk 5 did not change much over the chiften mk 3
  29. Will german ground forces get a new top tier tank soon like the Leo 1a2 or Leo 1a3?
  30. aircraft/loadouts

    +1 a needed addition to Germans, and not op as the climbrate is only when running light, as long as other nations get comparable jets, i feel like this has a place in the game
  31. tanks/vehicles

    +1 for german fv4005. Would could possibly cap out the german open top td/assault gun tree with the rack panzers being moved to the td tree. Shut up and take my money
  32. skins/decals

    +1 we should also be able to unbutton up with comander standing up through for immersion perpouses, mostly for cool screen caps
  33. Ground vehicles

    Once past there you use autoloaders
  34. aircraft/loadouts

    We should make a new sujestion for the next teir tanks/planes as we have mapped this out in detail
  35. Ground vehicles

    Larger bore diameter does not always equate longer reload
  36. Ground vehicles

    Japan: *any atgm better then the type 60*
  37. Ground vehicles

    Give USA Mbt-70 then and have germany get the keiler 105 & 120 w/hydro kpz-70 could also be nice
  38. aircraft/loadouts

    16 1000s damn... Tank RB/SB players be warned
  39. aircraft/loadouts

    +1 but Germany also gets alpha jet
  40. Ru. 251 intensifies
  41. Tanks/Vehicles

    Yeah, I'm exited for destroyers and or larger ships. Anyway, i hope we eventually get tank interiors, but i dont think we will..
  42. Tanks/Vehicles

    I'm sad knowing one day war thunder servers will close down...