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  1. Tanks/Vehicles

    Shame. My worry about the tank is it would be nerfed to oblivion.
  2. Tanks/Vehicles

    I posted a link on a nationstates forum where some people play warthunder. We have discussed the mbt-70 being added to warthunder there before, so we might get a little bit more support. Also why does this thread not have a poll
  3. Tanks/Vehicles

    Which will mean i dont have to use my 50 cals to create a smoke screen anymore. Additionally how will they implement the laser rangefinding? Also just realized 666 battles. Lol
  4. Tanks/Vehicles

    Exactly. If however we got this now it would be like a ru on crack with armor and stabilization and hydropunamic What does it take for something to be passed to developers?
  5. Tanks/Vehicles

    Still though 3% I'd say 25% now much higher later
  6. Tanks/Vehicles

    Tbh the type 60 atgm is so slow, a reversing panther a could outrun it.
  7. Tanks/Vehicles

    Yeah. Seriously though, the Maus needs to be moved down as it is the size of a hous and even the type 60 atgm could kill in
  8. Tanks/Vehicles

    How likely do you think the chances of this tank being added are? I'm guessing 75% ish
  9. Tanks/Vehicles

    Was there any difference? between the kpz and mbt?
  10. Tanks/Vehicles

    Actually the kpz-70 used a rhinmetal 120mm. Sorry my mistake the Keller used the 120mm
  11. Tanks/Vehicles

    Except for glorious 120mm. One of the problems was the fact that both countries fave different doctrines and could not compromise on key things. Then there was the cost
  12. Tanks/Vehicles

    Loving that mbt-70 tank info screen, is there a kpz-70 one?
  13. Tanks/Vehicles

    What. I was saying is it is not a "heavy tank" per say, but it would atleast make it so mauses dont fight atgms
  14. Tanks/Vehicles

    How would it compair to the t-10m? Unless the Russian get a t-64, t-72 or whatever, the t-10m (the tank I'm most scared of) would not be able to compair to the mbt-70 who has a gun capable of firing atgms in addition to other shells.
  15. Tanks/Vehicles

    Yup. Ill be sad but not devastated if they dont add the retractible gun just for this tank. I'm pretty confident the kpz-70 and mbt-70 will eventually be added, expecially because the Germans need a new heavy. The turret looks perfect for bushmonstering. Cant wait to play with bushes to not block the viewfinder but cover the rest of the turret. (Took me awhile to do this on my ru, but it looks good.) Honestly what else could the German get for a heavy? Problem is it will be nerfed into the underworld. It has to many versatile features, and they are unlikely to be able to implement its down falls, On paper the tank is amazing, good speed, godlike gun, good armor, stabilization and hydropunamic suspension.
  16. Tanks/Vehicles

    Just one of those extra little details. In sim battles it could be useful to retract so that you have a lower profile and thus harder to spot when hulled down
  17. Tanks/Vehicles

    If the tank is implemented, would the secondary 20mm be able to be retracted like irl?
  18. Tanks/Vehicles

    Could of sworn I'd seen it somewhere. Oh well, personally I think having the mouse as the final German heavy seems useless as a ww2 tank the size of the house is fodder for HEATFS and discarding sabot. I hope we get the mbt 70 Should it be a tier 6? The second German atgm could be bumped up or another vehicle could be added, the Leo 1a1 could be bumped up and stuff like that.
  19. Tanks/Vehicles

    true, problem is then you start getting into composites. we are only on 6.whatever so we have a ways to go. Honestly I wish the devs would fix the game first, and maybe make simulator battles be something every vehicle can do every day with the current simulator being more like events. additionally didn't the devs hint at the mbt 70 and or kpz 70 being added in the fv4005 comments here? Or has the Mbt-70/Kpz-70 ever been passed to devs?
  20. Tanks/Vehicles

    I would love it to be added. As a 8.0 heavy for Germany, the KPZ-70 would be fun to drive, the secondary 20mm and the powerful gun would be fun to use. With hydropunamic suspension and stabilization the tank could be op though, to ballence this the KPZ-70 could have its guided missiles removed (IDK if it did but the mbt-70 did and they were the same but for the gun). I think the tank has a place in war thunder and I would love to see a in game model of it in such great detail.
  21. I was playing RB ground forces yesterday in my bush monster RU (Spent a long time putting bush camo to cover the whole front but not the gun camera for sim kinda proud of it, yes I'm awere it's useless) I had a good mach, 2 caps, a kill and four assists. Thing is, every time I got the assist, I did the majority of the damage, some times the tank was on fire and about to die. A teammate would come in and shoot, and get the kill despite me doing the majority of the damage. How is the final kill determined? Whoever gets the final shoot in, or who does the most damage? I still got the majority of the credits but, it still seems a little broken some times. Am i alone, maybe crazy, or do you also get this?
  22. Day 8: WOOOO, yes time to get 200% gets 10% Fuuuuuuu