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  1. Thanks a lot for the tips. I actually thought the Bredas would be good and my aim just sucks - 2x 12.7mm sounds like a good calibre, but it really feels like i'm shooting fingernails at people. The armament seems to be the greatest problem as I can't kill anyone unless I pass over then two to three times ... I'm taking my time going up, just reached the Fockewulf, so hopefully it has a nice armament and now my worst is the '217 which i've noticed people hate with a real passion and I can see why. Also have the stuka under the one with cannons, so whenever I move up a tier I try to move all my planes/tanks up at once.
  2. Hey everyone, I would like some basic know-how on dogfighting. I seriously punched the wall like three times today. I tried not to join the forums to ask things and I've watched videos on dogfighting and energy fighters, which seems like most of german fighters are - to no avail. I'm still getting obliterated by british and russian fighters. Not so much by americans, but still. The anger is real. Luckily i've got gym and boxing to cover that part so my monitor won't be sent flying. My problems: -no matter what speed or plane, I cannot shake anyone off or outturn them, tried to force them to stall with my Folgore, which seems to have a powerful engine. Nothing. -I CAN'T HIT FOR CRAP. The reticle is half-visible on most maps when face against the ground. Changing it's colour never helped. And then they start trying to shake it off. Ugh. -I am using the right ammo, yet, unless I dump my magazines onto someone, no matter where I hit, they refuse to die - especially with terrible planes like the '87. This is especially frustrating when I finnaly manage to outturn that ugly Hurricane with 40mm cannons. And i'm sure i'm using the right ammo - if available, against air targets, if not universal or AP-T. -the reticle seems to be wrong 80% of the time, pointing me above the plane, or behind it and I have to guess the distance where to shoot... this may be a problem with the targeting distance. Please help.