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  1. Thank you seems every thing has been fixed.
  2. 2017_04_23_12_21_23__9600.txt 2017_04_23_12_21_54__3300.clog
  3. I did what you said step by step and the problem is not fiex.I reinstalled my latest nvidia driver version from 381.65 ( the latest version) to the older 378.92 version and nothing happened. When I open the game and insert my email and password the game took very long to load all of the hanger (maybe 3 mins) and after that game says critical error freez detected (811000A).but the game keeps running with 60 fps and when ever you click on a butten that causes lag and my frame rate reduces to 10.
  4. So I sent you my Dxdiag in my last post and this is my clog file 2017_04_19_21_43_08__9376.clog
  5. Hi after economy changes of april update my fps reduced between 14 and 18 and that doesn't matter if you run the game on max setting or on the lowest.a few days ago my minimum fps was 59 and now my game loads slower. I have this problem in only 2 games (warthunder and world of warships) in other games I have no problem and I run the games on the highest setteings with 60 or 120 fps. My system details: Intel core i7-7700 kaby lake Kingstone hyper x 16gb 3200mghz gigabyte gtx 1080 G1 The things that I already have done: Clean boot and sending Dxdiag information to gaijin DxDiag.txt