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  1. centurion mk 10

    The FV4202 and Action-X are not the same turrets. They're both sitting individually Bovington (One on the FV, one outside near the car park) for direct comparison and they're not the same shape. They were two separate tests. I never once advocated giving it HEAT-FS.
  2. I aim for centre mass, however accuracy and range guessing can send shots off target. APHE tanks from the German and Russian lines don't seem to have this issue, they seemingly can shoot the tip of my track and kill all crew members still. What I'm talking about isn't an incredibly focused, pigeonholed debated single shot experience; I've had OHK's, I know they're possible. It's just that knowledge and (after further games) player skill can only take so far, and "player skill" would give the same benefits on other tanks with more built in advantages. One is playing to easier advantages, confident in knowing it'll do it. The other is persistently trying to cover for their weaknesses. Thats positive play vs negative play, thats where I find the issue to be. I have played Germans before and I found myself getting vastly better results with them simply because of them having much easier OHKs, and I was extremely new back then. I still am, but that was me going "Hah, a tank game, boom boom!" and getting better results than now when I'm actually settled and learning properly. I'm very interested in British vehicle history, so naturally this is the line I chose to focus my time on. However it just comes across as not feeling like I get the same results, despite playing with more skill than I used to. I'm fully aware I'm a much newer player, but the perspective of newer players is just as important for a game. A player should be able to pick whichever country they want after first booting the game and be able to equally grow into wanting to play the game for a long time. Right now it feels like the game is saying "No, you have to play these countries." Hopefully the changes that hammy mentions can get dealt with.
  3. I've found it exceptionally rare to OHK people on "frontal centre mass". With QF 75mm, 6-Pounders, Gun Carrier and 2-Pounders alike, firing centre mass seems to achieve either driver/transmission only, or if I'm lucky a gunner, but often times just minor wounding or damage to the turret area when going direct through. Then the other tank just shoots me on the heaviest section of my armour and that somehow reads as "entire crew dies" on my tank. I keep seeing people saying "Just do this" and "Just learn to shoot that". I've done all that, but the simple fact is that the other tank will, over a long term of play, get far far more OHKs on me than I can on them. It's really making me start to lose interest in playing the game, right after I've only started to play a lot more regularly, because I do everything I can. I set up a good flanking position, I get the first shot off, I hit the target first time, I penetrate the armour...and then the game just says "Nope, you didn't kill him" or "The ammo rack doens't blow up" despite me aiming bang on the area that the things I need to hurt are in. Then they just lazily turn their damaged tank and blow me away in a single hit anywhere on my vehicle with a total crew KO. Seeing the amount of people saying the same things, it's abundantly clear that the AP is underperforming, or the APHE is overperforming. Likely a little bit of both. Combined with some other strange things the British are burdened with, it makes them not feel competitive at all, and reeks of "Eh, it's only the British" from the developer side to not confront the issue.
  4. centurion mk 10

    The Action-X did exist though. There's photographs of it running, and measurements of the turret have found it to be tougher than the "normal" Centurion turret. All the components for the program were there, just needs put together for the game. Maybe not a full 8.0, but in between the Mk10 and Chieftain it could find a slot, with the Vickers MBTs fitting more into the 8.0 area.
  5. centurion mk 10

    Could use the Centurion Action-X as a potential 8.0. Alternatively, drop the Swingfire by a bit and replace it with the Striker at 8.0 to make it worthwhile. Wonder if the Vickers Mk5 might be a neat 8.0 too...
  6. Been endlessly having this issue myself. Playing around 3.0/3.3 right now on British tanks and I get endlessly stuck with the issue of "I need to shoot them 3/4 times to kill them, but they only need to shoot me once. How is this fair?" Increased rate of fire doesn't help at all, because not killing in one shot means I need to linger in the open firing at something and may get shot back by something else. Handling more than one tank at a time is basically an impossibility. It doesn't help that British tanks have been modeled with godawful reverse speeds (That seemingly no other nation has, even on tanks which probably had not much better) and essentially zero armour with weird holes and weakspots that didn't exist in reality. (Shooting a Churchill hull's front of the track apparently detonates the ammo rack, allegedly.)