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  1. I agree and I normally wouldn't have brought it up, but "Mülheim" (as in "Essen-Mülheim Airport") is already spelled with an 'Umlaut' , consequently the same needs to be done for 'Düsseldorf'.
  2. On the Ruhr map there are currently two citynames spelled incorrectly: 1. Wessel (as opposed to the correct "Wesel") 2. Dusseldorf (as opposed to the correct "Düsseldorf") Formerly Gelsenkirchen was spelled as "Gelsen-Kirchen" but this error has been fixed as of now. My assumption until last patch was that the dev team used a historical map to model the ingame map, but since they corrected Gelsenkirchen I doubt it now. I added a screenshot of the modern Ruhr area from Gogle maps Edit: With 'historical map' I don't mean any German historical maps (the cities were never called that way historically) but historical ones used and fabricated by non-Germanspeaking Allied Forces.