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  1. hey im a new player, playing RB only atm.. im looking for some to play with i dont know how this is, if its like WoT ? with clans or what but would be nice to be a little social ? im 30, from Denmark, EU. and yeah online everyday :P
  2. er alle væk ?? jeg ny i spillet, men spiller dog derud af.. kunne være rart med nogle at game med
  3. i only play RB atm :P not arcade.. i always angle.. and i bounch tons of shells.. but i cant pen any1 xD !!! and well yeah i see a M6 sherman pz IV and they have 100+ pen and can pen :P thx alot mate
  4. Hey guys. im a new player, just startet playing WT, and thought uhhh mighty Russians tier 1 okay, then tier II, we have heavy tanks got my Kv-1 uh lets roll... and yeah... im a bullet magnet, and cant pen anything :P ! am i doing something wrong ? just looked at stats, not that "great armor" and armor pen is 70ish. and looking at tanks i face. with 100+ pen.. and i have 75 armor :P waaa.. so much for the heavy tank :P so any have some tip hints ? i feel the heavys after T28 is very poor compared to all other nations..